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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get the Madden cover on superstar mode?

On Superstart mode how do I get on the Madden Cover?????

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Im not sure if its possible...Im probably not helping answer it but my Quarterback has been in the superstar mode for 10years with over 150,000passing yards and 3,971passing td's and I havnt won a madden cover I really dont think u can win it

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Well,consider the fact that only ONE NFL player gets the cover, you have to be the BEST of all others.

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You have to accomplish a few things:

1st, your superstar needs to be a starter for the position. Your superstar's position also must be a position that greatly effects the team. A QB is the best position for this.

2nd, your superstar must be a player for at least 3 seasons.

3rd, after your 3rd season, your player needs to be the best player in the NFL. Break some NFL records to get the media's attention (IE, if your superstar is a QB, then break the record for longest pass, etc).

4th, you need to accomplish all of the season tasks set in the hall of fame resume, to include winning the Super Bowl.

5th, you need to win the Madden Bowl.

6th, your player needs to be voted to play in the Pro Bowl, and must be a starter in the Pro Bowl.

7th, your player needs to win the Pro Bowl and Pro Bowl MVP. After you have been around for at least 3 seasons, this will give you the 'NFL icon' persona/weapon.

I have successfully made the Madden cover after my 3rd season as a QB.

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