Question from patryczek118

Can i change Rey Mysterio's color ?

Becasuse i have special pack and there is a postcard on which he has white clothes

Gargantuan21 asked for clarification:

Do you still have the "special pack" at home? What does it say? I never found anyone with that. His white clothes was from SvR 2006 game but with his EG bicep bands and gloves. Because I remember the outfit color concept. Its All white with red and green. I saw this in the 2008 Xbox360/PS3 trailer. I was wondering that myself. Some say that was from the demo. Like how John Cena had a more darker camo jean shorts... That looked similar to his look in SvR 2007.


Gargantuan21 answered:

So PS2 game and this special pack card you have it still? Does it say anything besides a picture of Rey in white? Would be fun seeing his look like this same with Black Camo pants for John Cena.
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