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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 
Goku (end) Faq Version 1.00


1. Legal
2. Introduction
3. Basic maneuvers 
4. Base Goku
5. Super Saiyan Goku
6. Super Saiyan 2 Goku
7. Super Saiyan 3 Goku
8. Strategies
9. Potara Setup
10. Thanks
1. Legal

This faq is copy righted by me (green dragon) and is only meant to be posted 
on gamefaqs. And all of the characters are property of their current license 

2. Introduction
Well hello. This faq was written by me green dragon, and is the first faq 
I've ever written in my entire life. So I wanted to write about a game that I 
liked and I chose this game, and my favorite character to write about,Goku. I 
hope you enjoy this faq and find it helpful. By the way this faq is for Goku 
(end). You can contact me at greendragon15@mail.com

Now for some info on Goku: Goku is the star of all of the Dragon Ball sagas. 
He saves the world many, many times. He is saiyan and the strongest one at 
that. In Dragon ball he is sent to earth to destroy it. He gets bonked on the 
head and turns into a good guy. He is dipecticed as having an " I wont give 
up" attitude.  In Dragon ball he has a tail and has the ability to transform 
into a giant ape. When he is in his giant ape form he goes out of control and 
starts to destroy everything. 

In Dragon Ball Z he no longer has a tail. The first saga, the saiyan saga, 
starts off when his biological brother Raditz comes to earth to see how 
things are going. Goku, Raditz, and Goku's old enemy Piccolo fight. Goku Ends 
up sacrificing is life to kill Raditz.

When Goku dies he is sent to other world. He of course wants to get stronger 
so he travels on snake way to find King Kai who will make him much stronger. 
King Kai teachers Goku the spirit bomb and the kaioken. When Goku gets wished 
back to earth, he meets up with Nappa and Vegeta. Goku easily dispatches 
Nappa, but has a much harder time with Vegeta. After the fight Goku lets 
Vegeta escape, and all is well... for a while anyway. The Z-warriors find out 
about a powerful being named Freeza who wants the power of the dragon balls 
and goes to Namek to find them. To stop Freeza, Gohan and Krillan go to try 
to stop him. Vegeta is also there trying to gather the dragon balls for 
himself. After Goku heals from the fight with Vegeta he is sent up to Namek 
to destroy Freeza. After Many fights with Freeza's henchmen, Goku fights 
Freeza and transforms into a Super Saiyan. Goku supposedly kills Freeza, then 
he gets the heck off of Namek.

After The battles on Namek Goku returns to earth where there is a saiyan 
there, named Trunks, from the future. He would like to talk to Goku and warn 
him about how powerful androids are going to arise and destroy the earth. 
Trunks also tells Goku how he has a rare heart disease and how he will die 
because of it. Luckily Trunks saves Goku's life with medicine from the 

After three years of training the androids finally arrive. Goku is sick just 
as predicted, and the medicine saves his life. After many events Goku is back 
up to tip-top shape and is able to fight the super android, Cell. Goku fights 
cell, and dies when Cell self destructs. After Goku's death, Goku helps Gohan 
from beyond the grave to defeat Cell.

Many years later, an evil wizard, Babidi, came to earth to revive a very evil 
monster named Buu. He succeeds in doing so, and Buu appears. After Vegeta is 
turned Majin by the evil wizard, Goku is knocked out and Vegeta goes to fight 
Buu. Vegeta self destructs, but Buu is still alive. When Goku comes to, 
Vegeta is dead and Buu is still alive and thriving. After the evil part of 
Buu seperates from the good part, Buu now becomes Super Buu. When this 
happens, Gotenks fights him, but is absorbed. When Gohan tries to fight him, 
he is also absorbed. Goku and Vegeta arrive in time to fuse into the super 
warrior Vegetto. After dominiating Super Buu, Vegetto lets Super Buu absorb 
him so the he can free his friends. When the Super Warrior is absorbed, he 
defuses back into Goku and Vegeta. The two saiyans then free their friends 
and they get out of there.

After those events Super Buu then turns into the reckless Kid Buu. After much 
fighting, Goku is able to make a spirit bomb to destroy Kid buu.

Thus ends Dragon Ball Z. Now for GT I won't go into that. 

                              3. Basic maneuvers 

Now its time for me to tell basic maneuvers about the game. I mostly use the 
classic controller to play this game, but I will try my best to tell how to 
do these maneuvers in all the control methods.

Fast movement: Also known as teleporting. You press the block button right 
before an attack hits you.
Z- Counter: Press up and attack the moment and attack hits you. You will 
block the attack and warp behind the opponent and attack them.

Z-sway: While being blocking attacks press the ki and block button. This will 
cause you to dodge many fast attacks and counter with an attack of your own.

Dragon Rush: Charge up ki and dash. This is when an aura envelopes your 
character and you dash at high speeds at the opponent. This is useful for 
getting close to the enemy fast

Dragon Homing: After you send the opponent flying with an attack, dash and 
you will home on to them. Other than that it's the same as a dragon rush.

Reflecting ki: In this game reflecting ki is a small bit different. You have 
to hold block, then right before the ki blast hits you press left or right. 
This only works on small ki blast though. For ones that are big and are fully 
charged up, press block right before it hits you.

Vanish Attacks. After you send the enemy flying, press the ki button and you 
will appear behind them and attack them.

Perfect smash: Hold the attack button, and exactly when you start to flash 
white let go. You will the teleport ford and attack. This is basically a 
perfect move to do, but its hard to do and takes plenty of practice. 

                              4. Base Goku

Ok now comes the part where I rate the moves and describe the moves. But I 
will only rate the blast attacks and not the melee moves. Why? Because the 
melee moves seem harder to rate due to them being in a combo, and you have 
more control over them. Also, I will rate the melee attacks after rating all 
of the blast moves with each of Goku's forms. This will save both time and 
space. After going back through the faq I decided to add damage. The damage 
is done to a non custom Vegeta. And Lastly, I will rate the moves out of five 
stars (*)
Ok here it goes.

Blast 1: Instant Transmission 2 blast stocks
This move teleports Goku behind his opponent. I really don't find it that 
useful. I guess it can be used to dodge big blast attacks and appear behind 
the opponent. I rate this:*

Blast 1: Wild Sense 2 blast stocks

This is a good blast 1 move. When you do it, it will automatically warp 
behind the opponent when they attack you. I rate this: ***

Blast 2: Kamehameha 3 ki bars

Goku's signature move. He will fire a big blue beam of energy. You can charge 
this move up by holding down the ki button. When fully charge it does a lot 
of damage, but it takes awhile to fully charge it. Damage: 7020-10200. I rate 
this: *** 

Blast 2: Meteor Smash 3 ki bars

Goku's rush move. He flies at a high speed and does a pretty cool looking 
combo on the victim. This rush actually flies kinda far, so it can work from 
distances. It does as much damage as an uncharged Kamehameha. Damage: 7510. I 
rate this: 

Ultimate Blast: Super Spirit Bomb

Goku fires off a huge spirit bomb. If it Hits the opponent Goku goes super 
saiyan and gives it and extra boost, then he warps the heck out of there. 
This move is good if you do it when your close to the enemy because its 
frickin huge and its unblockable. Damage: 16320. I rate this: ****

Melee moves:
Attack, ki: Heavy finish
Attack, attack ,ki: Kiai cannon
Attack, attack, attack, ki: Flying kick
Attack, attack, attack, attack, ki: Heavy Finish

Base Goku final Judgment:

Well he's not too fast, not too strong. He's pretty average, so I Give him 
On an extra note if you jump off of the ground and charge up a ki blast, you 
will fire a destructo disc

                              5. Super Saiyan Goku

Blast 1: Wild Sense 2 blast stock

Same as above

Blast 1: Saiyan Soul 3 blast stock

Goku slightly powers up. This raises his melee and ki attack power. I rate 
this: ***

Blast 2: Super Kamehameha 3 ki bars

I don't understand what's so super about this Kamehameha. This is basically 
the same as base Goku's. Damage: 7380-10740. I rate this: *** 

Blast 2: Super energy wave volley 3 ki bars

Goku fires off many large ki blast. I really don't like this move for some 
reason. In this game they seem way easier to dodge than in the last game. 
4950. I rate this: **

Ultimate Blast: Warp Kamehameha 

Goku charges a Kamehameha and then he warps. I really like this move because 
I have never seen this move miss, and its unblockable. The only down side is 
that it does a little more than a fully charged Kamehameha. Damage: 12040 I 
rate this: *****

Melee moves:
Attack, ki: Flying Kick
Attack, attack ,ki: heavy finish
Attack, attack, attack, ki: Rolling hammer
Attack, attack, attack, attack, ki: Kiai cannon 

Super saiyan Goku Final Judgement:

This goku is pretty neat. He's semi fast but not all that powerful. I will 
rate him ****

                            6. Super Saiyan 2 Goku

Blast 1: Instant Transmission 2 blast stocks

Same as above

Blast 1: Full power 3 blast stock

This makes Goku go into his Max power mode. This is an ok blast 1 I guess. I 
rate this: **

Blast 2: Kamehameha 3 ki bars

The famed blue beam. Damage: 7800-11280. I rate this: ***

Blast 2: Meteor smash 3 ki bars

The combo that looks like base Goku's combo. Damage: 8000. I rate this: ***

Ultimate blast: Super Kamehameha

Ok this move is what I call super. Its like 4 times the size of a Kamehameha 
and does nice damage. Damage: 15120. I rate this: ****

Melee moves:
Attack, ki: Kiai cannon
Attack, attack ,ki: Heavy Finish
Attack, attack, attack, ki: Rolling Hammer
Attack, attack, attack, attack, ki: Heavy Slash

Final Judgment on Super Saiyan 2 Goku:

This is my favorite form of Goku. He's fast, He's kinda strong. But, he 
doesn't really have a diverse moveset(basically having two kamehamehas) 

                          7. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Blast 1: Instant Transmission 2 blast

Same as above

Blast 1: Power up to the Very Limit

Basically the same as full power, but he gets boost in more stats I rate this 

Blast 2: Super Kamehameha 3 ki bars

Same description as above. Damage: 8160-11820. I rate this ***

Blast 2: Super Explosive Wave 4 ki bars

Goku envelopes himself in yellow energy that damages all those that are close 
by. Its cool but has no range. But, its good of the enemy is getting ready to 
attack you. Damage: 9060. I rate this: ***

Ultimate Blast: Dragon Fist

SS3 Goku's rush. When it hits Goku turns into a big golden dragon. It has 
good range, and looks cool if that helps. And it's pretty strong too. Damage: 
16010. I rate this: ****

Melee moves:
Attack, ki: Kiai cannon
Attack, attack ,ki: Flying Kick
Attack, attack, attack, ki: Heavy Finish
Attack, attack, attack, attack, ki: Rolling hammer

Final Judgment on Super Saiyan 3 Goku:
This is my least favorite Goku for some reason. He's the fastest of Goku's 
forms but he's close. He's also kinda strong. He also charges up slower, it 
seems. I'll rate him ***

Melee attacks:

Kiai cannon: I really like this move a lot. Goku pushes back the enemy with 
force like powers it looks pretty cool and it's good to end a combo with.

Heavy Finish: This move is what I like to call a gut buster. Goku hits the 
opponent in the stomach, and they bend over in pain. This stuns enemies and
is good to continue a combo with.

Flying Kick: Goku flies in the air a little and kicks the opponent in the 
head. Ouchies. 

Rolling Hammer: Similar to heavy slash. Without the gut buster, but if you 
press the ki button again he will hit the opponent again, and if you press 
the attack button Goku will warp behind the opponent and attack them.

                             8. Strategies.

I'm not the best fighter at this game, and I don't have the best strategies. 
So if you want to add any strats email me at greendragon15@mail.com

Base Goku:
With Base Goku the objective is simple. Try to get a spirit bomb. Then once 
you're in max power, try to Combo the opponent, then when max power mode is 
almost out hit them with a gut buster and do a spirit bomb. But if you don't 
feel like taking that risk, just get as close to the opponent as possible 
then fire off the spirit bomb. The spirit bomb is way hard to dodge, and its 
unblockable. That's pretty much what works for me.

Super Saiyan Goku:
Ok Warp Kamehameha is unblockable, and it warps. Total domination with that 
move. But of course you're not always gonna have that move right? Right. So 
you should melee combo and end with a kiai cannon. And after the kiai attack 
warp behind the enemy for more damage. I wouldn't recommend using the energy 
wave volley attack, but that's just me.

Super Saiyan 2 Goku:
Ok this is personally my favorite Goku. To me he seems like he is the fastest 
Goku. With this form a usually love to melee attack. I usually never try to 
get his ultimate blast super Kamehameha. Why? Because its blockable and it 
takes to much time to get. Also you have a regular Kamehameha which is just 
fine for a blast. As for his melee its basically the same as Super Saiyan 
Goku. And don't forget to toss in a meteor smash every one and a while. Also, 
with this form of Goku when you do a dash attack he will do two kicks unlike 
the other forms of Goku. This often confuses opponents because they mostly 
block the first hit and not the second so you can get extra damage on them 
that way.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku:
Ok this Goku isn't my best, but he's not too bad though. The thing that I 
don't like about him is that he charges up pretty slowly. With him I just 
melee attack and I sometimes use explosive wave. That's pretty much all I 
have for him.

Ok after I wrote this faq I tried out Super Saiyan 3 Goku again, and he is a 
lot better than I first thought. He is way fast, but like I said earlier he 
does charge up slowly. But he isn't that bad though.  

                              9. Potara

Now its time where I list potara combinations. Since I'm not that good with 
these, this is the part where you come in. Send your potara combo's to me and 
a description and I will add them here. Of course I will credit you.

This is from Nauske from the gamefaqs message board:

Single battle 
Earth's Hero 
Attack +3 & Super -1 
Warriors Will 
Ki +1 
Dragon Spirit 
I Hope My Body Can Take It 
Defense +3 & Attack - 2 
Light Body 
Master Roshi's Training 
Super +2 
Fighting Spirit! 
The Legendary Super Saiyan 
Attack + 2 
Ki +1 
Persistant Threat 
Quick Return 
Latent Energy! 
Tag Battles 
Instant Fusion Vegito Version 
Goku's Custom 
Secret Measures 
King Kai's Training 
Vegeta's Custom 
Ki +3 
Attack +3 
Combo Master 
Instant Fusion Gogeta Version 
Goku's Custom 
Secret Measures 
Latent Energy! 
Fighting Spirit! 
Vegeta's Custom 
Master Roshi's Training 
Ki +2 
Attack +2 
Defense +2

                             10. Thanks
Thanks to CjayC for of course making the site.

Thanks to Atari for making the game.

Thanks Akira Toriyama for making DBZ

Thanks to all those that helped make this faq

And thanks to you for reading that faq