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Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
Ky Kiske Faq
By MrMamation
1. Contents:
2. Legend
3. Game Mechanics
4. Moves
5. General Strategy
6. Combos

2. Legend

Guilty Gear notation (think of it like your playing on an arcade stick)

7 8 9       UpBack     Up      UpForward
4 5 6  -->  Back     Neutral     Forward
1 2 3       DownBack  Down   DownForward

5 represents the character in neutral position while moving to the left would
be 4, down back would be 1, down would be 2, down forward 3, and forward 6.

H-Hard Slash
D- Dust

(taken from Jet Enduro at

Charged Stun Edge= CSE or Big Blue
Air Stun Edge= ASE or Air Fireball
Stun Edge= SE or Fireball
Greed Saber= GS or Lightsaber
Vapor Thrust= VT or Shoryuken/srk
Stun Dipper= SD or Slide
Ride the Lightning= RTL
6P= Elbow
Lightning Sphere= SHINE or LS
Javelin (Followup VT in AC)= LJ or just Javelin
Faultless Defense= FD
Impossible Dust= ID
Roman Cancel= RC
False Roman Cancel= FRC
Faultless Defense Cancel= FDC
Force Break= FB
Slash Back= SB
AA= Anti-Air
TK= Tiger Knee
ad.= Airdash
JC= Jump Cancel
JI= Jump Install
SJC/HJC= High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
^= Homing Jump, this is when you dust and follow the opponent in the air
j= This is to note that a move is done midair.
c.S= Close version of slash
f.S= Far version of slash
Blockstun= The amount of time a blocked move causes you to remain 
"stunned" in the blocking position.
Startup= Frames a move takes to start before it reaches its active frames.
Active= Frames in which a move can hit you.
Recovery= Frames a move takes to fully recover before you can move again.
Oki= Okizeme is the technique of attacking the other player as they are
standing up after being knocked down.
Counter Hit= CH

3. Mechanics

Tension Gauge-	The bar at the bottom of the screen is the tension gauge. It 
				fills up by	getting hit, landing hits, walking/running forward,
				air dashing forward or landing a Gold Burst. The Tension Gauge
				doesn't carry over between rounds.

Burst Gauge-	This is the bar right underneath the character's health and has
				two uses. The first is a Blue Burst which stops the opponent
				from comboing. If you're being hit and want stop them from
				comboing then you can Blue Burst. The second way to Burst is 
				the Gold Burst.  A Gold Burst is an offensive Burst that gives
				you full tension.  After a burst is used it takes a while to

Guard Gauge-	This gauge is right next to the Burst Guage. It raises when
				you	are blocking blocking and lowers when you get hit. The
				higher the bar is the more damage you will take from a move
				when hit.  Once it starts to flash and you get hit it will
				count as a Counter Hit.

Dead Angle-		Just like an alpha counter it willknock the person away that is
				attacking you. To do it as you guard hit two attack buttons
				and press toward the opponent. Takes 50% tension.

Faultless Defense-  Preform by holding blocking position and two attack
				buttons (other than S and H).  Allows you to block attacks
				without taking any chip damage. It will slowly drain the
				tension bar however.

Roman Cancel-	To preform a Roman Cancel you press any three attack buttons
				at once while you're doing an attack that hits the opponent.
				The move you were doing will stop immediately without any
				recovery time. Good for doing powerful combos.  Keep in mind
				that it takes 50% tension to preform.

False Roman Cancel-	The same as a Roman Cancel except it only takes 25%
				tension and only certain moves (usually specials) can be
				FRC'd. It does not have to hit them to preform it.
Slashback-		Slash Back allows any character to "parry" any form of attack
				(Projectile, Overdrive, Normals) by pressing 4 or 1+S+H. 
				Successfully Slashing Back creates a gold aura to flash around
				them and have you recover faster. It cost 2% tension to use.
Overdrive-		Overdrives are super moves that cost 50% tension. Overdrives
				are also unburstable.
Instant Kill-	Also known as a Destroyer, it will kill the opponent in one
				hit. If failed to hit then the tension guage will disapear.
For More general information go to or
^^^GBloods thread on gameplay mechanics

4. Moves

Ground Normals:
5K: Hits low but prorates 80%. Useful for mixups but make sure you use it only
	at the beginning of block strings.  No need to reduce the damage more than
	you need to.
2K: Pretty much like 5K but prorates 70%. Its a useful low poke and comes out
6K: Not good by itself, but good in blockstrings and sometimes combos. If you
	hit the opponent in the air with 6K it will knock them down immediately.
	+4 on block.
5P: Pretty good poke in some matchups but not really used too much.
2P: Decent poke when an opponent is running at you or in throw mixups. Its
	oldschool though so don't over use for a throw. Its one frame faster
	than 2K (4 frame startup) so sometimes its better to use when trying
	to stop someones blockstring.
6P: Very good AA and has upper bod invincibility. Good damage and hits
	opponent in the air on CH. Cancels into 6H so it makes some pretty good
	block strings if used correctly. Prorates 90%.
5c.S: Sometimes can be used as an AA. Used in combos a lot.
5f.S: Very good poke, hits from far away and stops people from running in.
2S: Same as above, very good poke and hits low. If positioned correctly then
	you can combo 	into SD, otherwise combo strait into 2D for knockdown.
5H: Stagers on CH, good move in combos and combos into SD and 2D.
2H: Good AA in situations that 6P wont help in. If opponent is in the air when
	hit by this move you can air combo afterwards.
6H: Takes a while to come out but has advantage on hit. Can do mixups after
	this move, it also raises the guard bar quite a bit.  22 frames of
	blockstun so you will have plenty of time to come up with a mixup.
5D: Standard dust.
2D: Pretty good range and knocks down. Also combos into any special.

Air Normals
jK: Good for intercepting the opponent in the air. Can cross up as well, but it
	is very situational.
jP: Not good by itself, but if they block while you are both in the air then
	you	can jP your way down and continue the block string on the ground.
jS: Pretty good range and can cross up.
jH: Good range and cancels into air fireballs or jD.
jD: Good for mixups. Takes a while to come out though, so you can get hit
	before	hand and it will disappear.

236S: Slow stun edge, better to use in most situations and can be frc'd for
	more pressure.
236H: Same as above nut faster.
236D: (CSE) A big fireball, used for pressure but because or the recovery time
	it can be a lot harder to do good mixups or apply some real pressure.
214K: Greed Saver (GS) is only good when going over attacks. Dont do what a lot
	of people do like GS after the end of a block string. Not safe when
	blocked. Prorates 85%.
236K: Stun Dipper (SD) can be used in some combos or to continue pressure. If
	blocked can be punished.  First hit is low, second is mid and knocks down.
623S: Vapor Thrust (VT) is an uppercut, and not a good one. Use sparingly when
	you wake up and use at the end of air combos. After combos press 6H
	afterwards for Lightning Javilin (LJ) so come out and knock them down.
	Prorates 80%.
623H: Same as above but better to use in most situations. Prorates 80%.
j236S: Like Goki's air fireball, can be frc'd for more pressure.
j236H: Same but more diagonal.
j236D: An air CSE, pretty good for some block strings and mixups.

Force Breaks (All take 25% Tension)
j214D: Puts the opponent on the air on hit and is untechable. Still stays after
	hit but you can be hit before it comes out. Good for mixups.
236214D: Lightning Sphere (LS) is good for a couple different things. In some
	instances you can use it as an AA, if you bait them to jump in at you and
	attack then you can 	use LS to stop them. You can also combo into in
	after 2D and air combo afterwards for big damage.
46D: After LS, no use really when you can do a decent combo afterwards that
	does more damage.

For more information and frame data go to or

5. General Strategy

What you want to do
The idea with ky is to knockdown when ever you can (which will most likely
happen after 2D, throw,or VT-LJ). After throw or 2D the move you will use the
most is CSE or air CSE. If you frc CSE you can catch them off guard with 2S
(a low) or run up 2K. However, the objective with CSE is not to get them hit
but to get them to block so you can raise their guard bar and bring them to
the corner. If you dont want to use CSE because of things like Sols V or Anjis
H fusion then you can run up and use 2P or 5K as bait/meaty.
After VT-LJ knock down you can start some real ky mixups. There are many
different things you can do in this situation however it will be easier to show
You can take it from there, but make sure you aren't that obvious about what
you are going to do.

Ky is not about the pressure. I know there are a lot of you who want to keep
them blocking all day but the point is to get what you can and put yourself
and enough of an advantage that you can get them blocking again. Or to mix in
throws so that they will have to guess what going on. Thats where you will
strike fear into the opponent and hit them. The best ways to keep pressure
though will be his Stun Edge-FRC, Stun Dipe-FRC, or Air Stun Edge-FRC cause
then you can not only keep applying pressure but mix in some throws or lows or
highs. So when attacking remember to make sure you end it with something that
would put yourself at the advantage advantage.

To discuss about Ky's Stratagy and Matchups go to or

6. Combos
Combos listed will be very basic and be the ones you want to learn first.
They mostly knockdown and a few Roman Cancel combos. Hope it wont be too
overwhelming for those who are new to this game.

Bread and Butter combos
1. K->S->H->2D
2. 2K->S->2S->H->2D
3. 6P->S->H->2D
4. 6P->S->6P->H->2D
These combos all lead to knockdown and allow you to use CSE as oki. Perfect for

Dust Combos
1. D->^jS->jS->jS->stop holding up->jS->jP->jS->jP->jS->VT->LJ
2. D->jS->JC->jH->land->6H->H->GS->S->2H->SJC->jS->jH->VT->LJ
Lets you practice both a standard dust combo and a ID combo.

Specific combos
1. AA 6P->S->2H->JC->jS->JC->jS->jH->VT->LJ
2. AA 2H->JC->jS->JC->jS->jH->VT->LJ->land->2P->S->2H->VT->LJ
3. CH 2H->JC->jS->jP->jS->JC->jS->jH->VT->LJ
4. CH 5H->RUN UP->2D->LS->S>-2H->VT->LJ
These are several examples of what you can do in certain situations. You can
modify them however you like.

Some Roman Cancel Combos
1. CH SD->RC->RUN UP->S->2H->Air Combo
2. 6P->S->6P->H->SD->RC->RUN UP->S->2H->Air Combo
3. RTL->RC->S->2H->Air Combo (silly 100% tension combo)
Very basic Roman Cancel Combos

For more information and more complex combos go to or
and scroll down to the combo section.