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How to get these?

How do you get SSJ 3 Gogeta and Uub with Goku clothes? Cause i see some people managed to get SSJ 3 Gogeta somehow and those other stuff which is impossible to get.

SSJ4Goku124 provided additional details:

But i saw a friend of mine play as SSJ 3 Gogeta. I know hes not real. And it wasn't SSJ 3 Gotenks because he wasn't short like he is.

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RiderOfTheHawk answered:

You sure it wasn't... y'know. SSJ3 Goku in the blue Gi? The character is definitely not in the game. Unless your friend is an expert hacker, I can't see how. How about you ask him?
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RiderOfTheHawk answered:

... SSJ3 'gogeta' is probably SS3 Gotenks, because he isn't a character. And Uub with goku clothes... try alternate costumes.
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