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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Boss FAQ

Version 1.0

This FAQ was written by 
heatmon930 (Julian Cheung)
Version 1.0                  |
July 5, 2005                 |
Started and finished the FAQ.|

Version 1.5                     |
July 9,2005                     |
Updated most of the sections.   |
Included more info on the bosses|


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 

2. Game Overview (bgning)

3. Attacking/Weapons (swrds)

4. Bosses (strts)

   I. Shahdee (frstboss)
   II. Empress/Kaileena I (eot1)
   III. Giant Golem (bgthng)
   IV. Griffin (flyncat)
   V. Empress/Kaileena II (eot2)
   VI. Dahaka (blckthng)

5. Frequently Asked Questions (?faq)

6. Effective/Cool Moves (atcks)

7. Credits (baibai)

8. Legal Info (law)

9. Contact Info (conin)

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Y HALO THAR!  This is my first FAQ so bare with me here.  So the Empress keeps
killing you?  The damned Dahaka keeps hitting you and prevent you from getting 
in any hits? is on the way!  I am no hardcore gaming pro and I get 
stuck at the same places as every average joe so your struggles will have been 
my struggles and I can help you pass them.

Game Overview (bgning)

In Sands of Time, you begin the Prince's story and have your first experience
rewinding, slowing and quickening time.  If you didn't play the first game just
nod and read along.  In the first game, the Vizier tricked the Prince into 
opening the Sands of Time and effectively turning everyone in the kingdom into 
Sand Zombies except the Prince, Farah, a slave and, of course, the Vizier.  The
Prince restores peace to the kingdom by returning the Dagger of Time and then
he kills the Vizier.  A happy ending...or so you think.  

Legend has it that whosoever opens the Sands of Time must die and the Dahaka,
the guardian of the Timeline, has the honor of being Prince's executioner.  The
Prince is now being constantly haunted by the Dahaka, changing him to a small 
spark of his former self.  He trains day and night, sleeping very little and
eating just as little.  He goes to seek counsel from the Old Man and makes up 
the plan to journey to the Island of Time to prevent the Sands of Time from 
ever being made.  Great plan...


Attacking/Weapons (swrds)

This is my favorite part of the game.  Hacking, slashing, and killing.  There 
are a few important rules to remember when fighting in this game...and they are
to attack, use the Sand powers and to block and dodge.  One of the most useful 
attacks in the game is the landing slice (A+B+B) (jumping over the enemy and 
slicing them as you land)...very effective on the human-like enemies in the 
game.  Your Sand powers are the most useful skills you can use.  If you recieve
too much damage you can rewind time (one sand) to get back your health and 
prevent that from happening again.  Your first Sand power that can help you get
the upper hand on enemies is the Eye of the Storm (one sand) which slows time 
down for 8 seconds and lets you move twice as fast.  In that 8 seconds, I 
suggest you hack and slash your troubles away or quickly move now that the 
traps are slowed down.  The Breath/Wind/Cyclone of Fate is a skill I rarely use
as it takes too much lead-up time and its damage isn't very satisfying.  Now...
my favorite Sand skill is the Ravages of Time (two sand).  It is as it's 
described in the name...  Time slows down and screen turns red and then the 
Prince attacks frenzily when you mash the attack buttons.  Such fun...

Swords are the weapon of choice in PoP 2.  In the intro/tutorial, the Prince 
starts with the Eagle Sword which is lost almost immediately when you meet the 
time bitch...ahem...I mean...Shahdee.  So what's your replacement weapon?  A 
stick...  Luckily, you replace it really quickly with the Spider Sword...much 
weaker than the Eagle Sword but definitely a huge improvement over your stick. 
Serpent Sword is next, allowing you to use the lever in the main hall.  The 
Empress will then give you another sword, the Lion Sword, which has a charge B 
attack.  Next you find the Scorpion Sword, which can break walls and if you 
have all the Life Upgrades, you can get the Water Sword (pretty original name 

Secondary weapons allow the Prince to dual-wield.  There are four kinds of 
secondary weapons, swords, axes, maces and knives.  Swords are evenly balanced 
with speed, damage, and durability.  Axes are slow and break easily but do alot
of damage.  Maces have average damage and speed but have high durability.  
Knives are fast and have a decent life but have low damage.  There are the 
secret weapons, a teddy bear, Rayman glove, pink flamingo, hockey stick and the
glowing yellow sword.  The glowing sword looks soooo cool <_<.  


Bosses (strts)

Finally...we are here...  The purpose of the FAQ.  If you read all those 
introductions, good job and here's a free cookie.  

Shahdee (frstboss)
Difficulty: 8/10
Your weapons: Spider Sword

This is one truly evil woman...  First she hijacks your boat, kills your 
crew and then cuts you across the face and leaves you to die.  Well what are 
you waiting for?  KILL HER!!

Strategy: This is one of the most frustrating bosses in the game.  Not because 
she is hard but that it takes too long to kill her.  I truly regretted not 
having more Sand powers when I fought her.  Hit and run is the preferred method
of handling Shahdee.  When you are close to her mash B and Prince will charge 
in hacking her but watch out when she starts to block.  It's your cue to start 
blocking and dodging.  Shahdee will begin this long string of combos and only 
get back in attacking after she yells, stick her swords in the air and slices 
one more time.  When she is open, go up to her and do the landing slice on her 
and follow up with more slices.  She'll block, attack, and then you block and 
you attack...rinse and repeat until she dies.  However, she has one unblockable
attack when she kicks you.  When that happens or whenever she does a 
considerable amount of damage, rewind time.  Seeing as its your only Sand power
I suggest you take advantage of it.  And one more thing, if you leave Shahdee 
alone for even a few seconds, she will go back to stepping on Kaileena and if 
she falls, it's Game Over for you.  

Link006 says: A tough battle from the very beginning of the game. 
Block a lot and use your combos to beat her. After you lock swords with her, 
you can usually get a good combo on her then so take advantage.


Empress/Kaileena I (eot1)
Difficulty: 7/10
Your weapons: Lion Sword

Well after activating two towers, countless Dahaka chases, and getting past 
those damned traps, the Prince has access into the Empress' room.  Oh what's 
that?  Kaileena is the Empress?  WELL DUH PRINCE!  I swear...who couldn't tell
Kaileena was the Empress of Time? to kill her then.

Strategy: This is not as hard as most people will think.  There are plenty of 
Sand just lying around and for some reason, the Empress will just let you walk
around gathering them. that if you run out of Sand.  For killing 
her, I found a really simple/cheap way to do it.  Whenever she is not doing 
combos or is open, go up to her and do the landing slice and right after the 
second slice is complete slow time down.  Keep mashing the attack buttons 
because in those eight seconds of slow time, Kaileena will keep flinching and 
can do nothing to stop your attack.  Kaileena can teleport right behind you and
kick you from behind at any given time so whenever you hear that "poof" sound 
roll away.  Also, it is best that you backflip or roll away when she is 
attacking as those combos can do an insane amount of damage.  Rewind if you 
recieve too much of a beating.  At about 2/3 and 1/3 health left, she will 
summon some monsters.  Each will die with two landing slices but alternate 
between the two because after you attack one, it will start to block.  Those 
monsters are actually a gift...easy to kill, an extra sword and one Sand each.  
Keep up the landing slice and slow time and eventually she will die and you'll
be rewarded with a Dahaka chase...  What fun...  

Link006 says: I've read a lot of really complicated strategies for 
defeating the Empress of Time and they do work but most of them overlook the 
best strategy for defeating her... aerials. You know that little trick of 
running and jumping over them and slashing them from behind (Run towards her, 
press A to jump over her and B twice to slash)? It actually works! You can do 
this a lot and she will never stop you (although she may start attacking as 
you begin your jump but this was rare). Otherwise, use your combos after she 
finishes one of hers. Block when she does her spin kick. Really not a bad 
battle. Similar strategy applies to the second time.


Giant Golem (bgthng)
Difficulty: 4/10
Your weapons: Scorpion Sword

You finally get the Scorpion Sword and right after you get it, a big amount of 
bandit-like enemies come out.  You kill them all and more traps and enemies are
out to get you.  You get back to the room where you got the sword and voila!  A
boss...  This sword really attracts the life-threatening things to you don't 

Strategy: You fought this before.  This is basically the same, just with a boss
meter on the bottom of the screen.  Slow time if you want, attack the legs and 
wait for it to be on its knees.  Climb aboard, slow time if you can and attack 
the head, watch out for its hands however, it can still grab you even when time
is slowed down.  See which way it's hands are gonna come from and move to the
other side, sometimes it quickly grabs with its other hand so go to the other
side to avoid the hand.  Continuing attacking its head until it dies.  That 
wasn't that hard right?  A warning though, if it catches you and throws you 
away, it will regain some health, making your previous efforts worthless.  


Griffin (flyncat)
Difficulty: 5/10
Your weapons: Scorpion Sword

You are the Sand Wraith now...woot!  Your first and only boss to fight as the 
Wraith is a Griffin.  Now let's see...Griffin...noun...A fabulous beast with 
the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.  Fabulous...that's not
what I would use to describe it but what the's gonna die anyway.

Strategy: The Griffin has only one vulnerable spot, the back of its legs.  How 
do I say this...EYE OF THE STORM SPAM!!!  Get behind it, slow time down, and 
keep slashing its legs.  Whenever it is about to attack roll away.  Everytime
you get rid of 1/3 of its life, it will fly and dive at you.  Just roll 
sideways to get out of its way.  Eventually it will land again and then you can
continue killing it.  If you get hit, rewind time.  You're the Sand Wraith, you
keep generating Sand so why not take advantage of that ability?  


Empress/Kaileena II (eot2)
Difficulty: 9/10
Your weapons: Scorpion Sword

Did you fail to collect all the Life Upgrades?  Well too bad, fight the Empress

Strategy: She is way harder than the first time you fought her.  No idea why or
how.  Right after the cutscene she will get in a few cheap first hits.  Roll or
backflip away, don't try blocking, she has found a way to get past it.  Use the
same method you used when you fought her the first time.  If you see an opening
landing slice, slow down time, and mash B and/or Y.  There will be about two
cutscenes in the battle and whenever Kaileena has 2/3 and 1/3 life left she 
will summon things to get you.  And no, not the same things she summoned the 
first time.  If I could give these things a name I would call them Sandstorms 
of Time.  You can't attack them or block them but they can deal you 
a lot of damage.  All you can do is roll away, but make sure they don't go over
the edge of the platform or else you won't get sand from them.  Eventually they
will die down and give you one Sand each.  Keep attacking her and when she 
dies, yell out in joy or mourn that you never did her...whatever suits you.  


Dahaka (blckthng)
Difficulty: 9/10
Your weapons: Water Sword

AHH!!!  The Dahaka!!!  RUN!!!  Hey...where's the crappy lightning?  Oh 
lookie...your sword is glowing blue.  You got the Water Sword now so go kill 
the Dahaka!!!  Make it pay for making you run away all those times!  

Strategy: Use the Ravages of Time on this fool...  The Dahaka is the only boss 
that the Ravages to the most damage to.  Keep slashing this fool and then 
Kaileena will finally make herself useful and blast the Dahaka to make it 
dangle from the edge of the platform.  Gather as much of the Sands lying around
but don't waste your time getting them all or else the Dahaka will pull itself
up.  Go right up to its face and guessed it...RAVAGES OF TIME!  When 
it pulls itself up, I noticed that it recovered itself.  Dunno how it did 
that...does that mean it can only die when its dangling on the edge?  Anyway...
it will start to use some of its more powerful attack after it hung on the edge
for the first time.  Its tentacle things will come out of its chest and sweep 
around and they will also come out of the ground to hurt you.  Roll to dodge 
both of those attacks.  Use either Eye of the Storm or Ravages of Time to 
damage it because it will jump to avoid your attacks now.  When you did enough
damage, Kaileena will blast it to the edge again and you can use Ravages of 
Time to finish it off.  

Did you beat it?  Finally beat the Dahaka?  Well then...sit tight to view the 
alternate ending or go jump in joy before viewing it.  Get yourself a beer or 
something, you deserve it after beating this horror.  


Frequently Asked Questions (?faq)

Q: I became a black thing!!  Oh noes what do I do?
A: It seems you are a victim to the common "Sand Wraith" glitch.  Only thing 
you can do is reload from a previous save or restart the game.  

Q: Are there any Life Upgrades that I have a limited chance of getting?
A: I know there are three (they are in YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel's walkthrough 
on GameFAQs) so if you don't get them by the time they expire, replay the game 
or just view the alternate ending at

Q: Which bosses do you think are the hardest?  Easiest?
A: I will list the bosses in order of easiest to hardest.
In my opinion this is the order:

Empress I
Empress II  

The average order of difficuly (easiest to hardest) for people is:

Empress I
Empress II

Q: How do I get the Secret Secondary weapons?
A: I only got the Glowing Yellow Sword so go check the Cheat Codes & Secrets 
part of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on GameFAQs.


Effective/Cool Moves (atcks)

In this new game, we get the free form fighting style.  That allows more moves 
and with every move comes a new possibility.  For example, you are only holding
one sword and you grab an enemy.  You can either A) throw them B) strangle them
C) hold as a shield D) slash and much, much more.  

Like I already said the A+B+B attack is very effective.  So is launching from a
wall and slicing or knocking down your opponents.  Some of Prince's moves are 
both effective and cool.  Such as Strangulation + Weapon Steal.  You must have 
one free hand to do this.  First grab them and then mash X to strangle them.  
When the enemy is weakening and leaking Sand, Prince will then grab their 
weapon and chop off their heads with their own blade, scissors style.  

Any attack involving a wall already looks cool but these...just look awesome.  
The Angel Drop up a wall and press B to launch off.  Prince will 
drop and slice behind him and in front.  I once killed two enemies with just 
this move.  An alternation of this move is the Bladewhirl Attack.  Run up a 
wall and Y to launch off.  Prince jumps to the floor, spinning and whirling 
his blades.  Looks very cool.  Another involving a wall is just running across 
it and slashing the entire time.  Doesn't matter if there is actually land to 
walk on.  As long as there are enemies near the wall, walk on it and slice.  

I particularly like any move that involves Prince whirling his blades.  This 
is pratically the only reason I use dual-wields.  The spinning attack 
Zaroaster’s Ire [B+Y+Y] looks very nice the way you slice off an enemies' 
head/torso. Then there is the Wrath of Cyrus [B+B+Y+Y] or as I call it "The 
Prince's Freestyle" because he spins on his hands cutting off enemies' limbs 
and heads.  


Credits (baibai)

Almost the part where we part ways.  I just thank people here.

Nintendo for the Gamecube and GBA...great times on those.

Ubisoft for making this game.

All the little bastages on the PoP 2 board especially those that helped me!

Link006 for your strategies on the bosses.  

CJayC for making the greatest gaming site.  I love ya man!


Me, I wrote this damn thing.


Legal Info (law)

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. None of this guide can 
be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited 
to posting on your own website, making links to my guide, and/or including 
parts of my guide in your own.

Only and has the permission to host this guide and 
do any of the above listed and more.  If you wish to gain my permission to use
this guide, please refer to the Contact Info to email me and ask for my 

Copyright ©/(c) 2005 Julian Cheung. All Rights Reserved.


Contact Info (conin)

Before you see my email address, there are a few things you must know.  

Your email must have the words "Prince of Persia" somewhere in the title or 
else I will disregard the email.

If you email me the following things, it will also not be regarded.

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That's all folks!  Hope you found the guide informative and if you want, say 
hello to me (heatmon930) if you see me on any board.