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[ Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 ]
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[ Mid Goku character guide and FAQ ]
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....Version History....

January 16th 2008 – 
Set out the guide and got everything ready. I did the Introduction, 
the profiles, the Why Do a Mid Goku Character Guide section, the Mid 
Goku in Dragon History Mode section and I also did the Special Thanks 

January 17th 2008 – 
Did all the combos up to the Signature Technique moves. 

25th November 2008 – 

2008 -  


====A More Detailed Style Of Writing==== 
  ======A New Take On The Guides======


I) Introduction
II) Why do a Mid Goku Character Guide?
III) Mid Goku’s Profile
IV) Controls
V) Mid Goku’s Melee Moveset
VI) Some Mid Goku combos for you to try out
VII) Mid Goku’s Special Attacks
VIII) The Mid Goku Customisation Password Section 
IX) Mid Goku in Dragon History Mode
X) The Quotes n’ Quips Section
XI) Mid Goku FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
XI) Special Thanks


I) Introduction

Yo! Hey there, how you doing? This guide (and future ones) will have 
a slightly different look than my other guides, but the style of 
writing will remain the same, only more detailed. So, another year, 
another Dragonball Z game, this time it’s the final Budokai Tenkaichi 
game (apparently). I personally felt that Tenkaichi 3 lacked in 
several major areas, so Tenkaichi 2 is still the definite Budokai 
Tenkaichi game for me. Spike (the developers) have made so many 
changes to the battle system and other things, so this guide will 
tell you about the different controls and ting. This time we’ll be 
studying Mid Goku, you know, the second one. The one that only has 
Super Saiyan as his transformation.

Let’s go!


II) Why do a Mid Goku Character Guide?

Mid Goku is definitely my favorite Goku. He has a non chargeable 
Kamehameha, he has pale blonde hair when he turns Super Saiyan, he 
has the Spirit Bomb from the last game AND he has his Yardrat and 
battle damaged costumes too! I think he has the best combo setups and 
his character select pictures are my favorite one’s of Goku as well. 
One of the main reasons that this particular Goku is my favorite one 
is because he seems to be the one that more closely resembles the 
Goku from Budokai Tenkaichi 2. You know, he has the pale blonde SSJ 
hair, the ripped costume 6 from BT2, the chargeable Spirit Bomb, etc.

By the way, if you have any questions then e-mail me! The e-mail 
address to contact is:


But make sure you’ve read the guide thoroughly though. You may find 
what you’re looking for.


III) Mid Goku’s Profile

A) Nick’s profile on Mid Goku
B) Mid Goku’s profile from the game

This is Goku after his fighting strength has increased immensely by 
training under King Kai. He learned various things from King Kai, and 
when he was about to resume a battle against a formidable foe, he 
appeared cold compared to his early days. He follows Bulma and the 
others who had set out for Planet Namek to revive their friends, 
killed by Vegeta and Nappa. While he was on the spaceship, he trained 
in increased gravity, which allowed him to increase his strength even 
more. He was so strong that immediately after arriving at Planet 
Namek he easily defeated the Ginyu Force who had been tormenting 

C) Nick’s profile on Super Saiyan Mid Goku
D) Super Saiyan Mid Goku’s profile from the game

This is Goku in his Super Saiyan transformation. On Planet Namek, 
Goku had officially awakened as a Super Saiyan at the height of his 
anger because Frieza killed Krillin. When becoming a Super Saiyan his 
hair stands up, his hair and eyebrows become blond, and a golden aura 
is emitted from his entire body. When Goku first became a Super 
Saiyan, his character becomes brutal and he seems to change into a 
different person. When becoming a Super Saiyan, his strength 
increases up to 50 times normal.  He got out of the one-sided 
defensive fight with Frieza, and not only was he equal to Frieza, he 


IV) Controls

If you’ve played Budokai Tenkaichi 2, then you’ll no doubt notice 
that Spike have messed around with many of the controls in the 
Tenkaichi series game engine for the final instalment. Here are the 
controls for you:

Directional buttons --- Move character
Left Analogue Stick --- Move character
X button --- Dash
Triangle button --- Ki Blast (energy attack)
Circle button --- Guard
Square button --- Melee Attacks
R1 button --- Fly up
R2 button --- Fly down
R3 button --- Transform
L1 button –-- Blaster Wave
L2 button --- Charge Ki
Select button --- Change Camera
Start Button --- Pause Menu

Advanced controls:

Flying and jumping –
To jump, simply tap the R1 button. To fly, hold the R1 button down. 
To ascend, press the R1 button again while in the air. To descend, 
press and hold the R2 button. To Dash up, tap R1 twice, holding the 
button on the second press. To dash downwards, tap the R2 button 
twice, holding the button down on the second press.

Dragon Dashing –
To Dragon Dash means to dash around very quickly. Press the L2 button 
and the X button at the same time to perform a Dragon Dash. You can 
continue dashing around at high speeds until you’ve run out of Ki. 
Alternatively, you can press the X button to make your character 
stop. Also, during the Dragon Dash you can press the R1 and the R2 
buttons to move up or down. 

Teleporting – 
If you are about to be hit by a physical or an energy based attack, 
then you can press the Circle button to have your character teleport 
to one side, thus effectively avoiding it. Teleporting can be quite 
tough to do (I’m still having trouble doing it), but keep at it. 
Remember to time it. Press the Circle button JUST as the attack is 
about to hit you. 

Knockback Attack – 
To do a Knockback Attack, you have to hold the Square button down. 
After a short while, you’ll notice your character starting to flash 
quickly. They will deliver a powerful hit, knocking your opponent 
away. You can also use directional buttons to decide which way you 
want your enemy to go. Press Up to send them into the sir, Down to 
send them crashing into the ground, Left to send them left(good for 
knocking the enemy into an object causing more damage) and Right to 
send them flying to the right (again good for sending them flying 
into an object). 

Guarding –
Press the Circle button to guard against your enemies attacks. You 
will still take some damage from your opponent if he or she hits you 
with say a blast move. If your opponent is about to hit you with a 
Downwards Knockback Attack then you should press Up + Circle. This 
will stun your enemy for a little while, leaving you time to hit them 
back, or get away from them. You can also press Down + Circle to 
defend against the opponent’s Upwards Knockback Attack.

Deflecting Ki Blasts – 
To deflect incoming Ki Blasts, you need to hold the Circle button 
down and rotate the Left Analogue stick. 


V) Mid Goku’s Melee Moveset

~  Key –                 ~
~  [] = Square button    ~ 
~  /\ = Triangle Button  ~
~  () = Circle Button    ~
~  X  = X Button         ~

Rushing Technique  >

Heavy Finish = [], /\    
Goku punches the opponent once and then delivers a hard punch to 
their mid section. The Heavy Finish Hit is chargeable. Hold down the 
/\ button to charge it. If you charge it, then it will do more damage 
to your enemy. 

Kiai Cannon = [], [], /\
Goku punches his opponent twice and sends them flying backwards 
with an invisible energy wave. Like the Heavy Finish Hit before it, 
this move is also chargeable. Again, if charged, this move will do 
more damage. If you just tap the /\ button, then you will lightly 
stun the opponent, but if you charge it fully, then it will send them 
far away from you.

Flying Kick = [], [], [], /\
Goku hits his opponent 3 times and performs three aerial kicks to his 
opponent. This also serves as a stunning attack and you can easily go 
into another combo, or continue the combo you’re currently doing if 
this move connects and the opponent doesn’t block it.

Heavy Finish = [], [], [], [], /\
Goku hits his opponent 4 times and does the same combo finisher that 
he used the first time round. He uses another Heavy Finish. This 
Heavy Finish is exactly the same as the above one, only you can add 
an extra 3 hits to the combo if you wish to.

Lift Strike = Up + /\
Goku knocks his opponent up into the air. Remember that you need to 
have pressed the [] button at least once before using this move, 
otherwise it will not work. This move is chargeable; charge it up 
fully to do more damage and to send the opponent higher into the air. 
Use this time to maybe get away from them to charge up some Ki or to 
use his “Give me energy!” Blast 1 move.

Ground Slash = Down + /\
Goku does a lower leg sweep that slowly sends his opponent to the 
ground. As with the Lift Strike, this move requires that you press 
the [] button at least once before utilising it, otherwise it will 
not work. This move (like most others) is chargeable. Fully charged 
it will do more damage and will make your opponent fall to the ground 
slightly slower. Use this time to maybe hit them with a Rush combo, 
or to get away from the enemy to charge some Ki or use a Blast 1 

Auto-Heavy Counter = () (During Rush)
Start hitting your opponent with a Rush combo and at some point 
during that combo, press the () button to make Goku go into a Counter 
stance. Now, if your enemy happens to hit you with a melee attack 
while Goku is in this stance, they will be countered. Goku will block 
the opponents attack and do a Heavy Finish Hit. Being a Heavy Finish 
Hit, you can press /\, /\ and finally [] to do the Heavy Crush move 
(detailed below). Warning, this will NOT work against Ki blasts, 
Blast moves and fully charged hits. It will also not Counter against 
your opponent’s Rush combo, if they attack Goku from the side, or 
behind as he’s in the stance.

Signature Technique  >

Step-In Heavy = X, /\ 
Goku sways towards his opponent and then does a Heavy Finish Hit. 
Useful for if you do not want to go through a Rush Hit combo 
beforehand. You can charge it up for more damage and a longer 
recovery time for your opponent. Use the time to maybe gather some ki 
or use “Give Me Energy!” or you could even combo them. The choice is 
up to you! Oh, you can also do the full Heavy Finish mini combo; 
(X, /\, /\, /\, []) if you want. 

Step-In Lift Strike = X, Up + /\
Goku sways towards his opponent and then performs a Lift Strike. Use 
this when you do not wish to use a combo. The Lift Strike is 
chargeable and the more you charge it, the higher and farther you 
will send your opponent. 

Step-In Ground Slash = X, Down + /\
Goku sways towards his opponent and performs a Ground Slash. Use this 
and your enemy will be stunned, giving you the time to gather ki or 
something. Remember, the longer you charge it, the longer your enemy 
will be stunned and the more the damage will increase!

Step-In Auto-Heavy Counter = X, ()
Goku sways towards his opponent and then goes into a pose, like his 
tensing up for something. In your enemy hits you with a Rush move 
whilst he’s in this stance, Goku will null the attack and do a Heavy 
Finish Hit. Use this surprise attack on somebody who likes to try and 
perform barrages of combos on you. Yes, you can do the full Heavy 
Finish combo after this hit connects! 

Dragon Smash = X, Any directional button + [] (after Knockback 
attack) ------------------------------------------------------
After knocking your opponent backwards (use a Knockback Attack to do 
this), press the X button and Goku will chase after his enemy at a 
high speed. As he’s doing this, press the [] button (and a 
directional button if you wish) to knock your enemy away again.

Vanishing Attack = Any directional button + /\ (after Knockback 
attack) -------------------------------------------------------
Use the Knockback Attack to knock your opponent away and then press 
the /\ button immediately afterwards. Goku will teleport behind his 
enemy and knock them onto the ground.

Lightning Attack = () (after Knockback attack)
Once again, hit your opponent away from you with a Knockback Attack. 
As he or she is reeling away from you, press the () button to have 
Goku teleport right above his enemy and plant both of his feet in 
their back, sending them crashing into the ground. Looks painful! As 
Garlic Jr would say “EAT MY BOOT!!”

Sonic Sway = () + /\ (as your opponent is punching you)
Getting tired of your opponent hitting you while you are forced to 
block? Wanna teach ‘em a lesson? Alrighty then! Whilst still pressing 
the () button down to block, pres the /\ button. If timed right, Goku 
will begin stylishly dodging all the opponent’s hits. After the 
opponent has lost one full ki bar, Goku will knock them away for you. 
Problem solved!

Giant Throw = Up + /\ (near stunned opponent)
Use this only when your opponent is on the ground and you’re facing 
his or her feet. Goku will pick them up by the ankle and hurl them up 
up and away! Feel free to pelt them with ki blasts or hit ‘em with a 
Kamehameha or a Meteor Combination or something! Or you could gather 
some lost ki or use a “Give Me Energy!”

High Speed Rush Movement = Up/Down/Left/Right + () (during Rush)
Use a normal Rush combo on your opponent. Now, at any time after the 
first punch (STRAIGHT after by the way), press the () button and any 
directional button at the same time. Look at that! He teleported! If 
you press the Left or Right directional button then this can be a 
great way to get behind your enemy and cause some extra damage to 
them. Press the Up button and Goku will teleport on the spot so if 
your enemy has say a Brick Wall effect (is not stunned easily by 
melee attacks) and they are charging up a blast move right in front 
of you, then you can use this teleport to disappear for a split 
second while the blast is launched without hitting you. If you need 
some space to do a blast move yourself for example, then press the 
Down button as you teleport and Goku will teleport a fair bit away 
from his enemy.

Counter – High Speed Rush Movement = () (While opponent is in High 
Speed Rush Movement) ---------------------------------------------
As your opponent is hitting you with a Rush ([]) combo, press the () 
button just as an attack hits you and Goku will teleport out of harms 
way. This works with just about any attack you can think of. The 
tricky thing is the timing. I still have many problems with it, even 
though I practice and practice and practice. If your enemy shoots a 
blast move at you, then press the () button *JUST* before it hits 
you, to teleport out of the way of it. Keep at it and, like the Sonic 
Sway move, should become a second nature to you.

Z Counter = () (immediately after Vanishing Attack)
Have Goku perform a Knockback Attack (hold down the [] button) and 
then press the /\ button (to do a Vanishing Attack). Now, as your 
enemy is flying away (albeit involuntarily) from you, press the () 
button and Goku will teleport next to his opponent and smash them 
into the ground. This is really just putting the Lightning Attack in 
a very short combo.  

Z Counter = Up + [] (immediately before Rush Attack Hit)
If your opponent is just about to hit you with a Rush ([]) hit, then 
press the [] button yourself. Your fighter should block the attack 
and cause the enemy to recoil backwards. This leaves them wide open, 
so you can hit them right back. Again, you need to watch your timing 
here. You never know, you might end up accidentally doing it during a 
battle like I used to do when I first started the game. 

Counter – Z Counter = () (immediately before Z Counter Hit)
If an opponent has Teleported behind you, quickly press the () button 
and if your timing was just right, then you will re-teleport behind 
them and kick them away. If you’re playing with a friend or a 
relative, then why don’t the both of you give this a go? If the both 
of you are extremely good at this, then you can just keep doing this 
until one of you makes a mistake. And I’ve seen proof that this can 
happen as well.

Burst Smash = Up/Down/Left/Right + [] (while attacking opponent with 
Z Burst Attack) ----------------------------------------------------
To do a Z Burst Attack, get far away from your opponent (or knock 
them away from you) and then Dragon Dash to them by pressing the L2 
and the X buttons at the same time. Now immediately after pressing L2 
+ X, press L2 + X again and Goku will race to his enemy while the 
camera stays put for a short time. When Goku has reached his 
opponent, press the [] or the /\ button. This is a Z Burst Attack. At 
the end of the Dash, press the [] button + any directional button. If 
you pressed Up, then Goku will perform an uppercut. If you pressed 
Down, he will perform a double handed pound. If you pressed Right or 
Left, then he will kick using his right or left leg respectively. 
These serve as stunning attacks. 

Hyper Smash = *Whilst in Max Power Mode* Up/Down/Left/Right + []
Wanna perform an unblockable knockback attack? You got it! Simply 
power up into Max Power Mode and then hold down the [] (and any 
directional button if you want). The screen will show you a close up 
of Goku as he hit the opponent with much force, sending them 
involuntarily flying away. Think of Goku as a baseball player and the 
opponent as the ball, because this move would definitely net him a 
home run!

Combo  >

Rush Finish = [], [], [], [], [], [], []
Have Goku do a normal Rush combo (that’s [] 5 times), but press the 
[] button an additional 2 times. Goku will kick his enemy into the 
air and then immediately teleport up to them and kick them away from 
him. Should you be airborne whilst using the Rush Finish move, then 
Goku will instead perform a double handed pound to knock his opponent 
down a little and then kick them away as normal.

Rush In = [], [], [], [], [], X
Do a normal [] combo by pressing the [] button 5 times. Straight 
after, as your opponent is reeling backwards, press the X button and 
Goku will sway up to them. Straight after he does this, press the [] 
button another 5 times and Goku should pull off a 12 hit combo. The 
second series of hits (after the sway towards the opponent) will look 
different to the first set of hits (done before the X button was 

Rush In Attack = [], [], [], [], [], X, Up/Down + []
Press the [] button 5 times to make Goku do a normal Rush combo and 
then press X to make him move closer to his enemy. Now press [] again 
along with either Up or Down. Depending on what you pressed, Goku 
will do one of 2 different things. If you pressed Up then he will do 
an uppercut. If you pressed Down then he will do a double handed 

Dragon Tornado = /\, /\, [] (after Ground Slash Hit)
You’ll remember this move if you played Budokai Tenkaichi 2. Perform 
a Ground Slash and then hit /\, /\, []. Goku will perform a series of 
teleport hits. It looks stylish and can help to get the enemy off 
your back. If they try to avoid it, then sometimes they will lose 
some ki and the remaining hits in this mini combo will cause a little 
more damage!

Heavy Crush = /\, /\, [] (after Heavy Finish Hit)
Perform a Heavy Finish Hit and immediately afterwards, press /\, /\, 
[]. Goku will do the Heavy Finish, then a punch, a kick, another kick 
and then he’ll knock the opponent away with a kick. The camera angle 
will also change with every hit. 

Aerial Barrage = Up + /\, [] (After Ground Slash Hit)
Here’s a good one! If you have Goku do the Ground Slash, then press 
Up + /\ followed by [], he will do the Flying Kick move and then kick 
the opponent far away! Good for gaining some distance between you and 
the enemy. 

Kiai Cannon Smash = /\ (immediately after Full Charge Ki Blast Cannon 
Hit) ----------------------------------------------------------------
Okay, have Goku use a fully charged Kiai Cannon attack (that’s [], 
[], /\) and then, when the opponent is flying away from you, hit the 
/\ button again to make Goku teleport over to them and knock them 
into the ground. Eat dirt unfortunate opponent!

Tri-Attack = [], [], [] (immediately after Full charge Ki Blast 
Cannon Hit) ---------------------------------------------------
Hey, do you remember that Rush (Blast 2) move that many of the 
characters shared in Budokai Tenkaichi 2? That move where they would 
hit the opponent around in a triangle pattern? Well, that Blast 2 
move is nowhere to be found as a second Blast move in this game. It 
has now been incorporated into a few character’s move sets! Okay, 
make Goku do a fully charged Kiai Cannon again, but this time, hit 
the [] button 3 times afterwards. Goku will bat his enemy around in 
the triangle like pattern!   

Sonic Impact = /\, [] (after Dash Smash Hit)
Gain some distance between you and your opponent and then dash 
towards them (press X). As you’re dashing, keep the [] button held 
down. Goku will perform a kick to the enemy’s mid section. As he’s 
doing this, hit the /\ button and then the [] button to make him 
perform a kick to the face and then a pound. This will end up with 
the enemy ground knocked onto the ground. 

Raging Impact = Down + /\ (after Dash Smash Hit)
This is basically the same as above, only you press the Down button 
along with /\. Goku will do a pound attack. After that, press the [] 
button to have him knock the opponent up, up and away from him.

Spiral Slash = /\ (immediately after Jump Smash Hit)
This is a more offensive way of performing a Ground Slash hit. Tap, 
don’t press, just tap the R1 button to have Goku jump into the air. 
Whilst he’s airborne, press the [] button (charge it up if you want) 
to have Goku plant his feet into the opponent’s face. Right after 
he’s done this, press the /\ button to have him do a Ground Slash 

Burst Meteor = /\, [] (while attacking opponent with Z Burst Attack)
Use a Knockback Attack (fully charged and hit your opponent into the 
air). Now press L2 + X and then press it again to chase after them 
and press /\, [] when Goku reaches them. He will hit them, teleport 
and then hit them again, knocking them onto the ground. 

Violent Rush = *While in Max Power Mode* Repeatedly tap []
Get Goku into Max Power mode and then get close to the opponent. 
Repeatedly tap the [] button to do an infinite combo on your enemy! 
Goku will end the combo himself after his Max Power mode has run out. 
You can also use techniques such as the Kiai Cannon or the Heavy 
Finish Hit during this combo is you want to. Sometimes, the opponent 
(in a battle) will interrupt this long combo, by blocking. Try to 
counter this by Teleporting behind him or her. Also, what I tend to 
do is get behind my enemy, hit him until the Max Power mode Ki has 
nearly drained, use a Hyper Smash and then use my Ultimate Blast on 
them. This way, you can cause tons of damage.  

Air Combo 1 = [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, [], [], [], [], []
Goku punches his opponent 4 times before using a Lift Strike to knock 
them up into the air. Once the opponent is airborne, he appears next 
to them and hits them several more times. Try to press the X button 
straight after performing the Lift Strike move. Once Goku is in the 
air with his opponent, press the [] button 5 times. The whole combo 
should come to 11 hits. 

Air Combo 2 = [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, [], [], [], [], /\
This combo is exactly the same as the last one, except that instead 
of ending it with 5 presses of the [] button, we’re gonna finish it 
with 4 []’s and then a /\. This combo should come to 12 hits, because 
instead of Goku letting his hapless opponent fall onto the floor, 
he’s gonna smack ‘em onto it!

Air Combo 3 = [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, /\, [], [], [], [], []
The combo again differs slightly with Air Combo number 3. There is an 
extra button to press now too. Firstly, its [] 4 times and then a 
Lift Strike. Now, press the X button followed by the /\ button to 
make Goku chase after his enemy and punch them hard in the gut. 
Straight after this, hit that [] button another 5 times. This combo 
should come to 12 hits. 

Air Combo 4 = [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, /\, [], [], [], [], /\
One last Air Combo for ya! It is performed in exactly the same way as 
Air Combo number 3, except that instead of hitting the [] button 5 
times to end it, you’re only gonna hit it 4 times followed by the /\ 
button which will result in Goku smacking his enemy to the ground. 
This will net you 13 hits.

Blast Combo 1 = *While in Max Power Mode* /\
Okay, the description for this move is very, very vague. I mean, 
Spike didn’t even try with it, I mean I got Goku into Max Power Mode 
and pressed /\ and all he did was a normal ki blast. But not to 
worry, because that’s what this guide is here for! Alrighty then, 
power up Goku until he reaches Max Power Mode. Done? Great okay, now 
hit your opponent into the air with a Full Power hit (hold down Up 
and the [] button). Now keep that Up button pressed down and keep 
tapping the /\ button. Nice huh? Goku kicks his opponent into the 
air, teleport hits them, teleport hits them again and then does a 
final teleport followed by a nice big Kamehameha to the face. And the 
best thing is, the blast will NOT use up any of your Ki! 

Blast Combo 2 = *While in Max Power Mode* /\, /\, [], /\ (after 
Ground Slash Hit) ---------------------------------------------
Here’s an interesting one! Firstly, power up into Max Power Mode and 
then do a Ground Slash (Down + /\ after a normal punch) and Goku will 
look like he’s doing a normal Ground Slash teleport combo. However, 
he will knock them into the air do a double handed pound and then 
finally launch a Kamehameha at them. As with the last combo, it will 
not use up any ki! Yay!

Blast Combo 3 = *While in Max Power Mode* /\, /\, [], /\ (after Heavy 
Finish Hit) ---------------------------------------------------------
This is basically the same as a Heavy Finish Hit combo, except that 
Goku will add a Kamehameha to the end of it (and no, it won’t use up 
ki again). Remember to be in Max Power mode first!

Blast Combo 3 = *While in Max power Mode* /\, [], /\ (while attacking 
opponent with Z Burst Attack) ---------------------------------------
Get Goku into Max Power Mode again. Now do that special Dash we 
covered (L2 + X, L2 + X) and press /\, [], /\. Goku will kick the 
enemy away, Teleport hit them and then Blast them into oblivion. 
</Obi-Wan Kenobi> (If you’ve seen Star Wars Episode I then you’ll get 
the reference)!  

Blast Combo 4 = *While in Max Power Mode* [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, 
[], [], [], [], /\, /\ ----------------------------------------------
This is similar to the Air Combo’s we just learned. It is basically 
just Air Combo #2 with an extra press of the /\ button required. Once 
done, Goku with launch a Kamehameha into the enemy as they’re 
recoiling away from him.

Blast Combo 5 = *While in Max Power Mode* [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, 
/\, [], [], [], [], /\, /\ ------------------------------------------
This is also similar to the Air Combo’s we just learned. It is 
basically just Air Combo #4 with an extra press of the /\ button 
required. Once done, Goku with launch a Kamehameha into the enemy as 
they’re recoiling away from him.

And now it’s time for... time for... where are the other combos? 

*Searches through the move lists*

Oh, we’re done! Give yourself a pat on the back if you managed to 
perform all of those moves! Anyways, now it’s time to get to grips 
with Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation!

Tap the (R3) button. For those of you that don’t know, (R3) is the 
right analogue stick. 

Transformation  > 

[[Super Saiyan]]

“RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll pay for that!!”

Pretty cool eh? You’ll notice that Mid Goku Super Saiyan has the pale 
blonde hair of Costume 6 Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Goku. This applies to 
all his costumes in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, not just the battle damaged 
one (End Goku also has pale blonde hair in his Saiyan Armor outfit 
only). Upon transforming, Goku’s attacks become more vicious and 
powerful and some of the combo enders have changed. They are now as 

Flying Kick – [], /\
Heavy Finish – [], [], /\
Rolling Hammer – [], [], [], /\
Kiai Cannon – [], [], [], [], /\

Rolling Hammer is a new move in which Super Saiyan Goku will hit his 
opponent in such a way that their back will be facing him. If you hit 
somebody from behind, it will cause more damage.

* Step In Heavy becomes Step In Kiai Cannon. 

This is performed exactly how you would perform base form Goku’s Step 
in Heavy, only his does a Kiai Cannon move instead. Remember that 
after he has sent the opponent spiralling away, you can either press 
/\ to have him do an extra teleport hit, or [], [], [] to have him do 
that nifty looking Tri-Attack.

* Three new moves are added to his move list;

1) Rolling Hurricane
This is a move that will require you to perform Goku’s newly acquired 
Rolling Hammer technique. Goku will kick them to the side, teleport 
and then hit them into the air.

2) Raging Impact
Dash up to your opponent and hold the [] button down to hit them. 
Straight after Goku has hit them, quickly press Down + /\ and then [] 
to have him pound them and then kick them into the air with both his 

3) Auto-Smash Counter
Start hitting your opponent with a Rush combo and then press and hold 
the () button. When the opponent tries to rush combo you, he or she 
will be countered and flung into the air. Straight after Super Saiyan 
Goku has done this, immedietaly hit the /\ button to have him 
teleport up to them and smash them back onto the ground. 

Try to get used to both of Goku’s forms. Get familiar with the 
changes to his move list and his new Rolling Hammer and everything!


VI) Some Mid Goku combos for you to try out

Here are some combo’s for you to try out. They start off easy and 
then get progressively more difficult. Try ‘em out! Remember that 
none of the hits were charged when these combo’s were performed. I’m 
not going to list the hits and damages as some of the gaps in Goku’s 
combos are too big and this of course makes the combo number stop. 
Some of the combos are relatively short and some are quite long. 

Base Form Combos

[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], [], /\

[], /\, [], /\
[], /\, [], [], /\
[], /\, [], [], [], /\
[], /\, [], [], [], [], /\
[], /\, [], [], [], [], [], /\

[], [], /\, [], /\
[], [], /\, [], [], /\
[], [], /\, [], [], [], /\
[], [], /\, [], [], [], [], /\
[], [], /\, [], [], [], [], [], /\

[], [], [], /\, [], /\
[], [], [], /\, [], [], /\
[], [], [], /\, [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], [], /\

[], [], [], [], /\, [] ,/\
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], /\
[], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], [], /\

Hold Up + [], /\
Hold Up + [], /\, ()
Hold Up + [], ()
Hold Up + [], X, []
Hold Up + [], X, [], /\
Hold Up + [], X, [], /\, ()

[], [], [], [], [], X, [], Down + /\, [], [], [], [], []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], Down + /\, [], [], [], [], []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], Down + /\, [], [], [], [], []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], Down + /\, [], [], [], [], []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], Down + /\, /\, []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], Down + /\, /\, []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], Down + /\, /\, []
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], Down + /\, /\, []

[], [], [], [], [], X, [], Up + /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], Up + /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], Up + /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], Up + /\
[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, [], [], [], [], /\

More to come!!

Super Saiyan Combos

There’s not really anything new to do here, except try to chain that 
Rolling Hammer into a few of the above combos. Try these more 
advanced combos instead;

[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], /\, [], [], /\, [], /\, [], [], 
[], [], /\, [], [], [], 

[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], [], /\, [], [], []

[], [], [], [], [], X, [], [], [], /\, [], [], /\, [], /\, [], [], 
[], [], Up + /\, X, /\, [], [], [], [], /\

More to come!!


VII) Mid Goku’s Special Attacks

Base Form

[Blast 1 Moves:]

- Give me energy!
* How it’s done: [L2] + ()
* How many Blast Stocks: 2

If you’ve played Budokai Tenkaichi 2, then you’ll remember that Goku 
had to use this move if he wanted to use his Spirit Bomb. He raises 
his hands into the air saying “Share your energy with me!” and will 
sparkle. With this game, you do NOT have to use this move in order to 
use the Spirit Bomb! This move is just to power it up, so it will 
cause more damage. Be warned however, that Goku will be completely 
vulnerable until he’s fully done gathering the energy. Knock your 
opponent away from you, find cover behind a building or a rock or 
something and then use it. Remember, “Give me energy!” is just for 
making the Spirit Bomb stronger.

- I’m Getting Excited!
* How it’s done: [L2] + () + Up
* How many Blasts Stocks: 2

This is a nice little power up move. If I have Goku do 5 normal rush 
hits (the [] button five times) then it will do 1850 damage. If I 
make Goku get excited then he will cause 2020 damage. What? NO you 
foul pervert, not get him excited in THAT way!!! When you use this 
move, Goku will again be vulnerable as he has to do a little pose and 
spout “I’m getting excited!” To use it, try gaining some distance 
from your opponent. Excited doesn’t take as long to do as Energy. The 
move will boost his melee attacks, his defence, his blast moves and 
it will make him power up quicker. the boosts last for approximately 
20 seconds. This move also gives you one ki bar back, if you aren’t 
at full ki already.

[Blast 2 Moves:]

- x20 Kaiken Kamehameha
* How it’s done: [L2] + /\
* How many Ki Bars needed: 3

Firstly, no that’s not a misprint I’ve made. It’s actually listed as 
“Kaiken” in the game! Silly Spike! Goku will glow red indicating that 
he’s in KaiOken mode and will launch a Kamehameha. It is 6 hits and 
will do 7320 damage to the opponent. You also have the opportunity to 
Boost it. To Boost it, press Up + [] when you see the on screen 
prompt and the Kamehameha will end up causing 8100 damage. 

Use the move – 7320 damage
Use the move with Boost – 8100 damage
Use the move with “I’m Getting Excited!” – 8040 damage
Use the move with “Excited” and Boost – 8880 damage

- Meteor Combination
* How it’s done: [L2] + /\ + Up
* How many Ki Bars needed: 3

Here’s a funky looking Rush move! Goku does a nice 8 hit combo on his 
opponent (including a particularly brutal punch to the dragonballs), 
jumps into the air and makes it rain ki on them. The whole thing 
comes to 19 hits and 6820 damage. If you Boost it however then it 
will cause 7510 damage. If you use “I’m Getting Excited!” and then 
use this move without a Boost then it will cause 7510 damage. If you 
use “I’m Getting Excited!” and then Boost it, Meteor Combination will 
end up doing 8270 damage.

Use the move – 6820 damage
Use the move with Boost – 7510 damage
Use the move with “I’m Getting Excited!” – 7510 damage
Use the move with “Excited” and Boost – 8270 damage 

[Ultimate Blast:]

- Spirit Bomb
* How it’s done: [L2] + /\ + Up
* How many Ki Bars needed: 5 (when you are in Max Power Mode)

Here we go, the strongest move in Goku’s move list; the Spirit Bomb! 
Goku raises his arms into the air “Here it comes!” he yells as he 
hurls the massive ball of energy unto his hapless opponent! As 
mentioned before, unlike Budokai Tenkaichi 2, you do NOT need to use 
“Give me energy!” in order to use the Spirit Bomb. If you hit the 
enemy with this move, it will cause them to lose their “Lock” on you 
and they will have to locate you again. If you hide, then you can 
spring a surprise attack on them! Here are all the different damages;

Use the move – 14560 damage
“Give me energy!” x1 and use move – 21840 damage
“Give me energy!” x2 and use move – 33520 damage
“Give me energy!” x3 and use move – 39999 damage

Use the move with Boost – 16040 damage
“Energy” x1 and Boost – 24080 damage
“Energy” x2 and Boost – 36920 damage
“Energy” x3 and Boost – 39999 damage

The damage seems to cap at 39999. Still, pretty powerful eh?
Super Saiyan

[Blast 1 Moves:]

- Wild Sense
* How it’s done: [L2] + ()
* How many Blast Stocks needed: 2

Wild Sense is a great little move that basically gives you a free 
teleport. After you’ve used this, the next hit you are about to 
receive from your opponent will be automatically teleported away 
from. This can be a handy move for those of us that have trouble with 
teleporting. Hey, I STILL have problems with teleporting! Use this 
when you’re in a bind and when you have the Blast Stocks available.

- Now I’m Mad!
* How it’s done: [L2] + () + Up 
* How many Blast Stocks are needed: 3

Here’s a good move for when you are in dire need of a quick Max Power 
Mode. Goku strike a pose exclaiming “I’m ANGRY!!” and gets straight 
to Max Power! But that’s not all, oh no, you see this move is 
basically a supped up version of Base Form Goku’s “I’m Getting 
Excited!” because it also gives him all 4 stat boosts. However, there 
is also a little drawback to using this, you see after you use it, 
you’ll have a little ki symbol next to Goku’s ki bars (where the stat 
boosts once were). This indicates that you now charge up your ki very 
slowly until you reach the blue bars. 

One thing I’ve found you can do is use this move and then immediately 
power down (Down + R3) back to base form and voila! You don’t need to 
charge up your Ki to use the Spirit Bomb!

[Blast 2 Moves:]

- Super Kamehameha
* How it’s done: 
* How many Ki Bars needed: 3

Goku replaces his “Kaiken” Kamehameha with a Super one in his new 
form! Unlike all the other moves in his arsenal (easy!!) the Super 
Kamehameha is chargeable. The longer you hold down the /\ button, the 
more damage the blast will cause to the opponent. It nets you 6 hits. 

Uncharged – 7800 damage
Fully charged – 11280 damage
Uncharged with “Angry” – 9900 damage
Fully charged with “Angry” – 14220 damage

- Meteor Smash
* How it’s done: 
* How many Ki Bars needed: 3

Super Saiyan Goku is not without his Rush type move and here it is! 
Goku performs a series of devastating blows to his unfortunate 
opponent and finishes it a flying kick to the face, a kick to the 
side and finally a powerful elbow to the head, ending up with a 10 
hit combo. 

“How do ya like this!” 

No Boost – 7700 damage
Boost – 8430 damage
No boost with “Angry” – 9600 damage
Boost with “Angry” – 10520 damage

[Ultimate Blast:]

- Angry Kamehameha
* How it’s done: [L2] + /\ + Up
* How many Ki Bars: 4 (when you are in Max Power Mode)

Yup, that cool looking, badly named one handed Kamehameha makes it’s 
return from Budokai Tenkaichi 2! Sadly, it is now an Ultimate Move so 
you can’t use it as much. You have the option of Boosting this move, 
as with all Ultimate Moves. The Angry Kamehameha does 8 hits. Here 
are the various damages;

Use move – 13680 damage
Boost move – 15120 damage
“I’m Angry!” and no Boost – 14320 damage
“I’m Angry!” and Boost – 15760 damage

And that’s about it for the special moves!


VIII) The Mid Goku Customisation Password Section 

Will add these later!


IX) Mid Goku in Dragon History Mode

Mid Goku is the most prominently featured Goku in the whole of Dragon 
History, as he appears in 10, that’s 10 battles. Early Goku appears 
in 6, End Goku appears in 8.  

More to come!


X) The Quotes n’ Quips Section

Here in this section are a bunch of things you’re likely to hear Goku 
say in a battle, before a battle, after a battle, etc;

Haha! This is exciting!
Hehe! Look’s like your old man’s pretty strong huh?
You sure talk tough, but you could use more training!
Krillin! How about we go a round for old time’s sake! 
Let’s do this!
Take this!
Over here!
You did pretty good!
YOOOOU! Even Piccolo sacrificed himself for me!
Share your energy with me!
Here it comes!
I’m getting excited!
Is this all?
I... am a Saiyan raised on Earth!
Promise to give up your evil ways!
That’s right...
Look at you acting all high and mighty, you’re not even that good!
Heheh. I’m getting excited!
Heheh. Guess I won!
You’re welcome to try, but you’re hurting innocent people!
There’s one thing you’re missing! You’re underestimating us!
We won!
Alright! Let’s get this fight started!!
What’s that!? Is that all you’ve got?
You asked for it!
Heheh, I thought I was pretty tough, but he’s on a whole other level!
Be confident! You can do it!
We can’t let him keep going like this! I’m not going to lose!!
Give me your power! I need it to beat him!
Give me your power... I have to beat him!
I need your power! I need the power to defeat him!
Give me your power!!
Everyone! Lend me your power! It’s our only chance to stop him!
I will NOT forgive you!
You won’t get away with this!!

More to come soon!


XI) Mid Goku FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This is where the Mid Goku questions shall be answered. Ask me any 
questions about him (game wise or anime wise) and they shall be 
placed in this section here with an answer provided. Now get askin’!


XI) Special Thanks

- Akira Toriyama for like ya know ONLY GIVING US DRAGONBALL Z!

- Spike for making the game

- My friend Danny (Yojimbo Setsuna) for constantly offering his 
support for my walkthroughs and guides, making great FAQs himself and 
for being a great buddy all round!

- Mid Goku for being my favorite character in DBZ, my favorite Goku 
to use in the game, for being the most like the Goku from Budokai 
Tenkaichi 2 and for being the inspiration for this guide

- Me for writing this guide

- You for reading this guide, unless of course you’re someone I hate

Looks like you’re done now. Go outside and play, or use the guide to 
brush up on your skills.