Red Potara Passwords by c0rps3

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                       Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
                           Red Potara Password List
                          By: c0rps3 (Gabriel Souza)
                          Copyright 2007 Gabriel Souza

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.......................#001
2. Copyright Notice...................#002
3. Contact Info.......................#003
4. Version History....................#004
5. What's a "Red Potara"?.............#005
6. Notes on Red Potara Passwords......#006
7. Passwords List.....................#007
8. Common Mistakes....................#008
9. Credits............................#009


1. Introduction                                                             #001

This FAQ is a compilation of the Passwords I posted on the Forums, for ease of
access by everyone.


2. Copyright Notice                                                         #002

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

*Shamelessly copied from the GameFAQs disclaimer*


3. Contact Info                                                             #003

If you spot any error in this FAQ, please E-Mail me, and please, make sure you
triple check the passwords before contacting me saying they are wrong.
Do NOT E-Mail me asking to put this FAQ on your website, until further notice
this may not be posted anywhere but GameFAQs.


4. Version History                                                          #004

Version 1.1 - 03/06/08 - New section added with common mistakes.

Version 1.0 - 11/24/07 - Full list of Passwords.


5. What's a "Red Potara"?                                                   #005

Red Potaras may be known by most, but why are they not available for use?
The main purpose of Red Potaras is powering up characters outside of normal
bounds, Red Potaras are present on Dragon History, Ultimate Battle and also
during Tournaments, the only moments you'll be able to wield its power is
during certain battles of Dragon History, and during Sim Dragon (when you
collect those Yellow Potaras).

With that said, I'll make a note that it IS NOT possible to acquire them
in-game, the only way to obtain them is by the use of a cheating device, so
don't e-mail me asking.


6. Notes on Red Potara Passwords                                            #006

As with any password-generated character, you'll only be able to use these on
Duel, and to do so you must select the "ABC" Icon on the character select

Passwords are universal, meaning they'll work on any version of the game, but I
use the English Version names here for the sake of convenience.

Also note that, to use the transformation(s) of a Passworded character, you
must have already unlocked it in your game, Passwords only give you the base
form of a character.

This is a list of effects Red Potara Characters will have:

-Health +30000
-All stats +3
-Sturdy Body (won't be easily stunned)
-Will also easily stun opponents
-Guard Crushes remove a huge amount of Ki
-Also, can't be Guard Crushed
-Health and Ki are slowly recovered
-Ki charges ultra fast
-All 4 power ups
-Vanish Attack/Dragon Homing +2
-Blast 1 costs -1
-Blast 2/UB/Ki Blasts costs half
-Various movements will cost no Ki at all (Dragon Dashes, for instance)
-Movements whose costs aren't nullified will only cost half Ki
-Auto Afterimage while in Max Power
-Takes no damage while guarding
-Gains huge advantage in Clashes
-Dodging a barrage type Blast makes the character dodge the rest automatically

Note that all if these effects are obtainable from Yellow Potaras purchased
from the shop or acquired (but of course, not all at the same time).


7. Passwords List                                                           #007

Remember: CTRL + F is your friend.

Goku (Early)
S+2wR ffGkp F2R96 Y!
cQ*x2 K!0pC $NQXM $2

Kid Gohan
7MD-x vq3(1 %#BkJ j*
m@&c- MjZqB DT6D? Ns

Piccolo (Early)
14qnm F$+vV rjqVm Nd
vyBd$ 6jt6g bWt1w g$

Vegeta (Scouter)
S0VVV lfNjB $&$&# G5
*tT0l H07K2 Gj$4g 2?

c7wQ@ jjR64 T&glr F2
n$@%q 7!0r9 Pnysg DC

gZk4T R5t7p ll&9P h9
Pf)@p nTLPh ZQjV9 +#

Trunks (Sword)
tpcBk kx(mW &NJ+? xm
wf9Nv z$M*7 8vM+2 -W

Goku (Mid)
?Pr8z NK@yv jDfF% xJ
F3xd% wQG@W BR0-W y4

Teen Gohan
ZDK-V @c?v@ Cq(r7 z?
GbhlF !-bt) g7q-? jM

Piccolo (End)
$mkc- rBKgX c4j*q (N
Bl4l? s2%dB J1bjp nH

H?vy# q%H8w 6F(Wx H3
DsW?c C3-NB vZ@Vf &#

gTRYn hpJgn G)9%6 7H
&DyVf bbBYp 09hSf G7

&hz9M bm3%2 pF+8W 7@
B)0BV p#YKv @0d9L 9*

knL?2 w65wh T5(PQ QV
BsN$- cp?b6 7Wwf% Lf

Goku (End)
bJGN) 1#&K5 *l!%$ md
c0gsW NLsfH $lCZR -q

2kX?) 8kJQk j9X0q KD
b8RQ9 bq)Sv 8%V5Z ?C

Ultimate Gohan
8Gr7v VgXT+ J&-f0 w4
0p1g1 Y(%K# GSpF4 bt

Vegeta (Second Form)
kMPL8 JCC1s 9n96M 7h
HvTBh #zmX0 *+BQf 5N

Majin Vegeta
h5mQ7 94BKd lGZhW nd
kRbC$ (y%pJ 7c4T% Wv

zk*9! $6h81 P%B&t Sg
@8MTZ T@11p (294n KD

Kid Trunks
S8k3j vFg0t WKWV! vL
CF@jS KPZyl C3?yp Pm

Goku (GT)
TT5bz g1ky- Y-?fv 3L
H2X-g $yW!R #5B)q (?

Future Gohan
zKtY@ 5dn#5 0%x6b Vy
Vf(8c chX?? fWq+k KQ

$Y0Hr 7HH3b 3Pck% 51
VyQjM 8f+c# cxFc1 wG

lH8c2 *7+5- #RT?# mB
sVzl% n3FVn 4D290 S7

SSJ4 Vegeta
3Njf# Sn&W* WM+jy Wj
+X-5+ CJH+4 Nby-3 0M

F#cnL 7zjGj jfP)g CD
QQD$H 4M$F+ fkW$$ %k

l)hWr 0#9mm !hPx) Db
mXcMP J$lw7 snj7n z0

jK#dd 3)p+q #L0wf !#
Cc8@b 35Fg5 RdzsY DN

Y%yL1 3JC%d d?W5+ hz
42rnX t7SgF D-T4G Jl

ZkcWC L$M%? *ScHN YC
Dn*v$ fFDhs d#(&M zd

Supreme Kai
$MS-n dzc$$ p#D8L 8b
@J(87 4kV++ %fZb5 4v

mJbsF 3-N)9 nsLDl (Z
qbSg4 3Mt2* l?kK) Pl

gT+30 PGJhF 8lv99 Zn
(MZZm xgvTQ cG46K q8

v9SKL &MbMb %)0SM ZB
3nK&) L$6qq 83Kwk Pj

19Myd mWdMK gB$HZ MS
@Q#4q HVWJ- bCX!SsH

z5*0W &R(qD PQLF( 4Y
C(D7L srl$G gD0%c ?%

q*qR8 1kghT Nh9kS !v
NdMxP 4SG8T PNbfm j(

4S@%D -XbNF #f)DT sC
CzkLX T+fFX K0yjM VL

SGZQL @KBf9 PH5q0 Kx
@VSX2 4&HKV ny!VM dF

-t5C8 r1rpj &Bj)? fs
(pWxS -*6rf 00C7j jr

FQ+73 z#vDL MCGM0 cb
LnFvD 8fGB@ 7lfWz +3

K3vBF dcrSD nYz9r NR
JLJS9 t4j4! Jr1z% 9k

Mecha Frieza
$*@Tg jwF9w BN5n4 #*
*?jHD tbvJM psKDT lX

BLM@0 d*@nJ 8#8S+ )f
q7f8D t+Yh( z$QPS 1!

n*cHH dkhCV JLCKq %C
SP+-8 (rXbv fXptR -d

Frieza Soldier
+66df LR8Qw 3HtY2 +2
$HzFh l*G0r )j69) D3

King Cold
pJjP5 q6WlX 2sWgb Qz
9*+Sr MhDtM n#KBt (-

King Vegeta
mSW4V ?HfTv 8p!*5 z*
S$YB( -sNg# yGQ98 bX

1yCbW 7rL#P nRcWP Rv
F5HYN X7sRf *BZ+4 1J

Cell Jr.
9hVKP 5F&%Q ?HmW2 !y
c*)W4 Z7f4f rbZzC +5

Dr. Gero
pBSZc !nP0V ZjD*N +b
cmPxq dsSJ$ +Q-X% kx

Android #19
2cGy) 1z0B3 63HCS Dt
pBk*T rmZyY L5c3q CZ

Android #18
mkSFw +DPnr nx6qW !x
GPJT? 6N2k@ $CJ?6 --

Android #17
F9@3% FYNtz @0#wD d2
Py602 J-q4& lwHZB fV

Android #16
$jY2f sK%*g jY55x pJ
S8&F( 6&Ws@ 7Sb9? 1V

Majin Buu
Kc0g7 zM8P& 03YnZ )-
7%kGy K$)Q% fS0rX gY

Evil Buu
lTWKx lLtLF y3+0$ @n
T5F1l h&0#t T)2+4 4+

Super Buu
hlC-2 SGFTY r7HNR 2x
Cc!b$ Gs23& gt7sK 1C

Kid Buu
+kh8l ?Pxt$ mbv+t *g
$s?C2 XKYfx ZR&3J Z3

DT+-z lQkHl WnHn% jp
q?@1Q @$90F 8Rd3x LV

t(7@x 7W?y( )7RXd cl
KTBlH Sp&+B *mYg6 rF

hp?lT vycM- @1z?3 @j
*LWC9 6GBdC B9@$R F)

j0RHf *(YrP -j4ml #G
xK(CT -3Kjc 3rh50 9Y

csn-c 3)C5J r)z(f 4t
fV?gQ W0T!y VblDs #f

Garlic Jr.
Q*)Zq xs%&@ KgrjL mx
1Vg0j 04Jg? #fW5x Mw

Dr. Wheelo
)FsKb Q$2GC fYJNN ws
QhLGb 3SW7c zvzS) fZ

yt#P3 #rKW8 wJcB0 tY
MqTqc ?!4fF Dp$zr fg

G#65$ jd-Qk 9r5NL Wx
bPF2L XFjFL kpyp( db

kQ6d$ @qZd% r&Bn# 6$
6NRWW T5p5D y8Y(V Jb

G3b9n fj?54 tCn+r Z!
!V4kq SkvHc 5DPX? Wf

lJwLy C!64m x4*Rj *s
!%Yk3 ?g#+# Xh-DX 2H

Android #13
099T0 VW%5b 3t&Cm S!
s)fQL XlN5# hf#z$ CV

6*G?q +0P?p (?7LS Dj
(lgv4 5m4!k 8$v(8 v?

sx#J% 1mdcl 4r6W3 w0
l7$V4 &XVH) hJ+jt Bs

6cHZ7 WV)cY l+JC0 L&
*ynTD wKZV% qG*Jp bV

@-w*& 3)sWx q0$m5 #3
R27nX 5mr8X *n9Qp -P

Z7rY8 FLX4P 1Z%gq Y7
8+2Nq 9pn@t Hk%Yq vc

ghcFh 6+6t1 SMG9T 83
62#Y2 tXVNb )K5yy Hh

%@93) s0jW5 TYvM8 )m
rwc!H MynyB gdD)6 09

Baby Vegeta
(&!!( B7886 WhYnn Lv
GLL$g xfLz$ t?R-l SL

Super 17
4HZ@g lcfhb RW93b s8
yQ5Cz (LTQ$ KwL3C 9X

Nuova Shenron
@489V m4Nz% PrTpN zj
pnG4D pq)4? *yzlN 4K

Syn Shenron
6&b+F 93)88 cpK6+ L$
xj+v% !grGW F@gSw &p

Demon King Piccolo
TR-0J 7f12k gf?FS z8
9WB@j y9@B2 cPnCg mb

YhSvT dSP4$ MdRl# X$
kcBZ( +KKnM vdMrZ KD

Pilaf Machine
0%fDD &x9kk xVZgC XJ
nrwps (+Tnx qTc(m w$

BkgF3 NkMWF f5ff& 73

General Blue
v2+Xb Bll#B Kcn8J XN
Ms5f9 HqnP2 Rh?zh x&

General Tao
15%lM xxySd h(fd? $K
gRzfc +CXy+ 0G)hW d2

Cyborg Tao
C79%0 B0%+- Xn!7n QH
F$*pJ DSVt6 9hyzN jN

Kid Goku
6cm9Q y6cZd (mTS0 Y6
+TBy2 hv#!L (q63b cg

VkQN( q#z?K 0?QBK Lq
PC$W( Rd7V2 w+Gj4 &S

Grandpa Gohan
ccgjm Q8DFD zlBdG JD
Flrl0 XlvD4 cQ2H@ pw

rF1$R C(xfk 6l9Ld rn
Rhf%c (x$34 clfMM xH

Android #8
6kcf+ @lvj0 -yBz2 x?
V7W8H 8z?Hl C4!r# M9

0Qkc2 S#!nS #(y!$ C7
Mp8*s 3jX1M 6XXn2 P$


8. Common Mistakes                                                          #008

This is just a small disclaimer I've been sending people that e-mail me about
supposedly wrong passwords, I should have done this long ago...

If you're having problems with any password, try double-checking if you've not
made some of these common mistakes:

- There are no "O" (Letter O), so if you think you've seen one, it's a "0"
  (Number Zero)

- A LOT (and I mean it) of people have been e-mailing with this problem, be
  VERY careful with the placement of "l" (Letter L) and "1" (Number One), they
  can be easily mistaken for one another, and are present on a couple of quite
  a number of passwords.

If I receive any more common mistakes, they'll be added in this section.


9. Credits                                                                  #009

CJayC - You know the drill.

Cheating Device - As much as you're hated out there, this wouldn't have been
                  possible without your aid.

Me - Yes, me.