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Usernamehere's Early Goku Character Guide


Hi and welcome to my Goku (Early) guide for Dragonball Z: Budokai
Tenkaichi 3. 
I'll be providing information on the character, his moves and a few Potara 

Table of contents:

	1. Version History
	2. About this game
		-Quick History
		-Basic Controls
        3. Info on Goku
		-Time Frame
	4. Ki Moves
		-Blast 1
		-Blast 2
		-Small Ki barrage moves
	5. Combat
	6. Potara Setups
	7. Notes


[]= Square
O = Circle
/\= Triangle
X = I think this one's obvious...hehe

If two buttons are linked by a cross (+), it means you must press both at 
the same time.

1. Version history

1.0 - December 7, 2007
-Newly created.

1.1 - December 10, 2007
-Fixed small formatting errors
-added more info to Goku's time frame history

1.2 - December 11, 2007
-fixed another formatting error
-added Potara setups

1.3 - December 13, 2007
-fixed a couple of errors

1.4 - December 27, 2007
-added more information to Goku's time frame history

1.5 - January 3, 2008
-added extra information to the Kamehameha B2 attack
-cleaned up some mistakes

1.51 - January 9, 2008
-modified some information in Goku's time frame history
-cleaned up some mistakes

2. About this game

Quick History

Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is a fighting game based on the Dragonball 
universe. The game provides about 100 different characters which also adds 
up to over 150 if you include their transformations. You also get a nice 
variety of levels to fight in, some of which even have evening and night 

The battles happen in a 3D space with free movement. You can fly around 
anywhere you want in the designated area. You can fire small Ki blasts and 
bigger Ki attacks or you can get close and unleash combos which can go from 
attacking with different melee techniques or knocking them all over the 

Like the game's title says, this game is the third one in the Budokai 
Tenkaichi series. This is surprising if we consider how the first game had a 
rocky start. It was plagued with bugs and the fighting engine was easy to 
abuse and some moves were too easy to defend against. Also, characters with 
melee stun resistance could not be stunned even when hit by the likes of 
SSJ4 Gogeta.

Luckily, a sequel was planned, made and eventually released. The second game 
enjoyed unparalleled success among the Dragonball fans. The fighting engine 
had been heavily tweaked so the game was much more enjoyable. Attacks that 
didn't work before were now viable tactics and there were no bugs that 
anyone could easily notice. We also saw a return of In-game transformations 
like in Budokai 3 except they were fed by B1 balls instead of your Ki and 
the new penalty was sometimes a slower charging speed instead of a Ki drain.

In short, the second game was obviously well planned and the only thing I 
regret was that the first game almost felt like an unofficial 50$ beta test.

We now reach the third (and current) game. In this, they moved the melee 
damage closer to the first game's values, which isn't completely bad. Back 
in the prequel, even a decent combo could deal damage beyond most ultimate 
blasts, almost making them pointless. An expert combo could undoubtedly 
destroy virtually any character unless they have melee stun resistance. 

This is another thing they tweaked. The prequel made the melee stun 
resistance very weak because some characters were only one transformation 
away from being able to break through that defense. It is now tweaked so 
that only extremely powerful characters (the equivalent of SSJ3 and above) 
can now penetrate that defense.

Also, the overall melee mechanics were changed. For example, we can't cancel 
out melee attacks anymore. This is probably to increase the focus on doing 
small melee hits to build up our momentum, which makes canceling too much 
trouble anyway when stronger strikes come out almost instantly.

To replace this, they added a timing-based strike which ignores blocking, 
delivers greater damage and avoids attacks. However, picking up the timing 
takes a lot of practice because it is almost a split-INSTANT where you must 
release the button in time.

And many more.

In the end, this game still resembles the prequel in how things work (not 
that bad since the second game was a great effort at the time) but the 
tweaks still make this game feel unique.

Basic controls

[] = Rush and melee attacks

X  = Dashing

O  = Blocking

/\ = Ki rush attacks

L1 = Locking on (according to the manual)

L2 = Charge KI

R1 = Fly up

R2 = Fly down

R3 = Transform and free look (the latter is when locked off)

3. Info on Goku (Early)

Time Frame

This particular incarnation is Goku after he died against Raditz up to his
recovery before he fights Frieza. He was first seen when he fought against
Nappa where he had no choice but to reveal his new abilities.

When he first died, he traveled to King Kai's planetoid in heaven so he 
could gain the power to stand against Vegeta and Nappa. One of those new 
abilities was the Kaioken. It allowed Goku to multiply his power to boost 
his overall performance. 
However, it places great strain on Goku so he can't use it for too long. The 
next attack he learned was the Spirit Bomb. It's a Ki attack of incredible 
power but Goku must borrow power from living things and nature itself, which 
takes a lot of time.

Goku eventually returned but by that time, Yamcha, Tien, Chaotzu and Piccolo 
had fallen in battle. Only Krillin and Gohan remained and even they were 
barely hanging.

Goku then took over the fight from there. Though he defeated Nappa, Vegeta 
gave Goku some trouble and eventually defeated him when he transformed into 
a Great Ape. It took the combined effort of Krillin, Gohan and a sneak 
attack from Yajirobe to take down Vegeta.

Afterwards, Krillin, Gohan and Bulma left for Namek so they could revive 
their friends with the namekian set of Dragonballs. Goku eventually 
recovered from his wounds and went after his remaining friends. He trained 
in the ship on the way there, especially after King Kai warned him about
Frieza. Upon landing, he quickly went to rescue Krillin and his son, Gohan 
who were being severely beaten by the Ginyu Force. 

Goku easily disposed of Recoome and took care of Burter, scaring Jeice into 
running away. Ginyu then took on Goku, eventually hurting himself on purpose 
to steal Goku's body. He was impressed by the potential Goku was displaying 
with the Kaioken and he wanted that power for himself. However, Ginyu was 
unused to his new body and was eventually defeated after Goku threw himself 
in the path of Ginyu's attack when he wanted to steal Vegeta's body. Since 
Vegeta had beaten Goku's body severely, Goku was placed into a regeneration 

That was the last instance where Early Goku actually appeared.

Early Goku also appeared in a couple of movies. He fought another Saiyan by
the name of Turles. Turles was physically similar to Goku and wanted to gain
power by planting a special tree that requires an entire planet to itself.
Goku also fought a character by the name of Dr. Wheelo. Dr. Wheelo was
basically a gigantic brain inside a mechanical body. Similarly to Captain
Ginyu, Dr. Wheelo wanted to take Goku's body for himself.


Here are the Costumes Goku uses:

-Gi with undershirt and the Roshi symbol (he wore this right when DBZ 
-Gi with undershirt and the King Kai symbol (he wore this when he came back 
to life the first time)
-Gi with undershirt and the Go symbol (he wore this on Namek)
-Gi without undershirt and the Roshi symbol (he wore this against Raditz)


Life         : 40,000
Starting Ki  : 2 bars
B1 stock max : 6 stock
DP cost      : 5 points

This is the only adult Goku that doesn't have transformations so your only 
method of increasing your overall power is to use the Kaioken technique. You 
will get a power increase on a similar scale to the Super Saiyan 
transformations but it's only temporary and you can't charge your KI.

Also, Early Goku is more of a technical fighter. He has different /\ strikes 
to use in his melee chain which makes him hard to predict when trying to 
block his attacks. He's also one of the few characters whose jumping charged 
KI blast can ignore the enemy's guard.

His high B1 stock limit also allows you to use many Blast 1 techniques in a 
row. This can be especially handy with Solar flare to keep your opponent 
constantly off-balance or to stack two Kaiokens to increase your battle 
power further.

His Kamehameha, being a chargeable move, takes some forethought to use but 
it's not impossible to create an opportunity. The payoff is pretty nice for 
the effort, too.

His Kaioken attack Blast 2, in my opinion, is his most practical attack. 
It's a rushing Blast 2, which means he will fly towards the opponent to 
execute a preprogrammed attack. This particular rush, however, is a short 
but quick burst of speed. At close range, it's practically impossible to 
avoid with human reflexes. It's a great move to take advantage of openings 
in your opponent's defenses.

Also, his Spirit bomb technique, while not particularly powerful for an 
ultimate attack, can ignore the enemy's guard. The best time to use this 
would be at the end of a combo where the last hit is preventing the opponent 
from controlling his character for a moment.

4. Ki Moves 

Blast 1:

-Solar Flare / L2+O / 2 stock cost

This B1 is used to temporarily blind the opponent and disable his lock-on. 
It needs to be done while being face to face and within relatively close 

You can use this to get behind the opponent easier or to escape and hide. 
You can also use it to interrupt the opponent's charged melee strike.

It has a great advantage in that it has a great priority over other attacks 
because it's a cutscene move instead of live.

-Kaioken / L2+Up+O / 3 stock cost

This increases all of your 4 basic stats and noticeably increases the power 
of the Kaioken attack. It also charges your Ki to 5 bars.

However, your Ki slowly drains during the Kaioken and you cannot recharge 
your Ki at all. Once it runs out, you will need to either re-initiate the 
Kaioken or manually charge KI.

One way to extend the duration of the Kaioken is to first charge up to Max 
Power since your Ki won't drain until Max Power runs out. Also, your attacks 
will be even more powerful. However, make sure you have 4 balls to spend.

Something I have noticed is that, assuming you have enough B1 balls, you can 
stack up to 4 Kaiokens for an extra boost. Realistically, you can reach 2 
Kaiokens without using Potara items.

Blast 2:

-Kamehameha / L2+/\ / 3 bar cost
(Chargeable Beam)

Goku's trademark attack. This fires a beam of Ki at the opponent for varying 
damage depending on how long you charge it. If you overcharge, the attack 
won't do optimal damage. You get a chime when you reach the optimal charge. 
Make sure you stun the opponent somehow if you plan on charging up the move. 
Preferably with a Heavy Finish strike.

You can also sort of counter-attack with this move. A change from the prequel
is that you become more or less immune to physical attacks while you're
charging the move. For example, you can start the move when the opponent is
coming at you with a strong dash melee attack. When he comes to hit you, he
will get parried and will be wide open for a fully charged blast during the
recovery time.

(the following damage values go from uncharged to charged. K followed by a 
number stand for Kaioken x#)

Base damage  : 7020-11280
Kaioken      : 7920-12600
Kaioken x2   : 8760-14040
Kaioken x3   : 9660-15420
Kaioken x4   : 10500-16740

Max Power    : 8460-13500
Max Power K1 : 9540-15240
Max Power K2 : 10560-16860
Max Power K3 : 11580-18480
Max Power K4 : 12600-20160

As you can see, if you can possibly find a way to set THAT up, you will do 
ridiculous damage.

-Kaioken Attack / L2+Up+/\ / 3 bar cost
(Straight Rush. Press Up+[] for damage boost)

One of Early Goku's newly learned attacks. Goku will fly very quickly 
towards the opponent and slam into them repeatedly. Make sure to input the 
Boost combination while Goku is preparing the move.

(K followed by a number stand for Kaioken x#)

Base damage  : 8000
Kaioken	     : 11700
Kaioken x    : 13000
Kaioken x3   : 14300
Kaioken x4   : 15620

Max Power    : 9610
Max Power K1 : 14060
Max Power K2 : 15620
Max Power K3 : 17160
Max Power K4 : 18740

Here we also get some ridiculous damage except without the manual charging. 
You'll have a much easier time landing this...if you ever figure out how to 
stack 4 Kaiokens at once...

Keep in mind that some maps may increase the damage slightly if the 
opponents impacts an obstacle (or the ground) while flying back.

Spirit Bomb / L2+down / 4 ball cost
(Max Power attack, Press Down+[] for damage boost, Unblockable)

Goku's ultimate technique. Unlike the show however, you don't need to gather 
energy for a long time so it's much better. It's a ball of energy that can't 
be blocked so it's a great way to end a combo. As a fun bonus, it also 
vaporizes the opponent if you KO them. Just don't forget to input the Boost 

(K followed by a number stand for Kaioken x#)

Base Damage : 14010
Kaioken	    : 15770
Kaioken x2  : 17520
Kaioken x3  : 19270
Kaioken x4  : 21010

A Ki ball attack that needs no charging but the full potential of the 
attack seems pretty disappointing. Even though the base damage has a 4k 
advantage over his regular moves, it drops to a mere 1k-2k after 4 Kaiokens.

Small Ki barrage moves

Goku's barrage blasts aren't the most powerful but Goku has a nice variety.

Simply taping /\ will throw out several Ki blasts. He throws about 5-6 
before stopping. Holding L1 while doing this will fire a shorter but quicker 

Holding /\ will fire a stronger blast that moves like a curveball. Holding 
L1 while doing this will fire a Ki disc that can't be blocked. 

Note: You can also do the L1 moves during a jump. You simply press /\ while 
jumping instead of holding L1.

4. Combat


For regular combo hits, you press [] repeatedly. It is a 5 hit chain. The 
first 4 hits are only one strike which makes it easy to time your /\ moves.

After that, you have two choices. You can press [] again with either up or 
down to send the opponent flying, followed by [] again to knock the opponent 
away even more. If you want to chase, you have to do press L2+X to chase 

The second thing you can do is step-in and do a small transition move which 
you can aim vertically and go on into the second melee chain. It is a 6 hit 
chain. The third hit count as two hits so learn recognize it so you don't do 
a different move.

You also have Melee smashes. You hold [] (with an optional direction) to 
charge up a strike and send the opponent flying. You can then alternate 
between chasing with X or teleport smashing them with /\. You can finish the 
sequence by pressing O, forcing them into the ground. Or a Blast 2, your 

Also, if you release [] the very instant your character starts flashing, you 
will execute a perfect smash. This makes your character teleport and deliver 
an unblockable smash similar to the ones in Max Power mode. Those are very 
difficult to do because doing melee chains changes the timing.

Here are Goku's /\ moves:

Heavy Finish
Kiai Cannon
Flying Kick
Heavy Finish

Heavy Finish is a strong gut punch to stun the opponent. The longer you hold 
down /\, the longer you'll stun the opponent. You can keep pressing /\/\[] 
to send the opponent flying after the initial hit.

Kiai Cannon is a sort of little Ki wave. You can use it to push the opponent 
away when you charge it up. If you press [][][] after the first hit, you'll 
do a small teleporting sequence.

Flying Kick strikes the opponent's face multiple times. It can sometimes 
cancel other melee attacks since it comes out fast but it doesn't have any 
follow-up combo.

If you hold up or down with /\, you will either send the opponent flying at 
a curved angle (called the Lift Strike) or you'll do a leg sweep (called the 
Ground Slash).

The Lift Strike follow-up will chase the opponent with X followed with 
either /\ for a gut stun, X again for a grab or a regular melee chain. You 
can finish the chain with /\ for a downward smash that also disables the 
opponent's lock-on.

The Ground Slash has two possible follow-ups. In the first one, you press 
/\/\[]. This will start a teleporting sequence where you knock the opponent 
around a bit. In the second one, you press Down+/\ then []. This does the 
Flying Kick followed by a melee smash. You can then press X to chase them 
and knock them around like you would similar to when you hold [] to smash 
then chase with X.

Note : when coming out of a step-in, you can do Heavy Finish, Lift Strike or 
Ground Slash by doing their usual button combination like in a melee chain.

Note 2: If the opponent defends in the wrong direction, you will do a guard 
break, which lowers their KI. If it lowers under 0, they will be forced to 
stand there while their Ki recharges to a set amount. Tougher characters 
don't need to recover as long as more fragile ones.

Note 3: If you are in Max Power, you can end many of those sequences with 
one more /\ press to execute a weaker version of your Blast2 attacks.


While there are combos that are better than others, you can pretty much mix 
up the /\ moves like you want.

Here are two of my personal combos:


This goes into Flying Kick, followed by an uncharged Kiai Cannon, into a 
fully charged Heavy Finish and then concluded with a fully charged Kiai 
Cannon into the teleporting sequence.

It should do at least 6400 damage.

Instead of the teleporting sequence, you can also do Kaioken attack which 
will bump up the damage to 14000. Even more if you use the Spirit Bomb.


L2+O[]/\(hold)L2+/\(hold until chime)

You must do this from the front when you have an opening. This will start 
Solar Flare, followed by one hit and into a Gut Stun. When your stance has 
reset, quickly start the Kamehameha and charge it until you hear the chime.

It should do at least 8500 if you don't have the time to charge it 
completely. If you can charge it completely, it will do a bit over 12500 


Generally, you should always finish your combos with the Lift Strike, Ground 
Slash or Kiai Cannon because they leave proper opening into your opponent's 
guard to land a decisive blow.

They also go into sequences that deal good damage by themselves.

Other attacks will simply send your opponent flying in such a way that you 
can't take advantage of. This will also happen if you repeat the same attack 
twice in a row.


-Directional defense:

Holding O and alternating between left and right will deflect small barrage 
KI blasts. However, keep in mind that you are wide open while doing this so 
make sure the opponent doesn't have enough Ki for a Blast 2 attack.

Holding up or down can block attacks from above or below. This will bounce 
back the attacker, leaving them open for some attacks. In this case, you 
could counter-attack with Goku's Kaioken Attack since the close range will 
make the attack land almost instantly.

-Manual counters:

Goku can also use something called the Sonic Sway. You press O and /\ at the 
same time while being hit with weak melee attacks. This will force the 
opponent to attack Goku while he dodges everything which ends with the 
opponent being knocked away. This also drains the opponent's Ki and the best 
part is that the technique costs nothing to use.

Either holding O and /\ or pressing O during a melee chain will go into 
auto-counter. If the opponent tried to start a melee chain on you, you will 
automatically counter with the Kiai Cannon strike. A good follow-up to this 
is the Kaioken Attack while they're unable to move.

-Timing counters:

Pressing O at the proper moment for melee smashes, /\ strikes and Blast2 
attacks will dodge them automatically. 

In the case of melee strikes, you can manually choose the direction so you 
can end up directly behind the opponent. 

Normal charged Ki blasts will be deflected back at the opponent. As a bonus, 
your B1 gauge increases slightly. 

If the opponent is manually teleporting during his melee chain, you can also 
press O during his teleport to do one of your own and get behind him easily.

You can also stop melee chains and /\ strikes before they even start by 
pressing Down and [] at the same time. This will "parry" the attack and will 
start the sequence where you and the opponent teleport behind each other's 
backs repeatedly.

6. Potara Setups

Here are a few suggestions on how you can improve Goku's abilities with the 
Potara items. Just keep in mind that the setups assume you maxed Goku's 
ability limit.

Easy B1 use:
-Lover of Justice (-1 B1 cost but your Ki charging is a bit slower)
-Dragon Spirit (Increases the B1 bar recovery)
-Dragon Beat (Gain a B1 ball everytime you teleport dodge a B2 attack)

This should make it a lot easier to stack up the Kaiokens for that extra 
edge in power. You can even spam Solar Flare to constantly gain the upper 

Better Max Power:
-Style of the Strong (this makes Max Power last longer and improves your 
Ultimate attack)
-Super Up 3 (this makes your B2 and ultimate attacks stronger)

This will make your Spirit Bomb attack a lot better and give you more time 
to combo around in Max Power.

Wall breaker:
-King Kai's Training (2 more health bars)
-Draconic Aura (can stun brickwalls more easily)

With this, Goku will be able to go toe-to-toe with even Giant Ape Baby 
Vegeta. He can take as much damage as most Giants and he can stun them, 
making his better speed a great asset against them.

More effective B2 usage:
-Ki Power Up 3 (increases your Ki charging speed)
-Quick Charge (makes chargeable B2 attacks charge faster)
-Super Up 3 (increases damage with B2 and ultimate attacks)

This lets you fire more B2 attacks while making them do more damage. Quick 
Charge will let you reach the Kamehameha's full power twice as fast so a 
good stun will hurt.

Enhanced overall defense:
-Light Body (small Ki blasts can't stun you)
-Guard Master (can't be guard crushed)
-Perfect Guard (take no damage when blocking)
-Quick Return (if your Ki gets forcibly lowered beyond no KI, you can
recover faster)
-Exquisite Skill (recover faster when stunned)

Basically, this rounds up your defense. Light Body is surprisingly
useful for a 1 space potara. Tactics that usually involve spamming
KI blasts are almost entirely negated.

Clashing Expert:
-Dragon Power (this makes it easier to win clashes)
-Attack Up 2 & Defense Down 1 (increases melee and small Ki damage with
a small drop in defense)
-Super Up 3 (increase in B2 damage)

Dragon Power will make it easier to win clashes and the other two
increase your damage at whatever outcome you choose from the clash.
There's a small defense drop but it's not much to worry about. 
Especially since you'll be defending by attacking.

Vanishing attack spam:
-Vanishing Rush (lets you do 2 more vanishing attacks)
-Sparking Plus (makes Max Power last longer)

After you smash your opponent, you can keep pressing /\ to knock him
around without using any Ki at all. you'll get even more of those when
you go into Max Power and you'll even get more time to do it.

Melee monster:
-Master Strike (all melee damage increases. throws and B2/UB attack weaken)
-Attack Up 3 & Super Down 1 (obvious enough)
-Quick Fast Attack (melee combos are stronger while smashes weaken)
-Combo Master (melee combos are stronger)
-Light Body (small Ki attacks don't stun you)
-Serious! (when you lose life bars, your melee damage increases)

This build has one purpose. It is to go up close and do combo after combo.
You will deal incredible damage on enemies if you are remotely good at doing
combos. The only downside is that your B2 and UB attacks become very weak.
But that's not what this build is for.

7. Notes

Credit to JR Merideth for correcting me on one of Goku's costumes.

Everything related to Dragonball belongs to their respective owners.

This guide belongs to me. If you copy it, make sure you say where you got 
your information from. You shouldn't see this guide anywhere else but 
GameFAQS and Gamespot.

I'm not making money at all on this guide.

With that said, thank you very much for reading this guide.