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Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes
Translation Guide
by BlackKite/The Giant Hoeruo (blackkite2128 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) id)
Version: 1.0


I. Version History                                                    (00100)
II. Introduction                                                      (00200)
III. Translations                                                     (00300)
 1. Data Conversion (PS2 version only)                                (00310)
 2. Main Menu                                                         (00320)
 2a. (Gaiden) Story Mode                                              (00321)
 2b. Conquest Mode                                                    (00322)
 2c. Free Battle Mode                                                 (00323)
 2d. Versus Mode                                                      (00324)
 2e. Tournament Mode                                                  (00325)
 2f. Gallery                                                          (00326)
 2g. Options                                                          (00327)
 3. Pre-Battle Menu                                                   (00330)
 4. Pause Menu                                                        (00340)
IV. Frequently Asked Questions                                        (00400)
V. Copyright                                                          (00500)
VI. Credits                                                           (00600)

I. VERSION HISTORY                                                    (00100)

V 1.0 (14 December 2007)
Guide Made

II. INTRODUCTION                                                      (00200)

This is the Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes Translation Guide made by BlackKite aka.
The Giant Hoeruo at GameFAQs Boards. This guide is made to help import gamers
who play Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes, a hack'n'slash game made by Capcom, which is
available only in Japan.

This guide contains Japanese text which is saved in the Shift-JIS format,
so in order to be able to show the Japanese text, you need to change your
browser encoding to Japanese (Shift-JIS).

Another note, this guide is primarily made for the PS2 version, but there
shouldn't be any major differences with the Wii version other than the
controller layouts.

III. TRANSLATIONS                                                     (00300)

First things first, remember the two most basic things in Japanese games:
1. はい (Hai) means Yes, and いいえ (Iie) means No.
2. Circle button is used to confirm things instead of Cross in NA games,
   and Cross button to cancel things instead of Triangle.

1. Data Conversion (PS2 version only)                                 (00310)

As you start the game for the first time, it will first ask if you want to
create a new save file for SB2H. Then, it will check your memory card for a
SB2 save data. If there is one, the game will ask you whether you want
to carry your achievements in SB2 to SB2H.

These are the things that will be carried over from your SB2 save data to
Character Levels
Weapons & Armors, including their levels
Alternate Costumes
Stat-increasing foods
Character-specific Items
Unification Points

These will NOT be carried over.
Other equippable items
Gold (Spend all of them before you convert!)
And other miscellaneous things like best clear times

2. Main Menu                                                          (00320)

After seeing the Capcom logo, Dolby Digital etc. and either watching or
skipping the opening movie which has the song "BLADE CHORD" sung by
abingdon boys school, a huge Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes logo should appear.
Press Start, and you'll enter the main menu. The Menu is listed as below.
For more details regarding the modes, please check their respective submenus.

Also, in SB2H, there is now multiplayer play, but unfortunately not all modes
are compatible with it. The modes which has multiplayer will be marked with
(2P), while those marked with (1P) means the mode can be only played alone.

ストーリー Story Mode (1P)
外伝ストーリー Gaiden Story Mode (1P)
天下統一 Conquest Mode (2P)
自由合戦 Free Battle Mode (1P)
対戦 Versus Mode (2P)
大武闘会 Tournament Mode (2P)
ギャラリー Gallery
各種設定 Options

2a. (外伝)ストーリー (Gaiden) Story Mode                              (00321)

Story Mode is the mode where you can watch the story of a character by
playing through 5 stages with that character. There is also a Gaiden Story
Mode, where the stories are a bit shorter since there are only 3 stages to

Once you select this mode, you will be brought to the character selection
These are the only characters that have full-fledged stories:
Katakura Kojuurou, Oichi, Azai Nagamasa

These characters have Gaiden stories (left to right):
Chousokabe Motochika, Maeda Keiji, Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura,
Fuuma Kotarou.

Characters who are not listed above do not have any stories here.

After choosing your character, you get to choose the difficulty. From left to
right, they are Normal, Hard and Ultimate. Then after watching or skipping the
opening movie and storytelling, you will then enter the Pre-Battle Menu
(See the "3. Pre-Battle Menu" section).

Once you have finished the last stage, you will be able to watch or skip
the character's ending movie, then the credit roll. Usually the credit roll
will have "BLADE CHORD" as the theme, however if you're playing as Oichi, you
will see a unique credit roll with another song as the theme. This is
"Nemure Hi no Hana", a special song from Noto Mamiko, Oichi's seiyuu.

By finishing these stories, you get to unlock Alternate 1st costumes. These are
similar to the original 1st costumes, but with different palette. Clearing a
story will unlock the costumes for not only the story character, but also for
some other characters who don't get stories here.

Clearing Katakura Kojuurou's story also unlocks costumes for:
Uesugi Kenshin, Maeda Toshiie, Matsu and Honganji Kennyo

Clearing Oichi's story also unlocks costumes for:
Nouhime, Mori Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide and Oda Nobunaga

Clearing Azai Nagamasa's story also unlocks costumes for:
Imagawa Yoshimoto, Zabii, Shimazu Yoshihiro and Mouri Motonari

Clearing Date Masamune's gaiden story also unlocks costumes for:
Itsuki and Miyamoto Musashi

Clearing Sanada Yukimura's gaiden story also unlocks costumes for:
Takeda Shingen and Sarutobi Sasuke

Clearing Maeda Keiji's gaiden story also unlocks costumes for:
Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Takenaka Hanbei

Clearing Chousokabe Motochika's gaiden story also unlocks costumes for:
Tokugawa Ieyasu and Honda Tadakatsu

Clearing Fuuma Kotarou's gaiden story also unlocks costumes for:
Kasuga and Hojo Ujimasa

2b. 天下統一 Conquest Mode                                            (00322)

Once you have gone through the character selection screen, you will be taken
to the map of Japan (minus Hokkaido) where other clan's treasures are being
determined. The treasures could be gold, experience points, and even item and
weapon boxes. Press circle to stop the treasure shuffle.

Now you can select a clan to conquer. But before that, in case you want to
recheck the treasure locations, press R1 to do so. Pressing R1 again will
show you the level of the treasures, and pressing the button once again will
take you back to the battle selection screen.

You can also press L1 to see the treasures you have gotten. Press the button
once again to return.

After selecting the region you wish to conquer, you then go to the usual
pre-battle menu and the battle itself. After the battle ends with your
victory, you may take the enemy clan's treasure. If the clan has more than 1
kind of treasure, you have to pick only one of them, and all the other
treasure will be forgotten.

Note that during this mode, there is a chance that the annoying kid
Miyamoto Musashi will start an uproar on your region, and you will have to
fight him on a timed one-on-one duel at Ganryujima. You don't have to
win this battle, but if you do, you may get extra money, the amount
of which depends on how long you beat Musashi.

In SB2H, there is also a chance that Matsunaga Hisahide will be staging an
invasion against you from his hidden base at Toudaiji. The stage is similar
to "Border Defense Battle" in SB1, but while that one was a piece of cake,
this revised stage is much harder. Hisahide not only captures your generals
to divert your attention, but he also utilizes the Nioh tanks, and eventually
he himself will show up to disturb you while the attacking troops continue to

Once you have completed the unification, you will open the treasures you've
gained during the campaign. After that, you will see a short resume of your
campaign with "BLADE CHORD" as BGM. Then, the game will ask you to save your

2c. 自由合戦 Free Battle Mode                                         (00323)

This is the mode where you can play as any characters on any stages you have
played at. After selecting your character and determining the difficulty, you
will then enter the stage selection screen.

For those who are confused about which one is which stage, I have made this
stage list, complete with the Kanji texts, so you can match it with the one
on your TV screen. It is sorted in the same way as the game's default
sorting order.

You'll know it's a new stage when there is a *NEW* next to the stage title.
Almost all SB2 stages are returning, with the exception of two stages:
1. 本能寺暗殺行 Assassination at Honnouji has been replaced with
   本能寺宿命戦 Honnouji Destiny Battle.
2. 農村防衛戦 Farm Village Defense Battle has been replaced with
   農民護衛戦 Farm Peasant Escort Battle.

姉川蹂躙戦 Anegawa Infringement Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Azai Nagamasa

姉川成敗戦 Anegawa Judgement Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Imagawa Yoshimoto

稲葉山城の戦い Battle of Inabayama Castle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Takenaka Hanbei

上田城出撃戦 Ueda Castle Sortie Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Tokugawa Ieyasu

上田城電撃戦 Ueda Castle Blitzkrieg Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Sanada Yukimura

小田原急襲戦 Odawara Infiltration Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Hojo Ujimasa

小田原潜入戦 Odawara Raid Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Hojo Ujimasa

ザビー教追放戦 Zabii's Sect Banishment Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Zabii

熱血!武田道場 壱 Hot Blood! Takeda Dojo Part One *NEW*
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Sky Fox Mask (Sarutobi Sasuke in disguise)

長谷堂城突破戦 Hasedou Castle Breakthrough Battle
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Date Masamune

人取橋の戦い Battle of Hitotori Bridge *NEW*
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Matsunaga Hisahide

前田家家中戦 Maeda Clan Feud
Difficulty: 1
Boss: Maeda Toshiie & Matsu

姉川降魔戦 Anegawa Devil Conquering Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Oda Nobunaga

桶狭間影武者戦 Okehazama Decoy Battle
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Imagawa Yoshimoto

巌島の戦い Battle of Itsukushima
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Mouri Motonari

川中島会戦 Engagement at Kawanakajima
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Takeda Shingen

川中島渡河戦 Kawanakajima River Crossing Battle
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Uesugi Kenshin

最北端一揆勃発 North Point Ikki Outbreak
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Itsuki

賎ヶ岳湖畔戦 Shizugatake Lake Shore Battle
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Maeda Toshiie & Matsu

瀬戸内海戦 Inland Sea Battle
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Toyotomi Hideyoshi

武田戦線強行突破 Takeda Frontline Forced Breakthrough *NEW*
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Sanada Yukimura

熱血!上田城 Hot Blood! Ueda Castle
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Sanada Yukimura

本願寺黄金伝説 Honganji Golden Legend
Difficulty: 2
Boss: Honganji Kennyo

春日山忍法帖 Kasugayama Ninja Arts Book
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Uesugi Kenshin

小牧長久手の戦い Battle of Komaki-Nagakute *NEW*
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Tokugawa Ieyasu

最南端灼熱戦 South Point Incandescence Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Shimazu Yoshihiro

四国重騎戦 Shikoku Heavy Cavalry Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Chousokabe Motochika

双竜の決闘 Twin Dragons' Duel *NEW*
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Date Masamune

高松城上陸戦 Takamatsu Castle Landing Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Mouri Motonari

手取川の戦い Battle of Tedorigawa *NEW*
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Uesugi Kenshin

長篠騎馬特攻戦 Nagashino Cavalry Suicide Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Oda Nobunaga

長篠銃撃戦 Nagashino Gunning Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Takeda Shingen & Sanada Yukimura

農民護衛戦 Farm Peasant Escort Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Miyoshi Trio

長谷堂城猛追戦 Hasedou Castle Hot Chase Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Maeda Keiji

熱血!武田道場 弐 Hot Blood! Takeda Dojo Part Two *NEW*
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Fire Man Mask (Takeda Shingen in disguise)

本能寺乱入戦 Honnouji Interruption Battle
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Oda Nobunaga vs. Akechi Mitsuhide (3-way battle)

三方ヶ原の攻防 Offense and Defense at Mikatagahara
Difficulty: 3
Boss: Tokugawa Ieyasu

厳島奪還戦 Itsukushima Recovery Battle
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Chousokabe Motochika

稲葉山策略戦 Inabayama Tactic Battle
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Takenaka Hanbei

大阪冬の陣 Osaka Winter Campaign
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Toyotomi Hideyoshi

京都けんか祭 Kyoto Quarrel Festival
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Maeda Keiji

ザビー城脱出計画 Zabii's Castle Escape Plan
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Zabii

賎ヶ岳の戦い Battle of Shizugatake
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Maeda Toshiie, Keiji & Matsu

蒼紅共闘戦 Azure-Crimson Joint Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Akechi Mitsuhide & Mori Ranmaru (later 3-way battle)

長谷堂風雲戦 Hasedou Winds Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Fuuma Kotarou

本能寺宿命戦 Honnouji Destiny Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Oda Nobunaga

本能寺の変 The Honnouji Incident
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Akechi Mitsuhide

三方ヶ原逆襲戦 Mikatagahara Counterattack Battle
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Takeda Shingen

山崎布陣戦 Yamazaki Formation Battle
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Akechi Mitsuhide

山崎滅殺戦 Yamazaki Destructive Murder Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 4
Boss: Toyotomi Hideyoshi

安土頂城戦 Obtaining Azuchi Castle
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Oda Nobunaga

大阪夏の陣 Osaka Summer Campaign
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Tokugawa Ieyasu & Date Masamune

川中島の合戦 地 Battle of Kawanakajima - Earth
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Takeda Shingen

川中島の合戦 天 Battle of Kawanakajima - Sky
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Uesugi Kenshin

巌流島の決闘 Duel at Ganryujima
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Miyamoto Musashi

宿命!川中島の合戦 Destiny! Battle of Kawanakajima
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Takeda Shingen vs. Uesugi Kenshin (3-way battle)

摺上原双竜陣 Suriagehara Double Dragon Formation
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Date Masamune

関ヶ原の戦い Battle of Sekigahara
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Tokugawa Ieyasu & Honda Tadakatsu

蒼紅一騎討ち Azure-Crimson Duel
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Sanada Yukimura

大仏殿炎上戦 Daibutsuden Burning Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Matsunaga Hisahide

天王山抹消戦 Ten-ouzan Erasure Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Kasuga & Sarutobi Sasuke

熱血!武田道場 参 Hot Blood! Takeda Dojo Part Three *NEW*
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Takeda Shingen

本能寺最終決戦 Final Decisive Battle at Honnouji
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Oda Nobunaga

松永軍迎撃戦 Matsunaga Army Interception Battle *NEW*
Difficulty: 5
Boss: Matsunaga Hisahide

After that, you will access the Pre-Battle menu before going into battle as

2d. 対戦 Versus Mode                                                  (00324)

New to SB2 Heroes is the multiplayer feature, and not only co-op in a number
of modes, there is also a versus mode available. In total there are 8
different types of games.
Note that even if your character's HP reaches 0, the game won't end as the
character will recover in a set time.

達磨叩き戦 Daruma Beating Battle
Here, you need to hit the innocent darumas to rack up points.
The red one is worth 100 points.
The stacked red one is worth 500 points. If you attack it on air, you can beat
it on one go and gain an instant 500 points as opposed to hitting it on ground
(where you can only gain 100 points and you have to hit it 5 times)
The gold one is worth 1000 points. Definitely put a priority to this one.
The black one TAKES AWAY 1000 points from you. Beware of this.

超人魂争奪戦 Superhuman Spirit Struggle Battle
The objective of this game is to collect all 4 spirit spheres. You can make an
opponent lose possession of the spheres by dealing the last attack in your
character's S-string or knocking him/her out. But beware that if you are hit
by a spinning soldier or a trap, you can lose possession of the spheres as

一心同体戦 Union Battle
A 2-on-2 duel. The objective is to knock down BOTH of your opponents. If you
only knock down one of them and don't knock out the other one, he/she will
eventually recover.

大軍撃破戦 Huge Army Destruction Battle
Beat up as many soldiers as possible, though there are different points
alloted to the different type of soldiers, so you may want to put a priority
on those who have higher points. Also, aim for Keiji and Matsu when they
appear, for they keeping a huge amount of points.

生存競争戦 Survival Competition Battle
The rule is simple: The one who gets his/her HP reduced to 0 first loses.
By killing 10 soldiers, you can summon a bomb ninja in your opponent's arena.
By racking up combo number, you can send a squad of specified soldiers to
your opponent.

最強決定戦 Strongest Decision Battle
A simple one-on-one duel. The first one who gets 3 wins is the winner.

超人魂争奪戦〜其の弐〜 Superhuman Spirit Struggle Battle ~Part Two~
This is similar to the first Superhuman Spirit Struggle Battle, but the
difference lies in the spheres. They are now colored and there are special
effects by possessing them.
Red: Power up
Blue: Speed up
Purple: Speed down
Black: Inability to use Basara attack
So a good strategy would be to get the blue and red spheres first, then
purple, and finally black. Yes, you need to get the disadvantageous spheres
as well.

最大連撃戦 Biggest Combo Battle
It is quite self-explanatory: the one who can get a higher combo number by
the end of the game wins.

2e. 大武闘会 Tournament Mode                                          (00325)

After going through the usual character selection and
pre-battle menus, you'll be placed in an arena where there are just
you, your opponents, and spectators cheering for everyone at the stands.

The objective of this mode is to win 100 stages. And the reward? None other
than the coolest, biggest and strongest 8th weapon. You can also get the
last (3rd) armor by finishing 50 stages.

After beating 10 stages, the game will ask you whether you want to continue
the mode or not. If you choose no, the game will ask you to save your game
so that you can continue the mode later on.

After you have beaten a stage, you will earn experience points. If you don't
stop the game and continue on, the experience you'll get will be much higher.
However, if you are defeated, all the things you have gotten are lost and you
have to start again from the last stage you saved at.

New to the tournament are the optional challenges that can be fulfilled for
extra money. There are 20 sets, and each set has 3 challenges. These challenges
need to be fulfilled in one stage, though all 3 challenges in the set can be
fulfilled at a single stage. The translation for the challenges is available at
DDT213's Title FAQ. The reward for completing all the challenges is not only
a title, but also a double multiplier for all EXP rewards you win in the
remaining stages.

After clearing the Tournament, you will unlock the Ultimate Tournament, which
is a more challenging version of the tournament since there is a time limit,
and you cannot save in the middle of the tournament.

2f. ギャラリー Gallery                                                (00326)

This is where you can see the artistic side of this game, as well as your
accomplishments in the game. There are 6 sections in the Gallery.

キャラクター紹介 Character Introduction
ムービー Movie
音楽 Song
戦国豆知識〜武将〜 Sengoku Trivia ~Generals~
戦国豆知識〜合戦〜 Sengoku Trivia ~Battles~
戦歴 Game History
称号 Title
キャラクター紹介 Character Introduction
Here, you will see the in-game biography of a character. you can also hear
some of their quotes here.
ムービー Movie
You can watch the movies you have seen earlier, including the game opening
movie and the credit roll.
音楽 Song
You can listen to the BGMs you have heard in the game. Also, the last BGM you
heard here will be played in a stage if you are equipping a certain BGM item.
There are 50 BGMs that are available here, however it seems like most of the
old SB2 BGMs are no longer available.
戦国豆知識〜武将〜 Sengoku Trivia ~Generals~
A new section in the gallery, here you can read some historical tidbits about
the figures featured in Sengoku BASARA up to now. Remember that there are no
sections for Kasuga, Itsuki and Zabii since they are fictional characters.
(Though Zabii is only semi-fictional...)

Maeda Keiji: Kabukimono
Date Masamune: His relation to gourmet (?) 
Katakura Kojuurou: (?)
Sanada Yukimura: Rokumonsen (Six coins emblem)
Takeda Shingen: About the Furinkazan slogan
Sarutobi Sasuke: Sanada Juyushi (Ten Braves)
Azai Nagamasa: About his daughters' roles after his death
Oichi: (?)
Chousokabe Motochika: About his unique soldiers, Ichiryo Gusoku
Toyotomi Hideyoshi: (?)
Takenaka Hanbei: Hanbei of the Unknowing Face (?)
Oda Nobunaga: (?)
Nouhime: Explains about her being the Viper (Saitou Dousan)'s daughter
Mori Ranmaru: (?)
Akechi Mitsuhide: (?)
Uesugi Kenshin: (?)
Mouri Motonari: Explanation of Mouri's crest
Maeda Toshiie: (?)
Matsu: (?)
Shimazu Yoshihiro: How he was called a 'Demon'
Tokugawa Ieyasu: Relation with Tempura
Honda Tadakatsu: How his name relates with victory
Hojo Ujimasa: About Odawara (?)
Fuuma Kotarou: (?)
Imagawa Yoshimoto: About his nickname "Kaidou Ichi no Yumitori"
Honganji Kennyo: Relation with Nobunaga
Miyamoto Musashi: About his "Book of Five Rings"
Matsunaga Hisahide: (?)

戦国豆知識〜合戦〜 Sengoku Trivia ~Battles~
In this section, you can read the historical description of battles featured
in this game.. Of course, if you fully understand Japanese language.
Here is the list of real battles featured in Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes, listed in
the same way as the game's default sorting order.

春日山城 Kasugayama Castle
[Uesugi's Castle]

厳島の戦い Battle of Itsukushima
[Mouri vs. Sue, October 1555]

桶狭間の合戦 Battle of Okehazama
[Oda vs. Imagawa, 19 June 1560]

川中島の合戦 Battle of Kawanakajima
[Takeda vs. Uesugi, 1554-1564]

稲葉山城の戦い Battle of Inabayama Castle
[Oda vs. Saitou, 1567]

東大寺炎上 Burning Toudaiji *NEW*
[Matsunaga vs. Miyoshi, 10 October 1567]

姉川の戦い Battle of Anegawa
[Oda-Tokugawa vs. Azai-Asakura, 30 July 1570]

三方ヶ原の戦い Battle of Mikatagahara
[Takeda vs. Tokugawa, 6 January 1573]

長篠の合戦 Battle of Nagashino
[Oda-Tokugawa vs. Takeda, 29 June 1575]

木津川合戦 Battle of Kizugawa
[Oda vs. Mouri-Honganji, 1578]

石山本願寺の戦い Battle of Ishiyama Honganji
[Oda vs. Honganji, 1570-1580]

手取川の戦い Battle of Tedorigawa *NEW*
[Uesugi vs. Oda, 1576]

備中高松城の戦い Battle of Bittchu Takamatsu Castle
[Oda vs. Mouri, April-June 1582]

安土城 Azuchi Castle
[Oda's Castle]

本能寺の変 The Honnouji Incident
[Akechi vs. Oda, 21 June 1582]

山崎の戦い Battle of Yamazaki
[Hashiba vs. Akechi, 2 July 1582]

賎ヶ岳の戦い Battle of Shizugatake
[Hashiba vs. Shibata, May 1583]

小牧長久手の戦い Battle of Komaki-Nagakute *NEW*
[Hashiba vs. Tokugawa, March 1584]

四国征伐 Shikoku Conquest
[Toyotomi vs. Chousokabe, May 1584]

人取橋の戦い Battle of Hitotori Bridge *NEW*
[Date vs. Hatakeyama, 1585]

戸次川の戦い Battle of Hetsugigawa
[Shimazu vs. Toyotomi, January 1587]

摺上原の戦い Battle of Suriagehara
[Date vs. Ashina, 5 June 1589]

小田原攻め Attacking Odawara
[Toyotomi vs. Hojo, June-August 1590]

第二次上田城合戦 2nd Battle of Ueda Castle
[Sanada vs. Tokugawa, 12 October 1600]

関ヶ原の戦い Battle of Sekigahara
[East (Tokugawa) vs. West (Toyotomi), 21 October 1600]

長谷堂城の戦い Battle of Hasedou Castle
[Date-Mogami vs. Uesugi, September 1600]

巌流島の決闘 Duel at Ganryujima
[Miyamoto Musashi vs. Sasaki Kojirou, 14 April 1612]

大阪冬の陣 Osaka Winter Campaign
[Tokugawa vs. Toyotomi, November 1614 - January 1615]

大阪夏の陣 Osaka Summer Campaign 
[Tokugawa vs. Toyotomi, 28 May - 3 June 1615]
戦歴 Game History
Here you can see the records on your game.

Most Used Characters
Self Explanatory, this shows you how many times you have used a character.
One battle counts as one.

Character KO Count
Counts all the number of enemies the character has beaten from the first
time you play as him/her until the moment you're seeing the record.

Highest Combo
Records 10 of your highest combo number with the character, stage location
and difficulty.

Press R1 to see the Win Streak record in Tournament (Number of Stages completed
is removed because eventually everyone will reach 100 stages).
or Press L1 to see the checklist of Tournament challenges. Note that if you
haven't seen a challenge set yet, it will be displayed with question marks.
称号 Title
In this last section, you can check all the titles you have acquired. Now,
titles are not only obtainable from Conquest mode only. Some of them are
available in normal play and Tournament mode. There is already a Titles FAQ
made by DDT213. Check it out if you want to know more about the titles. :)

2g. 各種設定 Options                                                  (00327)

Self Explanatory.. This is the place where you can change controller
configuration, sound volumes, and such.
Game Options
Here you can change some game options. If you want to restore the default
settings, press Start. If you are done, choose the bottom option.

Sound: Changes Sound Mode to STEREO, MONO, or DOLBY PRO LOGIC II
Default is STEREO

BGM: Turns the BGM Volume from 0 to 10
Default is 8

SE: Turns the Sound Effect Volume from 0 to 10
Default is 8

Voice: Turns the Voice Volume from 0 to 10
Default is 8

Life Gauge: Turns the life gauge at top of enemy soldiers & generals and
            ally generals ON or OFF
Default is ON
Controller Configuration
To change the button assignment, highlight the command first then press the
button you want to assign to the command.
Just like in the game options, Start button is to return to Default Settings,
and when you are done, choose the bottom option.
Just when you enter this option, you can press the d-pad to toggle the menus.

---1st Menu---
(NOTE: Please remember that the button assignments are for the PS2 version)

Normal Attack: The usual normal attack string
Default is SQUARE

Skill Attack: Unleashes activated skill
Default is TRIANGLE

Basara Attack: Unleashes Basara attack once the Basara gauge is full
Default is CIRCLE

Jump: Self Explanatory
Default is CROSS

Skill Change: Changes the activated skill
Default is L1

Battle Drive: Activates Battle Drive Mode once the Drive Bar has lit up
Default is L2

Guard: Self Explanatory. Pressing a direction while guarding will make the
       character roll/sidestep to that direction
Default is R1

Fix Camera Position: Returns Camera Position to back of the character
Default is R2

(Note: In SB2H, you can no longer change the assignment for Taunt; it is now
set as SELECT)

---2nd Menu---

Vibration: Turns controller vibration ON or OFF
Default is ON

Camera: Set the direction when moving camera with right analog in NORMAL or
        REVERSE way
Default is NORMAL

Guard Button: Changes the way the character behaves when you press Guard
              Button while moving: GUARD or EVADE
Default is GUARD

Guard Camera: Changes the way the camera behaves when you guard. If it's ON,
              the camera will go to your character's back when he/she guards.
Default is ON
The remaining two options, Save and Load, should be self-explanatory. :p

3. Pre-Battle Menu                                                    (00330)

Before going into battle, you will be first taken to this briefing menu,
where you can prepare your character. On the main menu, you can see the winning
and losing condition, as well as close-up of the enemy leader(s). There are 4
sections here.

出陣 Depart
装備 Equipment
買物 Shop
布陣 Formation
出陣 Depart
Press Circle here to start the battle, but the game will
ask you first if you're really ready, so you won't regret going into battle
with wrong equipments. :)
装備 Equipment
In this section, you can change your character's equipments. You can change
these equipments. Methods to unlock them are also listed.
固有技 Skill
New skills can be acquired as your character level up, depending on how many
skill slots the character has. Some skills have levels, and they will
eventually level up.
There will be a skill FAQ made by tengumaru, but for now, you can check this
topic where he posts the romanization of ALL the skills. :D

武器 Weapon
1st Weapon: Available initially
No special effects

2nd Weapon: Unlockable in Normal difficulty
Basara fill rate up

3rd Weapon: Sold at shop for 8000 gold
Elemental attack, depending on the character

4th Weapon: Unlockable in Hard difficulty (Rare in Normal)
Critical rate up

5th Weapon: Sold at shop for 27000 gold
Basara fill rate up

6th Weapon: Unlockable in Ultimate difficulty (Rare in Hard)
Elemental attack, depending on the character

7th (Joke) Weapon: Sold at shop for 70000 gold
Critical rate up

8th (Ultimate) Weapon: Finish all 100 stages in Tournament
Combo time prolonged

防具 Armor
1st Armor: Sold at shop for 10000 gold
Parry chance time prolonged

2nd Armor: Unlockable in Hard/Ultimate difficulty
Basara fill rate up

3rd Armor: Finish 50 stages in Tournament
Won't flinch if attacked

アイテム Item
At first, you can only equip 3 items, but as your character level up, he/she
will be able to equip up to 5 items.
There is an Item Translation FAQ made by DDT213. Check it out. :)

衣装 Costume
1st Costume: Initially available
2nd Costume: Clear Conquest Mode with that character
Alternate 1st Costume: Clear (Gaiden) Story Modes
買物 Shop
This is where you use your gold you have acquired from battle to buy
various things. The shop sells not only items, but also other things like:

元気ごはん Energetic Rice
Raises your HP by 1000

力うどん Power Noodle
Raises your Attack Power by 60

頑固せんべい Obstinacy Ricecookie
Raises your Defense Power by 40
(You can only buy 10 of the above foods, and the price increases as you buy
more: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 20000.)

3rd Weapon: Sold for 8000 Gold.

5th Weapon: Sold for 27000 Gold.

7th (Joke) Weapon: Sold for 70000 Gold.

1st Armor: Sold for 10000 Gold.

New to SB2H, you can now buy the character-specific items for 30000 gold.
布陣 Formation
This opens up the stage map, filled with the starting position of
the generals in the stage and list of enemy general names that will show up in
the stage.
The white arrow is your character.
Blue circles are your ally generals.
Red circles are your enemy generals.
The red helmet is the enemy leader.
Green boxes are gates.
Yellow crosses are the location of the stage's mission objective.
It also shows the information on named enemy generals taking place on
the stage, as well as some other tidbits like the element of generals,
appearance of horses, traps, cannons, etc.

4. Pause Menu                                                         (00340)

While you're in a battle, press Start button to bring up the Pause Menu.

Here you can see the enlarged map, review winning and losing conditions,
and check the amount of KOs and acquired treasures, time elapsed, and
highest combo number. On the bottom right of the screen, there is a number
of choices.

Confirm Mission: In some stages that have mission popups, this option will
                 be available for you to review the mission details.
Quick Guide: It explains the new features in SB2H, which are Fever Drive and
             Carved Seal (aka. Prime) system.
             If you're playing as SB2 Heroes' main characters, there will be
             a new page explaining their special abilities.
             (Kojuurou - Berserk moveset, Nagamasa - Jump charge, Oichi - Black
Game Options: Access the Game Options Menu.
Controller Options: Access the Controller Options Menu.
Restart: Takes you back to Pre-Battle Menu and restarts the stage.
Return to Title: Self Explanatory. Returns to the Title Screen.

Press Start again to return to battle.

IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                        (00400)

Q: Is this game available for two players?
A: Yes. Starting in SB2H, 2P play is available. However, you cannot play 2P
   in Story and Free modes.

Q: Does this game have online play?
A: No, it doesn't.

Q: How can I get the personal items now?
A: They are now buyable at the shop for 30000 gold. For Kojuurou, Nagamasa and
   Ichi, you try to get them by fulfilling the mission in 4th story stage and
   search for them, but you can also buy afterwards if you fail to
   get the item.

Q: Is there a way to play as Matsunaga Hisahide?
A: No. He is supposed to be an NPC. Of course, you can try and search for codes
   to 'play' as him, but I'd recommend you to wait until the eventual Sengoku
   BASARA 3.

Q: Will this game be brought overseas, either keeping the same game or
   turning it into another Devil Kings?
A: Nobody knows. There hasn't been any announcements from Capcom by the time
   I wrote this guide. Maybe they may just decide not to bring SB2(H) overseas,
   but who knows?

Q: Why are there only 8 stories available?
Q: Why do the other NPC turned PCs only have 2 skills?
Q: Why can you not play 2P in Story/Free Mode?
Q: Why is the anime quality not good compared to SB1?
Q: Why *insert complaint here*?
A: All these questions lead to one answer: You are expecting too much from
   an expansion game. This is Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes, Not Sengoku BASARA 3.
   If you are so concerned about things like that, I advise you to spend your
   time doing something else and wait straight for Sengoku BASARA 3 to be

V. COPYRIGHT                                                          (00500)

Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes is a trademark of Capcom and Copyright 2007 Capcom.

This Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes Translation Guide is Copyright 2007 BlackKite
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I am not kidding. I've grown tired of this name disorder nonsense... thanks
to Koei & Capcom (Onimusha).

VI. CREDITS                                                           (00600)

Thanks to:
God, for creating me
My Parents, for conceiving me
Me, for creating this guide. :p
Capcom, for creating the stylish Sengoku BASARA series
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And last but not least, You, for reading this guide. :)