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[ Zangya character guide and FAQ   ]
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....Version History....

January 9th 2008 –
Started the guide. Got everything all set out and stuff. 

January 10th 2008 – 
Got the controls down and started work on the moveset.

January 11th 2008 – 
Did some more on the moveset and learned what the meaning of some 
moves were.

January 12th 2008 – 
Did even more work on the moveset and added a new section to the 
guide; the “Some Zangya combos for you to try out” section. Heh, I’m 
not even done yet and this guide is already much bigger than my 
Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Zangya guide...

January 13th 2008 – 
Even more on the moveset. Oh yeah, I maxed out all the characters in 
the game too! Go me...

January 14th 2008 – 
Finally finished the moveset (I’m working slower with this guide, I 
know). Also started and completed the Special Moves, did the Special 
Thanks section and got to work on those Z-Item set ups and posted Red 
Potara Zangya! Also added my e-mail address. Oh yeah, and I did the 
Some Zangya combos for you to try out section. Aaaaaaaand I added a 
new section (Zangya in Dragon History Mode). That will be done by the 
next posted update.

January 15th 2008 – 
Today I added an extra little thanks in the Special Thanks section. I 
also added the Zangya FAQ section and did a little write up in the 
Zangya in Dragon History Mode section. 

January 16th 2008 – 
Added 2 new custom setups that were sent to me by dear friend Kuriri!

January 17th 2008 - 


====A More Detailed Style Of Writing==== 
  ======A New Take On The Guides======


I) Introduction
II) Why do a Zangya Character Guide?
III) Zangya’s Profile
IV) Controls
V) Zangya’s Melee Moveset
VI) Some Zangya combos for you to try out
VII) Zangya’s Special Attacks
VIII) The Zangya Customisation Password Section 
IX) Zangya in Dragon History Mode
X) The Quotes n’ Quips Section
XI) Zangya FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
XII) Special Thanks


I) Introduction

Why hello there! Welcome to the first of my Dragonball Z Budokai 
Tenkaichi 3 Character FAQ’s. This guide (and future ones) will have a 
slightly different look than my other guides, but the style of 
writing will remain the same, only more detailed. So, another year, 
another Dragonball Z game, this time it’s the final Budokai Tenkaichi 
game (apparently). I personally felt that Tenkaichi 3 lacked in 
several major areas, so Tenkaichi 2 is still the definite Budokai 
Tenkaichi game for me. Spike (the developers) have made so many 
changes to the battle system and other things, so this guide will 
tell you about the different controls and ting. 

Well... ready to begin? Then let’s do it!


II) Why do a Zangya Character Guide?

Because I love Zangya. That’s why. I have obtained a rather big 
obsession (noted by many others) on this blue skinned red haired 
beauty. She was the first ever character I ever did an FAQ for, for 
Tenkaichi 2 and so I’m keeping with that trend by making the first 
Tenkaichi 3 guide I write a Zangya one. As noted before, I love 
Zangya. I don’t know what it is about her that makes her so appealing 
to me. Maybe it’s the mischievous smile, maybe it’s the gigantic red 
hair, maybe it’s the blue skin, I just don’t know. Anyway, all you 
need to know is that she’s my favorite female character in the 
Dragonball universe, so... yeah!

Oh, and I like playing as her too.

By the way, if you have any questions then e-mail me! The e-mail 
address to contact is:

But make sure you’ve read the guide thoroughly though. You may find 
what you’re looking for.


III) Zangya’s Profile

A) Nick’s profile on Zangya

The amazing Zangya is Bojack’s only female underling. She travelled 
with him to Earth in order for him to take over the planet. Zangya, 
Bojack and the other three henchmen (Bido, Bujin and Gokua) gate 
crashed a world martial arts tournament that the Z Fighters were 
taking part in. She quickly (and VERY stylishly) took out Krillin 
with but a few simple hits and later bested both Yamcha and Tien in 
combat even quicker than she defeated Krillin. She took part in a 
brutal battle with Gohan, Future Trunks and Vegeta and showed that 
she could use psychic thread to immobilise an opponent, (Bido, Bujin 
and possibly Gokua could also do this).

After Gohan turned Super Saiyan 2, he effectively killed Bido and 
Bujin with one hit each. Zangya was the only one who wasn’t SO 
TOTALLY STUPIDZORZ to realise that they couldn’t beat Goku’s son now 
and started to back off. Then Bojack pushed her in front of him and 
then he blasted her and then she died. That was SO uncool Bojack. It 
was lame, uncalled for and just plain rude of you to do that. Poor 
innocent Zangya did NOTHING evil and you just had to kill her in such 
a lame manner. In case you can’t see so already, I am very upset by 
her death scene and her face (that split second before she died) 
still haunts me to this very day. 

Note – Zangya was in no way bigged up by the above profile, you just 
imagined it.

B) Zangya’s profile from the game

Zangya is one of Bojack’s underlings, accompanying him as he carves a 
swath of destruction across the galaxy. She was sealed up by the Kai 
along with Bojack, but was released when the seal was broken. She 
then follows Bojack to Earth to interfere with the World Tournament 
finals. As Krillin notes, she’s very attractive, but she’s also a 
powerful fighter – powerful enough to take Krillin out with a single 
blow! While Gohan fought Bojack, she attempted to use her psychic 
powers to immobilise him. 


IV) Controls

If you’ve played Budokai Tenkaichi 2, then you’ll no doubt notice 
that Spike have messed around with many of the controls in the 
Tenkaichi series game engine for the final instalment. Here are the 
controls for you:

Directional buttons --- Move character
Left Analogue Stick --- Move character
X button --- Dash
Triangle button --- Ki Blast (energy attack)
Circle button --- Guard
Square button --- Melee Attacks
R1 button --- Fly up
R2 button --- Fly down
R3 button --- Transform
L1 button –-- Blaster Wave
L2 button --- Charge Ki
Select button --- Change Camera
Start Button --- Pause Menu

Advanced controls:

Flying and jumping –
To jump, simply tap the R1 button. To fly, hold the R1 button down. 
To ascend, press the R1 button again while in the air. To descend, 
press and hold the R2 button. To Dash up, tap R1 twice, holding the 
button on the second press. To dash downwards, tap the R2 button 
twice, holding the button down on the second press.

Dragon Dashing –
To Dragon Dash means to dash around very quickly. Press the L2 button 
and the X button at the same time to perform a Dragon Dash. You can 
continue dashing around at high speeds until you’ve run out of Ki. 
Alternatively, you can press the X button to make your character 
stop. Also, during the Dragon Dash you can press the R1 and the R2 
buttons to move up or down. 

Teleporting – 
If you are about to be hit by a physical or an energy based attack, 
then you can press the Circle button to have your character teleport 
to one side, thus effectively avoiding it. Teleporting can be quite 
tough to do (I’m still having trouble doing it), but keep at it. 
Remember to time it. Press the Circle button JUST as the attack is 
about to hit you. 

Knockback Attack – 
To do a Knockback Attack, you have to hold the Square button down. 
After a short while, you’ll notice your character starting to flash 
quickly. They will deliver a powerful hit, knocking your opponent 
away. You can also use directional buttons to decide which way you 
want your enemy to go. Press Up to send them into the sir, Down to 
send them crashing into the ground, Left to send them left(good for 
knocking the enemy into an object causing more damage) and Right to 
send them flying to the right (again good for sending them flying 
into an object). 

Guarding –
Press the Circle button to guard against your enemies attacks. You 
will still take some damage from your opponent if he or she hits you 
with say a blast move. If your opponent is about to hit you with a 
Downwards Knockback Attack then you should press Up + Circle. This 
will stun your enemy for a little while, leaving you time to hit them 
back, or get away from them. You can also press Down + Circle to 
defend against the opponent’s Upwards Knockback Attack.

Deflecting Ki Blasts – 
To deflect incoming Ki Blasts, you need to hold the Circle button 
down and rotate the Left Analogue stick. 


V) Zangya’s Melee Moveset

~  Key –                 ~
~  [] = Square button    ~ 
~  /\ = Triangle Button  ~
~  () = Circle Button    ~
~  X  = X Button         ~

Rushing Technique  >

Heavy Finish = [], /\    
Zangya punches the opponent once and knees them in the mid section. 
The Heavy Finish Hit is chargeable. Hold down the /\ button to charge 
it. If you charge it, then it will do more damage to your enemy. 

Kiai Cannon = [], [], /\
Zangya punches her opponent twice and sends them flying backwards 
with her right hand. Like the Heavy Finish Hit before it, this move 
is also chargeable. Again, if charged, this move will do more damage. 
If you just tap the /\ button, then you will lightly stun the 
opponent, but if you charge it fully, then it will send them far away 
from you.

Flying Kick = [], [], [], /\
Zangya hits her opponent 3 times and performs two aerial kicks to her 
opponent. This also serves as a stunning attack and you can easily go 
into another combo, or continue the combo you’re currently doing if 
this move connect and the opponent doesn’t block it.

Flying Kick = [], [], [], [], /\
Zangya hits her opponent 4 times and does the same combo finisher 
that she used above. This Flying Kick is exactly the same as the 
above one, only you can add an extra hit to the combo if you wish to.

Lift Strike = Up + /\
Zangya knocks her opponent up into the air. Remember that you need to 
have pressed the [] button at least once before using this move, 
otherwise it will not work. This move is chargeable; charge it up 
fully to do more damage and to send the opponent higher into the air. 
Use this time to maybe get away from them to charge up some Ki or to 
use her Wild Sense Blast 1 move.

Ground Slash = Down + /\
Zangya does a lower leg sweep that slowly sends her opponent to the 
ground. As with the Lift Strike, this move requires that you press 
the [] button at least once before utilising it, otherwise it will 
not work. This move (like most others) is chargeable. Fully charged 
it will do more damage and will make your opponent fall to the ground 
slightly slower. Use this time to maybe hit them with a Rush combo, 
or to get away from the enemy to charge some Ki or use the Wild Sense 
Blast 1 move.

Body Strike = () (During Rush)
Start hitting your opponent with a Rush combo and at some point 
during that combo, press the () button to make Zangya go into a 
Counter stance. Now, if your enemy happens to hit you with a melee 
attack while Zangya is in this stance, they will be countered. Zangya 
will block the opponents fight and do a quick leg sweep that knocks 
them away. Warning, this will NOT work against Ki blasts, Blasts 
moves and fully charged hits. It will also not Counter against your 
opponent’s Rush combo, if they attack Zangya from the side, or behind 
as she’s in the stance.

Signature Technique  >

Sway Flying Kick = X, /\
Zangya Sways towards her opponent and immediately performs a Flying 
Kick. This is the move to use if you do not wish to do a Rush combo 
beforehand. This is a great little technique for catching your 
opponent off guard. You can follow this Flying Kick up with a Rush 
combo if you so desire.

Sway Lift Strike = X, Up + /\
Zangya sways towards her opponent and immediately performs a Lift 
Strike. This can be used to catch your opponent off guard and send 
them flying into the air. This move can also be charged. 

Sway Ground Slash = X, Down + /\
Zangya sways towards her opponent and performs a Ground Slash. This 
can again (like the previous 2 moves) be used to catch your enemy off 
guard. Lift the Sway Lift Strike, this move can also be charged to 
cause greater damage.

Step-In Sway = X, ()
Zangya sways towards her opponent and performs a dodge. Use this to 
avoid some of your opponent’s attacks.

Dragon Smash = X, Any directional button + [] (after Knockback 
attack) ------------------------------------------------------
After knocking your opponent backwards (use a Knockback Attack to do 
this), press the X button and Zangya will chase after her enemy at a 
high speed. As she’s doing this, press the [] button (and a 
directional button if you wish) to knock your enemy away again.

Vanishing Attack = Any directional button + /\ (after Knockback 
attack) -------------------------------------------------------
Use the Knockback Attack to knock your opponent away and then press 
the /\ button immediately afterwards. Zangya will teleport behind her 
enemy and knock them onto the ground.

Lightning Attack = () (after Knockback attack)
Once again, hit your opponent away from you with a Knockback Attack. 
As he or she is reeling away from you, press the () button to have 
Zangya teleport right above her enemy and plant a boot in their back, 
sending them crashing into the ground. Looks painful!

Sonic Sway = () + /\ (as your opponent is punching you)
If your opponent has you in a combo, then press the () button to 
guard against it. Also, press the /\ button while still holding down 
the () button and Zangya will do the Sonic Sway move. If you press 
those 2 buttons, you’ll notice that Zangya gets into a Counter 
stance. Your opponent must punch you *while Zangya is getting into 
the Counter stance* otherwise it will not work. This can be quite 
tricky, but just keep practising and pretty soon it’ll become a 
second nature to you. During the Sonic Sway an automatic “cutscene” 
if you will takes over where the opponent tries to repeatedly punch 
your fighter, only to have them bat them away. Also, notice that your 
opponent loses a whole bar of Ki!

Sonic Sway Attack = /\ (Immediately after using Sonic Sway)
After having done a successful Sonic Sway move, press the /\ button 
straight afterwards and Zangya should teleport right up to the batted 
away opponent and elbow them to the ground.

High Speed Rush Movement = Any directional button + () (during a Rush 
combo) --------------------------------------------------------------
Use a normal Rush combo on your opponent. Now, at any time after the 
first punch (STRAIGHT after by the way), press the () button and any 
directional button at the same time. Look at that! She teleported! If 
you press the Left or Right directional button then this can be a 
great way to get behind your enemy and cause some extra damage to 
them. Press the Up button and Zangya will teleport on the spot so if 
your enemy has say a Brick Wall effect (is not stunned easily by 
melee attacks) and they are charging up a blast move right in front 
of you, then you can use this teleport to disappear for a split 
second while the Blast is launched without hitting you. If you need 
some space to do a Blast move yourself for example, then press the 
Down button as you teleport and Zangya will teleport a fair bit away 
from her enemy.

Counter – High Speed Rush Movement = () (while opponent is in High 
Speed Rush movement) ---------------------------------------------
As your opponent is hitting you with a Rush ([]) combo, press the () 
button just as an attack hits you and Zangya will teleport out of 
harms way. This works with just about any attack you can think of. 
The tricky thing is the timing. I still have many problems with it, 
even though I practise and practise and practise. If your enemy 
shoots a blast move at you, then press the () button *JUST* before it 
hits you, to teleport out of the way of it. Keep at it and, like the 
Sonic Sway move, should become a second nature to you.

Z Counter = () (immediately after Vanishing Attack)
Have Zangya perform a Knockback Attack (hold down the [] button) and 
then press the /\ button (to do a Vanishing Attack). Now, as your 
enemy is flying away (albeit involuntarily) from you, press the () 
button and Zangya will teleport next to her opponent and smash them 
into the ground. This is really just putting the Lightning Attack, 
but in a short combo.  

Z Counter = [] (immediately before Rush Attack Hit)
If your opponent is just about to hit you with a Rush ([]) hit, then 
press the [] button yourself. Your fighter should block the attack 
and cause the enemy to recoil backwards. This leaves them wide open, 
so you can hit them right back. Again, you need to watch your timing 
here. You never know, you might end up accidentally doing it during a 
battle like I used to do when I first started the game. 

Counter – Z Counter = () (immediately before Z Counter Hit)
If an opponent has Teleported behind you, quickly press the () button 
and if your timing was just right, then you will re-teleport behind 
them and kick them away. If you’re playing with a friend or a 
relative, then why don’t the both of you give this a go? If the both 
of you are extremely good at this, then you can just keep doing this 
until one of you makes a mistake. And I’ve seen proof that this can 
happen as well.

Burst Smash = Any directional button + [] (While attacking opponent 
with Z Burst Attack) ----------------------------------------------
To do a Z Burst Attack, get far away from your opponent (or knock 
them away from you) and then Dragon Dash to them by pressing the L2 
and the X buttons at the same time. Now immediately after pressing L2 
+ X, press L2 + X again and Zangya will race to her enemy while the 
camera stays put for a short time. When Zangya has reached her 
opponent, press the [] or the /\ button. This is a Z Burst Attack. At 
the end of the Dash, press the [] button + any directional button. If 
you pressed Up, then Zangya will perform a kick to the enemy’s face. 
If you pressed Down, she will elbow the enemy. If you pressed Right 
or Left, then she will kick using her right leg. These serve as 
stunning attacks. 

Super Movement = *While in Max Power Mode* Any directional button + 
() ----------------------------------------------------------------
This is a fun one. Power up into Max Power mode. Okay now move around 
the stage your in and repeatedly press the () button. Zangya will be 
teleporting all over the place! This can easily make you scale the 
entire battle field, but be warned, it drains your Max Power mode Ki 
very quickly. 

Hyper Smash = *While in Max Power Mode* Any directional button + []
Power up into Max Power mode and hold the {} button down. The camera 
angle will change and give you a shot of Zangya as she kicks her 
opponent. But this isn’t just a camera angle change, no, the charged 
attack becomes unblockable! Use this when you can, to gain some 
distance from your opponent. 

Combo >

Rush Finish = [], [], [], [], [], [], []
If you press the [] button 7 times, then Zangya will do her normal 
Rush combo, but will follow it up by kicking her opponent up into the 
air and then teleporting up to them and hitting them backwards. If 
you are in the air whilst doing this, then Zangya will instead elbow 
her opponent down and then teleport to the enemy to hit them 

Rush In = [], [], [], [], [], X
Do a normal [] combo by pressing the [] button 5 times. Straight 
after, as your opponent is reeling backwards, press the X button and 
Zangya will sway up to them. Straight after she does this, press the 
[] button another 5 times and Zangya should pull off an 11 hit combo. 
The second series of hits (after the sway towards the opponent) will 
look different to the first set of hits (done before the X button was 

Rush In Attack = [], [], [], [], [], X, Up or Down + []
This combo is basically the same as the above one, only that Zangya 
performs an upwards kick that stuns the opponent. Remember the [] x5, 
X, [] x5 combo I told you about (above)? Well if you do this upwards 
stun kick and then press the [] button another 5 times, it will do 11 
hits and 4120 damage. Just like the above one. 

Delta Storm = Up + /\ (after Heavy Finish Hit)
This is one of my personal favorite melee moves in the game. Firstly 
press [] and then /\ to do the Heavy Finish Hit and then press Up + 
/\. Zangya will teleport behind her opponent and do the same upwards 
kick she did above. Only this time, the kick will be followed by a 
sharp elbow that sends your enemy very far away from you. This is a 
great attack to use if you need some space from your opponent.

Aerial Barrage = Up + /\, [] (after Ground Slash Hit)
Firstly do the Ground Slash move (either X, Down + /\ or [], Down + 
/\) and then press Up + /\ and then the [] button. Zangya performs 
her Flying Kick move after which she’ll immediately use a powerful 
kick to send your enemy flying away from you. Like the above move, 
this is a great one for getting some distance from your enemy.

Kiai Cannon Smash = /\ (immediately after Full Charge Ki Blast Cannon 
Hit) ----------------------------------------------------------------
In order to do this move, you must have Zangya perform a fully 
charged Kiai Cannon attack ([], [], /\). Now, when your opponent is 
reeling away from you, press the /\ button and Zangya will teleport 
right up to the enemy and elbow them into the ground. Remember that 
the Kiai Cannon must be FULLY charged up!

Sonic Impact = /\, [] (after Dash Smash Hit)
Dash towards your opponent while holding down the [] button. Straight 
after Zangya has hit her opponent press /\ and then []. Zangya will 
perform a quick kick, elbow combo to make your enemy eat dirt... or 
another substance depending on what stage you’re fighting in.

Raging Impact = Down + /\, [] (after Dash Smash Hit)
Once again, dash towards your opponent and hit them just like you did 
above with the [] button. Now, this time instead of pressing /\, [], 
you’re gonna press Down + /\, []. If done correctly, then Zangya will 
elbow her opponent and then kick them away from her.

Spiral Slash = /\ (immediately after Jump Smash Hit)
This is a more offensive way of doing a Ground Slash. Tap the R1 
button to have Zangya jump into the air and once airborne, hold down 
the [] button. Zangya will perform the Jump Smash Hit. After she’s 
hit the enemy, press the /z button and she will do a Ground Slash 
immediately after hitting her opponent. This Ground Slash (like the 
others) is chargeable. If you do not wish to charge the Jump Smash 
Hit then tap the [] button when Zangya has nearly landed on the 
ground again. Press it at the wrong time and Zangya’s kick will 
completely miss the opponent and we don’t want that happening now do 

Auto-Smash Counter = /\ (immediately after Auto-Counter Hit)
After you have successfully performed a Counter with Zangya, press 
the /\ button to have her perform another teleport hit on her 
unfortunate opponent. 

Burst Meteor = /\, [] (while attacking opponent with Z Burst Attack)
Use a Knockback Attack (fully charged and hit your opponent into the 
air. Now press L2 + X and then press them again to chase after them 
and press /\, [] when Zangya reaches them. She will use a 
particularly brutal looking Flying Kick, followed by a teleport and a 
boot to the enemy, knocking them onto the ground. 

Violent Rush = *While in Max Power Mode* Repeatedly tap []
Get Zangya into Max Power mode and then get close to the opponent. 
Repeatedly tap the [] button to do an infinite combo on your enemy! 
Zangya will end the combo herself after her Max Power mode has run 
out. You can also use techniques such as the Kiai Cannon or the 
Flying Kick during this combo is you want to. Sometimes, the opponent 
(in a battle) will interrupt this long combo, by blocking. Try to 
counter this by Teleporting behind him or her. Also, what I tend to 
do is get behind my enemy, hit him until the Max Power mode Ki has 
nearly drained, use a Hyper Smash and then use my Ultimate Blast on 
them. This way, you can cause tons of damage.  

Air Combo 1 = [] [] [] [] Up + /\ X [] [] [] [] []
Press the [] button 4 times to have Zangya perform 4 basic hits on 
her enemy, now press Up + /\ to have her kick her opponent into the 
air. As they are flying away from you, press the X button and Zangya 
will teleport up to them. As soon as she’s done this, press the [] 
button another 5 times to have her utilise another melee combo that 
will send your opponent back onto the ground.

Air Combo 2 = [] [] [] [] Up + /\ X [] [] [] [] /\
To do this Air Combo, you need to do exactly what you did last time 
(with the Air Combo 1). Only this time, instead of pressing the [] 
button a 5th time, you need to substitute it for a press of the /\ 
button instead. This time for the last hit of the combo, Zangya will 
elbow her enemy to the ground. This combo does a little more damage 
than the above one so keep that in mind.

Air Combo 3 = [] [] [] [] Up + /\ X /\ [] [] [] [] []
Okay then, for this Air Combo, you need to do just as you’ve done the 
past 2 times now, but this time, as soon as Zangya has teleported up 
to her opponent, press the /\ button followed by the [] button 5 
times. On the /\ hit in the air (straight after the teleport), Zangya 
will perform her Heavy Finish Hit.

Air Combo 4 = [] [] [] [] Up + /\ X /\ [] [] [] [] /\
Time for the last Air Combo! Okay, you know the drill: [] 4 times, 
followed by Up + /\ and then X. Okay this time, straight after Zangya 
has teleported, press the /\ button once (for her Heavy Finish Hit) 
then press [] 4 times followed by /\. This is the most damaging air 
combo Zangya has. 

Blast Combo 1 = *While in Max Power Mode* /\
Okay, the description for this move is very, very vague. I mean, 
Spike didn’t even try with it, I mean I got her into Max Power Mode 
and pressed /\. But not to worry, because that’s what this guide is 
here for! Alrighty then, power up Zangya until she reaches Max Power 
Mode. Done? Great okay, now hit your opponent into the air with a 
Full Power hit (hold down Up and the [] button). Now keep that Up 
button pressed down and keep tapping the /\ button. Nice huh? Zangya 
kicks her opponent into the air, teleport hits them, teleport hits 
them again and then does a final teleport followed by a nice big 
blast to the face. And the best thing is, the blast will NOT use up 
any of your Ki! 

Blast Combo 3 = *While in Max Power Mode* /\, [], /\ (while attacking 
opponent with Z Burst Attack) ---------------------------------------
Get Zangya into Max Power Mode again. Now do that special Dash we 
covered (L2 + X, L2 + X) and press /\, [], /\. Zangya will kick the 
enemy away, Teleport hit them and then Blast them into oblivion. 
</Obi-Wan Kenobi> (If you’ve seen Star Wars Episode I then you’ll get 
the reference)  

Blast Combo 4 = *While in Max Power Mode* [] [] [] [] Up + /\ X [] [] 
[] [] /\ /\ ---------------------------------------------------------
This is performed roughly in the same way as Zangya’s Air Combos. Max 
Power Mode, [] 4 times followed by a Lift Strike (Up + /\). X to 
teleport up to the enemy followed by [] 4 times and finally ending 
with 2 taps of the /\ button. Zangya will knock her opponent into the 
air, hit him or her a few times, knock them away and then Blast them 
with her Trap Shooter move.

Blast Combo 5 = *While in Max Power Mode* [] [] [] [] Up + /\ X /\ [] 
[] [] [] /\ /\ ------------------------------------------------------
This combo is performed exactly the same as the above one, except 
that you press the /\ button after Zangya has teleported up to her 
opponent after the Lift Strike. So after the Lift Strike its /\, [] 4 
times, /\ twice. 

And that’s that!


VI) Some Zangya combos for you to try out

Hey, I’ve listed some combos for you to try out. These are combos 
that I regularly use in a battle. If you’re a newcomer to the Budokai 
Tenkaichi series, then use a few of these to help get you started, 
alright? Some are easy and some can be quite difficult for 
inexperienced player, oh and remember that none of the hits were 
charged when I did this combos:

11 hits – 4120 damage
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], []

8 hits - 2920 damage
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], /\

9 hits - 3400 damage 
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], /\

11 hits - 3420 damage
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], /\

12 hits – 3770 damage
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], /\

4 hits – 1490 damage 
[], /\, [], /\

5 hits – 2050 damage
[], /\, [], [], /\

6 hits - 1820 damage
[], /\, [], [], [], /\

7 hits – 2250 damage
[], /\, [], [], [], [], /\

5 hits – 2020 damage
[], [], /\, [], /\

4 hits – 2040 damage
[], [], /\, [], [], /\

6 hits – 2080 damage
[], [], /\, [], [], [], /\

9 hits - 2980 damage
[], [], /\, [], [], [], [], /\

7 hits – 2000 damage
[], [], [], /\, [], /\

8 hits – 2500 damage
[], [], [], /\, [], [], /\

10 hits – 2520 damage
[], [], [], /\, [], [], [], /\

11 hits – 2890 damage
[], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], /\

8 hits – 2670 damage
[], [], [], [], /\, [], /\

9 hits - 2820 damage
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], /\

11 hits 2480 damage
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], /\

12 hits – 3190 damage
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], /\

5 hits – About 3910 damage
Fully charged hit upwards, X, [], /\, ()

16 hits – 4590 damage
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], Down + /\, [], [], [], [], []

This next one involves the Psycho Thread (detailed in the below 
section, so you might want to read up on that move before attempting 
this next combo. If you however know all about it, then by all means 
perform this combo at once!

21 hits - 5160 damage
L2 + (), [], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], []

Now for the big one! This one disrupts the combo number making it 
nearly impossible for me to work out the number of hits it does and 
the full amount of damage it causes.

God knows how many hits – And damage!
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], /\, [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], Up+/\, 
X, /\, [], [], [], [], /\

Done that? Congratulations! I don’t think there’s anymore you can 
learn from me on the combo section young grasshoppa! Try to develop 
your own combos, make your own unique style of fighting okay?


VII) Zangya’s Special Attacks

Okay, now that we’re done with melee attacks, its time to start 
studying Zangya’s special moves. These look very flashy and (of 
course) cause more damage than melee hits, unless you did a super 
combo to your opponent. **CoughLastComboYouJustReadCough**

First up, it’s the Blast 1 moves. See that little number underneath 
Zangya’s mug shot during a battle? That’s what is known as your Blast 
Stock. It constantly fills if it is not at 5. 5 being Zangya’s 
maximum Blast Stock. Each time you use a Blast 1 move, it uses up 
some of your Blast Stocks. If you attempt to use a Blast 1 move and 
you don’t have the required number of Blast Stocks at least, then 
nothing will happen.

Blast 1 – Psycho Thread === 1 Blast Stock needed
How to do it ~~~ L2 + ()

Zangya uses her psychic thread to immobilise her opponent. If your 
enemy has been caught in this then they will be unable to move at all 
for exactly 5 seconds. This is a great move to use if you want to 
charge some Ki for a Blast 2 attack. It fully stops the enemy in 
their tracks. Use it while close to your opponent and it will do 5 
hits and cause 990 damage. Use it to start a combo if you’d like. 
You’ve got a free hit, so do what you like! Oh and hey it’s 
technically webbing so you can pretend Zangya’s Spider-Woman or 

Spider-Zangya, Spider-Zangya, does whatever a Spider-Zangya does!

Blast 1 – Wild Sense === 3 Blast Stocks needed
How to do it ~~~ L2 + Up + ()

This is THE technique to use if you have problems with teleporting. 
With this activated, Zangya will teleport out of harms way for you 
automatically! Not only that, but she might just hit the opponent for 
you as well. Be wary of its price though, 3 Blasts Stock’s can fill 
up quite slowly. Use only in times of desperate need, or when you 
want to show off. 

Now we move onto the move offensive of Zangya’s special moves, the 
Blast 2 moves!

Blast 2 – Shoot Blaster === 3 Ki gauges needed
How to do it ~~~ L2 + /\
Boost --- Up + []

I can’t believe they’re still calling this the “Shot Blaster”... I 
can pull a better name outta my you can see, this move have a 
rather silly, unoriginal name. But enough about that, what does it do 
you ask? Well it... damages the opponent. Zangya outstretches her arm 
and a large orange sphere of energy emits from her palm. hitting the 
opponent dealing 4 hits. But that’s not all, oh no, As Zangya is 
using the attack, take a look at the bottom left hand corner of the 
screen. You’ll see Up + []. This is what is known as a Boost. If you 
press these 2 buttons at the same time, then the Shoot Blaster will 
deal more damage to the opponent! 

Damage with no Boost (“NO! NO BOOST!” – Piccolo) = 6640
Damage with the Boost = 7320

Blast 2 – Trap Shooter === 2 Ki gauges needed
How to do it ~~~ L2 + Up + /\
Boost --- Left + []

Zangya forms a green sphere with her right hand and then hurls lots 
of smaller green spheres at her opponent. This attack can be somewhat 
random, as not all the green energy balls will hit the opponent. The 
most I got after many tries from different positions was 8 hits. Non 
Boosted this did 3760 damage for me. When I boosted it, I got 7 hits 
and 3710 damage, so the non Boosted version did more damage. 
Seriously, the hits can range from anywhere as little as 2 hits. 

And now its time for the one you’ve all been waiting for. Oh yes, its 
time for us to take a look at Zangya’s Ultimate Move!

Ultimate Blast – Sky Zapper === 5 Ki gauges needed
How to do it ~~~ L2 + Down + /\
Boost --- Up + []

Okay, Zangya’s strongest move awaits! Power Ms. Zangya up until she 
reaches Max Power Mode. Okay, now press L2 + Down + /\. This is a 
rush type move, meaning that Zangya will Dragon Dash up to her 
opponent and will not actually begin the move until she catches her 
pray. Upon reaching the enemy, Zangya kicks them up into the air and 
then proceeds to perform several spinning kicks in the air (7 to be 
exact). To top it all off, she delivers one final boot to their mid 
section, knocking them onto the waiting ground below. 

The whole thing will net you 10 hits, totalling 13790 damage. 
However, if you Boost the Brutal Beating then Zangya will end up 
causing 15120 damage! Be warned however, that the opponent will (most 
likely) not wait for you to use this attack on them. So here’s what 
you do, there’s one of 3 things:

1) Shoot a few Ki blasts at the opponent and while they are getting 
hit, or are deflecting the blasts, THEN you use the attack.

2) Use a Psycho Thread on the opponent and while they are stunned, 
that’s when to use the Sky Zapper. If you Boost the move (and there’s 
no reason not to!) then you will do 15 hits and end up causing 15990 
damage to the enemy.

3) This ones a slight more difficult, but if you are able to do it 
then you will cause a LOT of damage. Use that Super Movement to get 
behind your enemy and then start using the Violent Rush combo. When 
your Max Power Mode Ki is nearly depleted, use a fully charged attack 
on your opponent and while they are flying away from you, that’s the 
time to utilise the move! And that’s *about* 31780 damage. Nice!

Oh, one moooooooore thing! As with all Rush type moves in the game, 
half the Ki is spent travelling towards your enemy and the other half 
is spent on the actual attack. So Zangya uses up 2 and a half Ki 
gauges to get to her opponent and the other 2 and a half, using the 
actual attack. So if it misses then your Ultimate Move has been 
wasted AND you’re down 2 and a half Ki gauges.

Also, yes this is a very expensive attack to use. 5 full Ki gauges. 
So make sure that you are able to use it at JUST the right time!

Hmmm, maybe there’s a Z-Item to lower the cost of this (and other) 

And that about covers Zangya’s Special Attacks!


VIII) The Zangya Customisation Password Section

Okay, now we’re gonna mess around with Zangya, you know: fiddle 
around with her stats and abilities and stuff. Here are a few 
Zangya’s I’ve made, I’ve also given them a custom title as well:

Brutal Brawler:

Slot 1 = King Kai’s Training (4 slots used)
Slot 2 = Attack Up 3 (3 Slots used)
AI Slot = Goku Type

This is a quick little setup for those who like to get their (well 
Zangya’s) hands dirty and concentrate on physical attacks. With King 
Kai’s Training equipped on her, Zangya will have an extra 20,000 
Health Points and the Attack Up 3 obviously increases her melee 
attack damage. With the Goku AI equipped, your character (when not 
being played as by you) will emphasize close range combat which I 
feel is suitable for this 2 Z-Item set up.

Little Miss. Defensive

Slot 1 = Defense Up 3 (3 slots used)
Slot 2 = Guard Master (2 slots used)
Slot 3 = Evil Pride (1 slot used)
Slot 4 = Confidence (1 slot used)
AI Slot = Chiaotzu Type

This set up will net you a very defensive Zangya. Defense Up 3 raises 
your resistance to attacks and makes you take much more damage to be 
KO’ed. This is for those of you that like to play it safe and not go 
all out. With Guard Master, you’ll become immune to your opponent’s 
Guard Crushes, which is handy because you know defensive players 
would probably guard quite a bit. Evil Pride cuts the damage you take 
while guarding in half so that comes in very handy. 

Confidence makes your Blast Stock refill faster which is good for the 
defensive player that likes to use Blast 1 moves such as the Psycho 
Thread to get away from the opponent or the Wild Senses to teleport 
easier. It has a minus effect however, in that your Switch Gauge (in 
a tag/team battle) will recover more slowly, but with this setup you 
should be more than able to last that extra while longer on the 
battle field! 


Slot 1 = Eternal Life (4 slots used)
Slot 2 = Water Blessing (1 slot used)
Slot 3 = Master Roshi’s Training (2 slots used) 
AI Slot = Ginyu Type

Okay, this setup is made for you to last longer in a battle (a bit 
like the above setup). You will be constantly getting your health 
back with these Z-Items equipped. Eternal Life makes your health 
steadily restore during a battle and Water Blessing restores your 
health while under water (think the Glacier stage). This will double 
the amount of health you get back. Also as an added bonus, Water 
Blessing refills your Ki as well! With Master Roshi’s Training you 
have a whole 10,000 extra Hit Points to fight with. 

As for the AI Slot, I went with the Ginyu Type this time. I felt that 
it sort of suited this particular set up the best. It will emphasize 
Defense and concentrate on using Blast 1 moves. So Zangya could use a 
Wild Senses and then be ready and if she’s lost a bit of health then 
she will be regaining it. And if she’s in the water, well then you 

Ki Slinger

Slot 1 = Ki Up 3 (3 slots used)
Slot 2 = Launches Support (2 slots used)
Slot 3 = Hatred Of Saiyans (1 slot used)
Slot 4 = Water Blessing (1 slot used)
AI Slot = Vegeta Type

This is an ideal setup for those of you that like charging up your Ki 
fast, using it and then getting it all back instantly! Ki Up 3 of 
course makes your Ki charging much faster, so that shaves a few 
seconds off of your time. Launch’s Support is an item you get by 
getting 100% items in the game, sans the ones you can unlock from the 
Disc Fusion System. It makes your Ki charging faster... and it 
doubles the amount of Z Points your gain after a fight in Dragon 
History Mode. Useful! Now then, Hatred Of Saiyans has your Ki 
steadily rising throughout the battle. so if your opponent is on your 
ass, you’ll still be gaining precious Ki. 

I also used the great Water Blessing Z-Item again. If you go into the 
water on the stage you’re fighting in (Presuming that the stage has 
water in it) then your Ki will be rising *that* much quicker whilst 
under water. 

As for the AI Slot, I went with the Vegeta Type this time. This one 
has Attack and Defense balanced evenly and makes your character 
concentrate on using Ki blasts from a distance. and what with your 
vastly improved Ki recovery rate, this could come in very useful...


Slot 1 = Aura Charge Ultimate 3 (1 slot used)
Slot 2 = Broly’s Ring (1 slot used)
Slot 3 = Quick Charge (1 slot used)
Slot 4 = Draconic Aura (3 slots used)
Slot 5 = Light Body (1 slot used)
AI Slot = Gohan Type

This is a setup designed for throwing your opponent off guard and 
confusing them. With Aura Charge Ultimate 3, Zangya will start the 
battle with an extra Ki gauge, it will also change her aura to look 
like that of a Super Saiyan 3’s one. But you don’t have to use that 
one, you’re very welcome to use any of the other Aura Change Z-Items. 
You might want Zangya to have a white aura, or a red one or even a 
green one. You might want her to have a Super Saiyan 4’s aura. The 
choice is yours! Broly’s Ring comes in very handy if you’re fighting 
someone who can transform like say Goku (End), or Frieza, or Cell. 
You see this particular Z-Item prevents you and your opponent from 
transforming in a battle! This can catch a friend off guard and make 
them wonder what’s going on. Then you strike sneakily, like a ninja!  

Quick Charge makes your chargeable attacks charge up more quickly. So 
if you have a friend who knows your charge attack speed, then this 
one’ll really throw him or her off! Draconic Aura gives you an 
increase in power so that you can stun your opponent and Light Body 
makes it so that Ki blasts don’t stun you when you get hit by them! 

For this sneaky setup, I’d recommend the Gohan Type. Attack and 
Defense are evenly balanced so Zangya will concentrate on both areas 
of combat equally. Also, the Gohan AI makes your character offensive 
if they get into Max Power Mode! 

   Ultimate Zangya

Slot 1 = Super Regeneration Cells
Slot 2 = Strength Enhancement
Slot 3 = God Of Battle
Slot 4 = Complete Ki Control
Slot 5 = Limitbreaker
Slot 6 = Fierce God
Slot 7 = Resistor

Okay, firstly lemme tell you what each of these lovely Red Z-Items 

Super Regeneration:
Health Recovers very quickly.

Strength Enhancement:
Maximum Health increases by 30,000.

God Of Battle:
Gain the power of a God of Battle.

Complete Ki Control:
Various moves use less Ki.

Gain ability to surpass limits.

Fierce God:
Gain the power of a God of Battle.

Become more powerful on any map.

Basically, you become indestructible, invincible, undestroyable. And 
how do you get these amazing Z-Items? 


You can’t. Sorry! 

Yup, these are special Z-Items that only come with password 
characters. These Red Potara Characters are god forms of the 
characters. They have so much power and so many other strong stat 
upgrades that you may find it virtually impossible to lose a fight. 
Whats that you say? You want to play as Zangodya? You got it! To play 
as the super powerful Zangya, simply input this password in the 
password section located in the Date Center: 

sx#J% 1mdcl 4r6W3 w0 
l7$V4 &XVH) hJ+jt Bs

Once you’ve done that, head into Duel Mode, pick your new Zangya and 
fight against 5 opponents. Yes I said 5! You’ll be pleasantly 
surprised...!  -_^

+++And here are passwords that you guys and gals have sent me!+++

1) This interesting set up was sent to me by Kuriri, she even 
included a few notes on how the setup will affect Zangya:

There Before You See It 
Quick Fast Attack 
Aura Charge Violet 
Attack Up 1 
Super Up 3 
Ki Power Up 1 
Fighting with this custom you should emphasize speed. Not speed as in 
how fast you can move but speed as in how fast you can attack. Zangya 
has a low Defense but she has such fast attacks with such little 
recoil (supers and combos) that you can literally send an endless 
barrage of destruction to your opponent using both Ki and physical 
attacks. Her paralyzing B1 and charged Ki shot are also very useful 
to get your opponent open for the relentless attacks. 

2) Another great setup from Kuriri:
Slippery When Wet 
Sparking Plus 
Water Blessing 
Attack Up 1 
Ki Power Up 1 
Super Up 1 
With Water Blessing equipped you're gonna want to keep her... wet... 
Moving on... 
And with the Sparking Plus equipped she has more of an opportunity to 
do the "free teleporting" thing that so few characters in this game 
do. Luckily, Zangya is one of them. I suppose this would make her 

*************** If you have any Zangya setups then send them to me at 
or your chances for being on it will be slim. And try not to forget 
and send another e-mail going “Oh and call me... in your guide” 
because I won’t know what you’re talking about, become confused and 
then saddened. And don’t just make a half arsed attempt. Experiment 
with a few setups and send me the best one you can possibly muster! 
Don’t just put Attack Up 3, Defense Up 3 and Ki Up 1 and call it 
“Ultimate Destroyer” or something like that. ************************


IX) Zangya in Dragon History Mode

One of the highlights of Budokai Tenkaichi 3’s awfully short story 
mode for me was the Special Sagas section. I say this because you got 
to control Zangya! The scenario you play is from the movie Bojack 
Unbound. You fight in the city ruins stage at daytime (murky weather 
in the sky) and you beat the **** out of Krillin and then Gohan (from 
the Android saga). Krillin should go down easy enough, but if you 
have problems with Gohan then you can press the R3 button when it 
pops up to tag out and bring in Bojack to fight instead. But why 
would you wanna do that...? During the fight with Gohan, Zangya may 
gain the strength stat upgrade. If she does, then she will keep that 
upgrade until the match ends. 

Oh and hey, remember to hunt for that Dragonball!


X) The Quotes n’ Quips Section

The characters of the many Dragonball Z games say many things, in a 
fight or just sizing up the opponent(s). Here are some of the things 
you’re likely to hear Zangya say in Budokai Tenkaichi 3:

“Here I am!”

“Dodge this!”

“Here I come!”

“Hm! You’re weak!” 

“Now you’ve made me mad!!”

“How ‘bout this!”

“You pest!”

“Don’t move!”

“You missed!”

“Think fast!”

“This grows tiresome...”

“I’m so bored, care to fight?”

“Well, that was an interesting way to pass the time. Thank you!”

“Don’t you wish your girlfriend was tough like me? DONCHA?”

“You’re man’s kinda cute...!”


XI) Zangya FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This is where the Zangya questions shall be answered. Ask me any 
questions about her (game wise or anime wise) and they shall be 
placed in this section here with an answer provided. Now get askin’!


XII) Special Thanks

- Akira Toriyama for like ya know ONLY GIVING US DRAGONBALL Z!

- Spike for making the game

- My friend Danny (Yojimbo Setsuna) for constantly offering his 
support for my walkthroughs and guides, making great FAQs himself and 
for being a great buddy all round!

- Kuriri for posting 2 Zangya setups

- Zangya for being my favorite Dragonball Z female character and the 
inspiration for this guide

- Me for writing this guide

- You for reading this guide, unless of course you’re someone I hate

Looks like you’re done now. Go outside and play, or use the guide to 
brush up on your skills.