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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat Arale? Answered 5
How do I beat Cell Dragon History Final Battle? Answered 7
How do I beat kid buu? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
(create your own question)Can you cut a great apes tail off? Answered 4
(create your own question)Red potara's? Answered 1
(create your own question)SS2? Answered 2
(create your own question)What is the best character to use in this game? Answered 5
?Where do i change the settings of the training? Open 1
About the fusion disks? Open 2
About the original soundtrack??? Open 3
Can some1 create a save file for me? Answered 1
Can you create custom characters in this game? Answered 1
Can you get it back? Open 4
Can you have English language on the European DBZ BT3?(ps2 game) Open 1
Can you level up blue porta earing?if yes,how? Open 1
Character switching? Answered 1
Do you have different wishes you can choose from or is there only one? Answered 1
False super saiyan? Open 2
Fasha ??? Answered 1
Fighting Screen Question??? Open 2
Future gohan?????? Answered 1
Ginyu Body Switch? Open 4
how can I get king cold? Answered 1
How can i unlock Chi-chi and Future Gohan? Answered 6
How come i cant see the full fight when i watch the replay data? Open 2
How come nothing happens when I defeated all of the battles in Mission 100? Answered 2
How come when i use red potara passwords i can only use so many? Open 6
How do fuse during battle?? Answered 6
How do I become SSJ4? Answered 3
How do I blow up planets? Open 3
How do I get level 3 Dragon Tour Tournaments? Answered 2
How do I get max z points? Open 2
How do I get more space to summon red potara characters? Open 2
how do i get Red Shenron's Wish? Answered 12
How do i get the full moon stage? Answered 1
How do i put in passwords? Open 1
how do I summon porunga on ps2? Answered 2
How do I use Evolution Z? Open 2
How do the save files work for dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 work ? Open 3
How do u get yamcha game level 3? Open 4
How do you create custom finishers? Answered 3
How do you fire Ki discs with Goku? Open 3
How do you get broly? Open 1
How do you get oolung ? Answered 4
How do you unlock characters? Answered 1
How i can get the "passworded characters" ? Answered 5
How many characters? Open 5
How much does dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 cost ? Open 2
How or can u go supersaiyan lvl 4? Answered 1
How to change health meters? Open 2
How to get these? Answered 2
Is future gohan great saiyan man or is some other series of dragon ball? Answered 1
Kamehamehas don't work with password characters? Open 3
Language? Open 2
Lock on? Open 3
Making character? Answered 1
Names? Answered 1
Password characters? Answered 1
Password help?? Answered 1
Please. Someone can anwser me how to insert red potara in the custom 1, 2 or 3? Open 1
Questions?? Open 1
Red potara? Open 1
Seen three diffrent dragons red green and namek whats the difference? Answered 1
Shenron Help? Answered 1
Since this game is 3d, does it mean it will have some traits like tekken, virtua fighter, and more? Open 1
Ssummon the dragon? Answered 1
Teleporting? Answered 15
What are all of the controls in Budokai Tenkaichi 3? Answered 1
What do I do after I download a game save file? Answered 1
What happens? Open 1
What is a cheat device and how to get it? Open 1
What is a cheat device? Open 2
What is the z brust? Answered 2
What new characters are in this? Answered 2
What times do the tournaments open? Answered 1
What's the bonus when you have tenkaichi budokai 1 and 2 save files and play tenkaichi budokai 3? Answered 1
Whats the difference between red potara characters and password characters???? Answered 1
Whats the password for password goku ss? Answered 1
Where can you buy this game? Open 3
Where do u get passwords? Open 2
Who do you think is the best character for dragon ball z ?? Answered 1
Who is between devilman and temborinon and how do u unlock that perosn? Open 2
Who is next to Bardock ??? Answered 1
Who what where? Answered 1
Why can hercule's B2 rush hurt kid buu? Answered 1
[Easter Eggs] "What If? Moment" Triggers Open 6

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