Question from Wurd77

Asked: 6 years ago

Can you buy the Nuclear Bunker Buster in this version?

Ok. I know that the Nuclear Bunker Buster has been confirmed to be in the game, but can you purchase it after you complete the game (like in the PS3 & Xbox 360 versions)?

Accepted Answer

From: Mattmang85 6 years ago

I just recently beat the game and finished all the factions contacts... still no nuke bunker buster.... which sucks cause sometimes you just feel like nuke'n somethin...

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Probably not, because using a nuke is overkill. plus, the target has to be in eye-sight, so using it would probably be suicide.

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NO, i know it sucks.

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No.... As there is in the last cannot other wise.... (As of right now)

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lol I Know... The 2nd best bomb in the game is Fuel-Air Bomb from Cmdr.Hurricane. It Makes a small blast then sucks everything (not literally everything) around it and makes a huge explosion.

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No I wish u could the thing is awesome!!!

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