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How do I draft legends in GM mode? 2

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Why doe the white flag happen? 1

Other Help Answers
Are there more superstars to unlock? 2
Can anyone post me codebreaker codes for this game including the master code? 1
Can anyone tell me where and what is the codebreaker for this game? 1
Can i change Rey Mysterio's color ? 1
Can I create Custom Belts of certain types? 2
Can i put ECW Xtreme rules math in One Night Stand? 1
Can you download entrances to the game? 2
Can you stack 3 tables on top of each other? 1
Does the "speed" attribute effect how much damage is dealt for certain moves? 1
Hall of fame mode? 1
Hidden roster? 1
How do i win a last man standing match? 1
How do tell which pre set move is what? 1
How do you add stomina to your superstar? 5
How do you copy move set from superstar for create a superstar? 1
How do you level up a created character faster? 2
How do you unlock other moves for create a superstar? 1
How do you unlock steve austin? 3
How do you use Rey Mysterios Rinishing moves? 3
How to perform AA? 1
How to stack a table on top of another one? 2
How to win a tables match? 1
I need to know how to stack tables? 2
On 24/7 Super Star, how do i get a new contract? 1
PS3 Conroller on PS2 so i can use it on this game? ( and many others.....) 2
What happened to my video and fireworks? 2
What is the code for Ric Flair? 1
Where is cheat code menu to type cheats ? 1
Can you get the punjabi prison match on this game? 3
Can you import music for custom music on the PS2 version? 3
Create character? 1
Hall of fame? 2
How do i unlock Chris Benoit's crossface? 1
How do u smash ur opponent threw 2 stacked flamming tables? 1
How do u turn cash off in 24/7 gm mode? 4
How do you put titles on the line? 4
How do you re-negotiate your brand contract to get a better deal when it says your unsatisfied? 1
when do you get to use your own entrance in WWE 24/7 mode? 1
Why doesn't my created wrestler's pyro go off during his entrance? 1

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