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Asked: 5 years ago

How come when i use red potara passwords i can only use so many?

I've seen people have all of them please help

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Whats system are you using?

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Its because the game can only hold 14.

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They sharked the red potaras in the actualo character slots

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Its because they have a cheat device.

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The game only holds 14 if you want to change one of your characters, just type in a new password and replace one you don't want with the new character. Simple as that.

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When ugo on abc characters u press up or down i think to go and see the different seven characters. on every row of chaacers the maximum numberof characters is 7 so when u go to ABC characters umut press up or down to see more characters.

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Type in a password and put it at the bottom of the list.The next time you check you will see that you have more space to put more inside.This way you can have all 150 characters in red potara form.

I did not use a cheating device for my PS2.

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