Mission Select Code Guide by prudoff

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/26/08 | Printable Version

* GAME: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
* SYSTEM: Playstation 2

* TITLE: Mission Select Code Guide
* VERSION: 1.3 (7/26/2008)

* AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
* E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
* WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk

################################## ATTENTION ##################################
You will need a CodeBreaker or Game Shark cheat device in order to use these
codes.  I recommend the CodeBreaker.


 1. Introduction
 2. Codes
 3. Mission Digits & Notes
 4. Vehicle Digits
 5. Other Codes
 6. Codes Wanted
 7. Useful Glitches
 8. Easter Eggs
 9. Revision History
10. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


      #    There is currently no Mission Select Mod code for    #
      #   Liberty City Stories (PS2).  If/when one is created,  #
      # I will write up a guide for it.  Until that time, there #
      #    is nothing I can do, so please don't ask about it.   #

Many people have hacked the Grand Theft Auto games to pieces and have come up
with many fantastic codes for the games.  One of those codes allows you to play
any mission any time you want: the Mission Select Mod.

The Vice City Stories version of the code, which was created by Skiller, works
differently than the code in previous GTA games.  For starters, there is now
an eleven line activator.  Then there's the usual line in which you plug in the
digits for the mission you want to play.  Now there's also a line in which you
must plug in the digits for the vehicle that you want to trigger/play the
mission in.  No longer can you use an "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi/Vigilante
Missions" code to use any vehicle you want during gameplay.  Now you must select
your vehicle BEFORE you start up the game.  Of course, you have a wide selection
of vehicles at your disposal, so you still have a choice.

During gameplay, the code works like this: Grab the vehicle you chose in the
Vehicle Mod code and press R3 to trigger the mission (as you normally would to
start any vehicle-based R3 mission).  The game may appear frozen (or on a black
screen with pink "Loading" text in the corner), but after 10-15 seconds the
cutscene for your selected mission will play (though you won't see the mission
title before the cutscene).  When it's done, you're on the mission.  It's as
simple as that.  In most cases, after the mission is complete, you can press
R3 to play it again.

I highly suggest that you don't use these codes on a saved game that you
wish to play "for real" with the intent of eventually getting 100%.  If
you use this code to "skip" a mission, by playing the one after it, you
probably won't reach 100% completion because you never played and
completed the other mission.

The Mission Select Mod code (all three parts) was originally posted by Skiller
on GTAForums.com.  All of the Mission Digits were found by me (Paul Rudoff) by
going through a list of Hex digits one by one, as the digits that were posted
at GTAForums were incorrect.  The Vehicle Digits were found by Unknown.



These codes will (most likely) only work with the PS2 NTSC version of the game,
not with the PAL version, or any PSP version of the game.  Also, there are
currently no versions of the Mission Select Mod code for the Action Replay Max.

The digits for the ?? spaces in the Mission Mod and Vehicle Mod codes are in the
two sections following this one.

The CodeBreaker v6+ master code was tested by me.  I have not and can not test
the other master code, but it should work.

Do not use these codes along with the codes from the official CodeBreaker
website.  The ones on the website are in the v7+ encryption, which is
incompatible with these unencrypted codes.  The codes below WILL work on all
CodeBreaker versions (v1 and higher).  If you own a CodeBreaker v7 or higher,
you will need to create a new game (call it "Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
Stories HEX" for example) and put all of these codes in there.

Each cheat device uses the same codes, however each one has its own
Master/Enable Code, which must be the first code in your code list, and must
ALWAYS be on (otherwise all of the other codes won't work).


CodeBreaker v6+ / Game Shark v3+ / XP v4+
9046A2E0 0C11A860

CodeBreaker v1-5 / Game Shark v3+ / XP
F0449384 00449387


You need all three parts of the code in order for it to work.

Mission Select Mod (Taxi) - Activator
D048741C 00100000
204494F4 08028080
200A0200 3C130048
200A0204 8E73741C
200A0208 3C140002
200A020C 3694B93C
200A0210 0293A021
200A021C A2960062
200A0220 A2950001
200A0224 A2950041
200A0228 03E00008

Mission Select Mod (Taxi) - Mission Mod
200A0214 241600??
* Replace the ?? with the digits for the mission you want to play.

Mission Select Mod (Taxi) - Vehicle Mod
200A0218 241500??
* Replace the ?? with the digits for the vehicle you want to trigger the
mission in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The code only works in the vehicle you chose in the Vehicle Mod
portion of the code.  It will not work in a Taxi unless that's the vehicle you
selected.  While this code is active, Taxis will not have any R3 missions.
I highly suggest you don't save while this code is active and just use this for



1st column: digits for Mission Mod code.

2nd column: mission status, based on this legend:
            * Mission can be completely played and completed.
            X Code works, but mission can't be played and/or completed.
            ? This is a mission that I normally have trouble passing, so I
              can't yet verify whether it can be completed with the code
              (but the code does work).

3rd column: mission title (as if you couldn't figure that out already)

Some of these will put your vehicle in an awkward spot - like stuck in
something.  Get out of the vehicle and find something else to drive.  In
other words, don't trigger a mission in a vehicle you want to drive during
the mission.  Try to trigger the missions in a small car.  Don't use a
bike (you'll usually meld with it) and don't use a helicopter (it will
usually get stuck in a wall or building).

Sgt. Jerry Martinez
07  -  Soldier
2C  -  Cleaning House
2D  -  Conduct Unbecoming

Phil Cassidy
2E  -  Cholo Victory
2F  -  Boomshine Blowout
30  -  Truck Stop
31  -  Marked Man

Marty J. Williams
32  -  Shakedown
33  -  Fear The Repo
34  -  Waking Up The Neighbours
35  -  O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?
36  -  Got Protection?

Louise Cassidy-Williams
37  -  When Funday Comes
38  -  Takin' Out The White Trash
39  -  D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
3A  -  To Victor, The Spoils
3B  -  Hose The Hoes
3C  -  Robbing The Cradle

Lance Vance
3D  -  Jive Drive
3E  -  The Audition
3F  -  Caught In The Act
40  -  Snitch Hitch
41  -  From Zero To Hero

Umberto Robina
42  -  Nice Package
43  -  Balls
44  -  Papi Don't Screech
45  -  Havana Good Time

Brian Forbes
46  -  Money For Nothing
47  -  Leap And Bound
48  -  The Bum Deal

The Mendez Brothers
49  -  The Mugshot Longshot
4A  -  Hostile Takeover
4B  -  Unfriendly Competition
4C  -  High Wire
4D  -  Burning Bridges

Reni Wassulmaier
4E  -  Accidents Will Happen
4F  -  The Colonel's Coke
50  -  Kill Phil
51  -  Say Cheese
52  -  Kill Phil: Part 2
53  -  So Long Schlong
0B  -  In The Air Tonight

Lance Vance
54  -  Brawn Of The Dead (USELESS)
         Cutscene is really messed up (very scarce elements), after it is done
         you and Lance are inside a car which is placed INSIDE a house. No way
         to escape, no way to play mission.
55  -  Blitzkrieg
         This mission might feature an alternate cutscene telling you to build
         an empire.
56  -  Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out
57  -  Taking The Fall
58  -  White Lies
59  -  Where It Hurts Most
5A  -  Blitzkrieg Strikes Again
         This mission might feature an alternate cutscene telling you to build
         an empire.
5B  -  Lost And Found
5C  -  Light My Pyre

5D  -  Homes On The Range
         NOTE: A humorous side effect is that when you hit the golf ball, your
         vehicle flies along with it.
5E  -  Purple Haze
5F  -  Farewell To Arms

Ricardo Diaz
60  -  Steal The Deal
61  -  The Exchange
62  -  Domo Arigato Domestoboto
63  -  Over The Top
64  -  The Last Stand

Vehicle Missions
0E  -  Paramedic (Ambulance)
0F  -  Vigilante
10  -  Firefighter
         NOTE: Must be triggered in a firetruck, otherwise you will instantly
	 get the "you have 30 seconds to return to a firetruck" warning, even
	 though the arrow indicating the firetruck is above your car!
11  -  Paramedic (Air Ambulance)
         NOTE: Change Car Mod to a helicopter. Digits "BD" is what is normally
         used. If the mission is triggered in a car, it will be impossible to
         pass, and there will be a safety chute attached to the back of the car.
13  -  Taxi Driver

Empire Building
09  -  Select Empire Business To Build (need to have the cash to build them)
0A  -  Empire Building Attack
         NOTE: If you trigger the mission away from the attack site (which may
         be random), you will have 15 seconds to get there. Depending on where
         you are, this may not be enough time, and would lead to failure.
14  -  Empire Building Mission: Protection Racket
15  -  Empire Building Mission: Loan Shark "Go Outside"
         As the marker is located under the golf course, I see no way to play
	 this mission.
16  -  Empire Building Mission: Prostitution
         As there are no markers,  briefing, mission text, or information of any
	 kind, this is a useless mission. Pressing R3 twice to cancel is the
	 only thing you can do mission-wise.
17  -  Empire Building Mission: Drugs - Mission 1 "Cut A Deal"
18  -  Empire Building Mission: Smuggling - Mission 1 "The Drop"
19  -  Empire Building Mission: Robbery - Mission 1 "The Briefcase Courier"

0D  -  Shooting Range
         NOTE: You may automatically fail this mission due to your vehicle
	 getting blown up while you're nearby it. Maybe if you trigger it
	 on a motorcycle or BMX bike, you won't die from an explosion.
12  -  Driving Range
         NOTE: A humorous side effect is that when you hit the golf ball, your
         vehicle flies along with it.
1A  -  Water Sports (Jet Ski Race at Prawn Island)
1B  -  Crash Coach Mission
         "Cause $2000 worth of destruction within the time limit."
1C  -  Quad Bike Time Trials
1D  -  BMX Time Trials
1E  -  Sanchez Time Trials
1F  -  Leaf Links Golf Cart Race Course
20  -  Mashing Up The Mall (BMX Mall)
         "Collect all the coronas! Beat the course record of 4:30."
         In car, accelerated a bit: "Mission failed, You destroyed your bike!"
22  -  Heli Tours
         For obvious reasons, this mission can only be played in a helicopter.
23  -  Fire Heli
         NOTE: Change Car Mod to the fire department helicopter. If the mission
         is triggered in a car, or any other vehicle, it will be impossible to
         pass, as there is no water hose to extinguish the fires with, and
         there will be a parachute attached to the back of the car.
24  -  Turismo (Sunshine Autos) (need to have the cash to enter races)
25  -  Hunter Target
         "Pass through each checkpoint! Beat the record time of 4:00."
         Requires a helicopter or other flying vehicle.
26  -  Air Race
         "Pass through each checkpoint! Beat the record time of 4:00."
         Requires a helicopter or other flying vehicle.
28  -  Multi Vehicle Race
29  -  Hyman Memorial O.D.T.
         "Pass through each checkpoint! Beat the record time of 4:50."
	 Requires an air vehicle.

Non Working Codes
08  -  Teleport To Beachcomber Hotel, Stuck In Car
27  -  After a "Welcome To Vice City" loading screen or two, you are teleported
       to the nearest hospital, and your weapons are consficated (you'd need
       $2000 to buy them back).
2B  -  Little Haiti Hover Craft Race
         Freezes when it presents this text: "Pass through each checkpoint!
         Beat the record time of 1:45."



AA   Splitz-6 ATV
AB   Admiral
AC   Cheetah
AD   Autogyro (Little Willie?) (Air Vehicle)
AE   Baggage Handler
AF   Banshee
B0   Perennial
B1   Blista Compact
B2   BMX Boy's Version (Bike)
B3   BMX Girl's Version (Bike)
B4   Bobcat
B5   Bulldozer
B6   Burrito
B7   Cabbie
B8   Caddy
B9   Speeder2 (Sea Vehicle)
BA   Pimp
BB   Deluxo
BC   Huey (Air Vehicle)
BD   Huey Hospital (Air Ambulance) (Air Vehicle)
BE   Electrag
BF   Electrap
C0   Esperanto
C1   FBI Car (FBI Washington?)
C2   Fire Truck
C3   Glendale
C4   Greenwood
C5   Hermes
C6   Hovercar (Bovver '64)
C7   Idaho
C8   Landstalker
C9   Manana
CA   Mop50
CB   Oceanic
CC   VCPD Cheetah
CD   Sanchez
CE   Stallion
CF   Policem
D0   Bobo
D1   Patriot
D2   Pony
D3   Sentinel
D4   PCJ 600 (Bike)
D5   Maverick (Air Vehicle)
D6   Reefer (Sea Vehicle)
D7   Speeder (Sea Vehicle)
D8   Linerunner
D9   Walton
DA   Barracks OL
DB   Predator (Sea Vehicle)
DC   Flatbed
DD   Ammo Truck
DE   Biplane (Air Vehicle)
DF   Moonbeam
E0   Rumpo
E1   Yola (Sea Vehicle)
E2   Taxi
E3   Ambulance
E4   Stretch
E5   Faggio (Bike)
E6   Quad
E7   Angel (Bike)
E8   Freeway (Bike)
E9   Jetski (Sea Vehicle)
EA   VCPD Enforcer
EB   Boxville
EC   Benson
ED   Coach
EE   Mule
EF   Voodoo
F0   Securicar
F1   Trashmaster
F2   TopFun Van
F3   Yankee
F4   Mr. Whoopie
F5   Sandking
F6   Rhino
F7   Dinghy (Sea Vehicle)
F8   Marquis (Sea Vehicle)
F9   Rio (Sea Vehicle)
FA   Tropico (Sea Vehicle)
FB   Forklift
FC   Streetfighter (Bike)
FD   Virgo
FE   Stinger
FF   BF Injection

I personally tried it with the VCPD Maverick, and there was no R3 effect.
100   Pheonix
101   Squalo (Sea Vehicle)
102   Jetmax (Sea Vehicle)
103   Mesa Grande
104   VCN Maverick (Air Vehicle)
105   VCPD Maverick (Air Vehicle)
106   Sparrow (Air Vehicle)
107   Sea Sparrow (Air Vehicle)
108   Scarab (Sea Vehicle)
109   Cholo Sabre
10A   Comet
10B   Cuban Hermes
10C   FBI Rancher
10D   Gang Burrito
10E   Infernus
10F   Regina
110   Sabre
111   Sabre Turbo
112   Sentinel XS
113   Hunter (Air Vehicle)
114   Washington
115   Coast Guard (Sea Vehicle)
116   Skimmer (Air Vehicle)
117   Chopper (Air Vehicle)
118   Air Train (Air Vehicle?)



These are all of the codes that I personally use.  I'm listing them all here
because I probably made reference to a few of them in the mission select mod
sections above.  If I reference something that's not listed below, then I'm
probably referring to a button cheat.  You can find all of them here:


All of these codes are unencrypted, so they will work with all of the cheat
devices that have master codes in the Codes section.  None of these codes were
created by me.  All of them came various websites, such as these:

http://www.cmgsccc.com/codes.php?do=view&id=5928 (converted to raw format)

************************* PLEASE NOTE *************************

These first two codes could be really useful in conjunction with the Mission
Select Mod code. Replace the ?? with the Vehicle Digits listed in the section
above to spawn that vehicle instead of the one that the button cheat normally
gives you.

1028215C 000000??     Spawn Rhino Mod (Button Cheat Mod)
                        (Up, L1, Down, R1, Left, L1, Right, R1)

1028217C 000000??     Spawn Trashmaster Mod (Button Cheat Mod)
                        (Down, Up, Right, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, Triangle)

200C0220 3C0142FA +   Infinite Health
200C0224 AC6104E4 +
200C0228 080C7F53 +
200C022C C46004E4 +
2031FD48 08030088

2031E488 3C0142C8 +   Infinite Armor
2031E48C AC4104E8

201D7940 03E00008 +   Infinite Health & Armor (Everyone)
201D7944 00000000

201F9EA8 00000000 +   No Damage Falling From High Places
201F4320 00000000

201F3148 00000000     Infinite Air (Stamina in Water)

204E49CC 05F5E0FF +   Max Money
204E49D0 05F5E0FF

20232AB8 00000000     Infinite Run

202C188C 24420000 +   Max. Infinite Ammo-All Weapons
202C18F0 24420000

202C1C94 24420000 +   Max. Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (In Car)
202C1CFC 24420000

D06F2782 0000FBFE +   Press L1+Select To Stop Mission Timer
203963B0 00000000

D06F2782 0000FEFE +   Press L2+Select To Restart Mission Timer
203963B0 AC620000

20396340 03E00008 +   Infinite Time
20396344 00000000

20228840 03E00008 +   Freeze Daily Time (BAD SIDE EFFECTS?)
20228844 00000000

D06F2782 0000F7FE +   Press R1+Select To Stop Daily Timer
20228840 03E00008
* I think that this code causes the counters on Rampages and side missions
(such as "Rush" in the Linerunner) to not advance past zero.

D06F2782 0000FDFE +   Press R2+Select To Restart Daily Timer
20228840 27BDFFF0

20136C10 03E00008 +   All Cars Receive No Damage From Collisions
20136C14 00000000

6050AB78 00000000 +   Only Your Car Receives No Damage From Collisions
00010001 00000132 +
6050AB78 447A0000 +
00020001 0000027C

203E80A0 03E00008 +   All Cars Are Immune To Weapons
203E80A4 00000000

203E8148 00000000 +   Only Your Car Is Immune To Weapons
203E8154 00000000

103D5398 00004600 +   Only Your Car Has Infinite Health (Can't Be Damaged)
203D539C AE01027C +
203D53A0 44810000

203F4798 00000000     Car Tires Never Pop

20344848 03E00008 +   Cars Never Blow Up (Infinite Car Burn)
2034484C 00000000

20336448 03E00008 +   No Motorcycle Damage From Crashing (All Motorcycles)
2033644C 00000000

203364A0 100201FB +   Only Your Motorcycle Takes No Damage To Collisions

20344D28 03E00008 +   Motorcycle Tires Never Pop
20344D2C 00000000

2014D070 03E00008 +   Motorcyles Never Blow Up (Infinite Burn)
2014D074 00000000

201A4F68 24020000 +   Never Fall Of Your Bike
201DB8C8 24020000 +
20336B90 24020000

20326FD8 03E00008 +   Cops Get Out And Walk Away
20326FDC 00000000

20327478 03E00008 +   Can Not Be Arrested
2032747C 00000000 +
20327740 03E00008 +
20327744 00000000

203AA92C 24030000     Never Wanted

203AAE58 03E00008 +   No Helicopters After You
203AAE5C 24020000

204CD4D0 7FFF0000     Loads Of Time On Rampages

102A9F88 0000FFE6     1 Kill To Complete Rampage

20487A54 00000000     Disable Save Cheat Warning



These are codes that I'd like to have (for my own personal use) and to add to
this document.  A few of these are floating around, but they don't work - at
least not on my version of the game.  If you can provide me with working codes,
they will be added to this document and you will be credited.  Codes that I
can't get to work will not be posted.

-- Sniper Rocket Launcher

-- No Gangs Hate You



Since GameFaqs is no longer accepting glitches and easter eggs (even though they
are listed on the Cheats submission form), I figured that I'd put the few things
that I have in this guide, so that others could benefit from this information.
I've also submitted this information to the Internet Movie Database so it can be
read by the largest amount of people possible.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not accepting glitch or easter egg submissions as these are
the only ones that I feel are worth sharing.


There's a dirt mound with a police bribe at the top a bit northeast of Escobar
International Airport's main terminal building. Beyond that mound there's a
pipe in the ground. The trick is to jump on the pipe from the top of the mound.
Alternatively, you can jump from the ground on the other side of the pipe. The
key seems to be to aim for where the sides of the pipe meet the ground. You
will slide off then POOF the "Welcome To Vice City" postcard (loading screen)
appears. Afterwards you will appear on the Leaf Links golf course, which allows
access to the east island. This trick will take some health away but not much.
It may be tricky to jump on the right spot, but after a few tries, you should
get it to work.  The "Welcome To Vice City" screen appears instantly when it

Since this glitch teleports you to the locked second island, it is very useful
for people who want to collect all of the balloons, rampages, jumps and other
stuff to create a master save file (and it works without having to use cheats!).
Not to mention folks who just want to explore the second island from the start
of the game.

If you need help finding the pipe, here's a map to help you out:


If you have trouble getting the jumping quite right, here are a series of
screen shots to guide you:

1. Standing on top of the dirt mound.

2. Landing on the pipe in the right spot.

3. The "Welcome To Vice City" postcard (loading screen).

4. Landing in Leaf Links.

5. In Leaf Links after getting up off the ground.

If you're still having trouble, here is a video that might help. This shows
that it can be a bit tricky to get it to work, but that it DOES work!


Note: If you die while illegally on the east island, you will be taken back to
one of the hospitals on the west island. Also, to easily get back to the west
island, get the VCPD Maverick (helicopter) on top of the Washington Beach
Police building or any of the boats at the pier.

FYI: It's not that hard to get out of Leaf Links and a vehicle IS always parked
nearby. From where the warp puts you, head straight north (use the mini-map in
the corner to guide you).  You'll run into the hedge that runs alongside the
road.  Turn right/east and a short ways up is the bridge which connects both
sides of the golf course.  Go onto the bridge and jump off onto the road.  Head
down the street heading east until you get to the intersection.  The house on
the left (Mercedes house in Vice City) always has a car parked in front of it.

This glitch was found by Lancet Jades (Johnny) and posted by GTA_Loco at:

The screen captures were posted by Win98crash at:

The map was made by me, Paul Rudoff, based on this Health/Armor/Police Bribe



Since GameFaqs is no longer accepting glitches and easter eggs (even though they
are listed on the Cheats submission form), I figured that I'd put the few things
that I have in this guide, so that others could benefit from this information.
I've also submitted this information to the Internet Movie Database so it can be
read by the largest amount of people possible.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not accepting glitch or easter egg submissions as these are
the only ones that I feel are worth sharing.

For the locations of all 11 Happy Face signs, and for links to images and videos
of ALL eggs in this section, please check out Rob White's GTA:VCS "PS2 Exclusive
Content Guide":



There is a sign featuring the happy face from the Liberty City Stories easter
egg INSIDE the boat docked on the south east side of the first island (it's
right next to a unique stunt jump). To see it, swim towards the front of the
boat. Vic will swim under the water a bit, causing the camera to zoom inside
the boat's hull.

  * In the PlayStation Portable version the sign reads: "Nothing To See Here..."

  * In the PlayStation 2 version the sign reads: "I Wasn't Joking - There Really
    Is Nothing To See Here. Go And Look In The VCN Building Instead!"


Hidden in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was a literal easter egg - a chocolate
easter egg that said "Happy Easter" on it. This easter egg is back, but since
this game takes place two years before Vice City, it isn't quite finished being
built yet.

Go to the western end of the Downtown bridge that goes over to Prawn Island and
enter the VCN building. Go up to the roof and from here, go up the ramps to the
helipad. On the northwest corner of the helipad is a small rectangular window
that belongs to the building next door. Do a running jump into this window to
find the easter egg, complete with construction crane.

Also in here is #11 of the happy face easter egg signs. It should be noted that
this easter egg and happy face sign do not exist in the PlayStation Portable
version. FYI: This easter egg is what the hidden sign inside the boat was
referring to.


To the left of the Hyman Stadium entrance is a small platform (it's a unique
stunt jump) with a tourist sign about the stadium. If you have a camera or
sniper rifle in your arsenal, take it out and look at the sign. At the bottom
of this sign, in small text, is a message to the player.

  * In the PlayStation Portable version the sign reads: "You are standing on
    USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that isn't contrived at all.
    Have you found the 10 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you
    for playing the game and letting us have a rockin' christmas party."

  * In the PlayStation 2 version the sign reads: "You are standing on USJ 005a,
    a fine new addition to our great city that we've all grown to love. Have you
    found the 11 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing
    the game, and by the way, the christmas party was great."

The easter eggs referred to in the text are the Happy Face signs mentioned in
the next item.


Scattered throughout Vice City are signs featuring a drawing of a happy face
and a hand-written number (1 through 10 in the PlayStation Portable version,
1 through 11 in the PlayStation 2 version).  This face is the same one used
in the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories easter egg.

I'm not going to give you the locations of all 11 signs because Rob White's
guide already does that quite nicely.  However, I will tell you that Sign #6
can be found on one of the rear walls of Hyman Stadium. Sign #11, which is
exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version, can be found in the same place as the
infamous Vice City easter egg.



Ver. 1.0 (5/15/2007)
The very first version of this guide.  PLEASE NOTE: Although all of the codes
and digits are present, this guide is a work in progress. I have only started
to play test this code, which is why there are practically no notes for any of
the missions, and the status column for all missions is a blank dash.  Since
this game is very large and contains lots of missions, it is going to take me
a while to go through them all.

Ver. 1.1 (5/17/2007)
Added the "Useful Glitches" and "Easter Eggs" sections.

Ver. 1.2 (10/30/2007)
Added some alternate image urls for the Pipe Glitch, as well as an image for
the PSP version of the stadium sign.

Ver. 1.3 (7/26/2008)
Officially changed the name of the guide to "Mission Select Code Guide" as I
hope that will stop people from thinking this guide is about game modding. Also
added the note at the very top to make it perfectly clear that you need a cheat
device (CodeBreaker or Game Shark) in order to use these codes.



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