Hirudegarn by Oreno5267

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            Sony Playstation 2 Console Home version
               by Demir Lugonic aka Oreno5267
                Copyright 2009 Demir Lugonic

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

[0.] Legal Statement
[1.] Introduction
[2.] Character Profile
[3.] Pros and cons of Hirudegarn
[4.] Hirudegarn
     - Statistics
     - Command Legend
     - Blast 1's
     - Blast 2's
     - Ultimate Blast
     - Basic Blasts
     - Melee
     - Rush Techniques
     - Signature Techniques
     - Combo Techniques
[5.] Tips & Strategies
[6.] Custom Potara Setups
[7.] Red Potara Password
[7.] Frequently Asked Questions
[8.] Contact Info
[9.] Credits/Special Thanks
[10.] Legal Stuff

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#Last updated on Monday, August 24, 2009
Added new stat in Statistics, did attire descriptions and taunt
wrote a tip
#Last updated on Thursday, August 20, 2009
Finished the guide, may update in future
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Started to fill out data as much as I could
[0.] Legal Statement

Copyright (c) 2009 Demir Lugonic

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[1.] Introduction
Hello, I am Oreno5267, this is my fifth time writing an FAQ after
having wrote my other four FAQs. Seeing and reading many FAQs of
authors, their format and writing styles, I had became intrigued as
to how they have spent time on additional changes, organizing sections,
and exploiting different games. This character FAQ is on Hirudegarn
of Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of Dragonball Z. 
English is not my first language, you have to bear with me.

[2.] Character profile: Hirudegarn

(Note:Character profile is taken from Character Reference mode of Main menu.)

Character Reference

Voice Actor - Robert McCollum

Character Introduction

Hirudegarn is the beast that once rampaged across the planet Konats.

It was once a mere statue of a demon that watched over the planet, but an
evil wizard named Hoi used his magic to turn it into the beast, Hirudegarn.

Thanks to the hero Tapion, Hirudegarn was split into two parts, and the
halves were sealed inside the bodies of Tapion and his brother.

Tapion was also sealed inside a music box, but Hoi was able to find it,
and on Earth he brought back the beast.

Hirudegarn is every bit as strong as he appears, and has the ability to
transform into a mist, making him invulnerable to most attacks.

He does have one weakness: the sound of the legendary flute of Konats
can seal him away.

Chi-Chi's Commentary
Such gigantic monsters do exist.
[3.] Pros and cons of Hirudegarn
When choosing a character to play with, it is always important to keep in
mind to know what that specific character is capable in every aspect before
a match begins, there is no exception that a human player may or may not know
in order to pick a character again. Now, on to Hirudegarn's pros and cons.

High health
Has brickwall effect
Largest giant character in the game
Cheap and inexpensive B1's, both use one blast stock

Really high Destruction Point
His speed is even slower than those of Great Apes
Dark Eyes may be considered spammable

Name: Hirudegarn
Alignment: Evil
Attires: 2
DP Points: 7
HP: 50,000
Health bars: 5
Health stocks: 4
Starting Ki: 4 Bars
Max blast stocks: 5
Melee speed: Slow
Ki-Blast: 360 dm, 3 Hit maximum
Ki-Speed: Average
Ki-Charge: 9 seconds(from 0 to MAX POWER!)
Aura color: Purple
Ki-Charge color: Red
Dash style: Normal
Taunt: He quickly bends his upper body then thrusts it
wildly in the air and roars.

Attire descriptions:

- His body is mostly composed of yellow and brown, with a dark brown chest.
The yellow parts of his body look like armor. There are purple parts on his
arms and legs; showing from front and back. On his forehead, between the two
horns there is a red part which continues to on his back. Two black horns that
protrude from his head. Really long black tail with the tip of the tail
having the shape of a triangular prism. Above his shoulders, he has a giant
version of traditional Saiyan outfit, at end of shoulder pads it is a bit
angled upward. He also has two black wings similar to that of Cell(Perfect),
only super-sized. Beneath the black wings are smaller white wings.

- Palette swap. The yellow parts become silver and the color of purple areas 
seem to be slightly pale purple. The red part seen on his forehead and back
are now light blue and the brown of his torso is silver.

Command Legend
Battle controls for Tenkaichi 3

S - Square (Melee) button     ^ - Triangle (Ki Blast) button
X - Dash buttton              C - Circle (Guard) button
R1 - Ascend button            R2 - Descend button
L1 - Lock-on/Aura burst       L2 - Ki Charge button

Regular - Normal attack move performed without being in MAX POWER!
MAX POWER! - Normal attack move performed in MAX POWER!
Range - How far the attack may reach the target and where you have to be
for the move capeable of hitting

dm - damage           {#} - Potara slot
B1's - Blast 1's      B2's - Blast 2's      UB - Ultimate Blast

Everything was tested on Goku(Early) with no custom potaras in training mode.
Blast 1's
Explosive Wave
Button input: L2+C
Blast Stocks: 1
Hits: 5 hits, 1500 dm
Type: Energy shield
Duration time: Instant
Comments: It nullifies ki blasts, pushes the enemy back, and may act
as a way to escape opponent's combos, explosive wave is bigger than
normal size.

Dark Eyes
Button input: L2+Up+C
Blast Stocks: 1
Hits: None
Type: Auto-teleport
Duration time: split second
Comments: Dark Eyes is the same as Afterimage just under different name.
You can store it up to three times, no more than that, completely evading
any attack that is teleportable. A quick escape for one hit once active
but moves that priorly hit multiple times will not be evaded.
Blast 2's
Chou Makousen
Button input: L2 + T
Ki: 2
Type: Beam
Range: Long
(without Boost power): 1 hit, 7730 dm
(with Boost power): 1 hit, 8510 dm
(without Boost power): 1 hit, 9280 dm
(with Boost power): 1 hit, 10210 dm

Super Explosive Wave
Button input: L2 + Up + T
Ki: 4
Type: Area
Range: Short
Homing: No
(without Boost power): 6 hits, 8640 dm
(with Boost power): 6 hits, 9540 dm
(without Boost power): 6 hits, 10380 dm
(with Boost power): 6 hits, 11460 dm
Ultimate Blast
Gigantic Flame
Must be in MAX POWER!
Button input: L2 + Down + T
Ki: 5
Type: Breath
Range: Short
(without Boost power): 6 hits, 15480 dm
(with Boost power): 6 hits, 17040 dm
Comments: This can be performed from any distance just make sure
your opponent is visible for the move to hit.
Basic blasts
Ki blasts
Button input: ^
^ = 1 hit, 360 dm
^^ = 2 hits, 720 dm
^^^ = 3 hits, 1080 dm

Dash ki blasts
Button input: hold X then ^
Result: 4 hits, 1560 dm

Half-charged ki blast: 1920 dm
Full-charged ki blast: 2290 dm

Ascended Multi-ki blast
Button input: Tap R1 once then ^
Range: Varies
Result: 1 hit, 2500 dm
Front                             Back

S = 1 hit, 340 dm                S = 1 hit, 410 dm
SS = 2 hits, 680 dm              SS = 2 hits, 810 dm
SSS = 3 hits, 1020 dm            SSS = 3 hits, 1240 dm
SSSS = 6 hits, 1490 dm           SSSS = 6 hits, 1810 dm

Throw: 7 hits, 1440 dm
Rush Techniques
Heavy Finish
Button input: S^
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 7 hit, 2060 dm        Back(uncharged): 7 hit, 2490 dm
Front(fully charged): 1 hit, 1560 dm    Back(fully charged): 1 hit, 1880 dm

Rolling Hammer
Button input: SSS^(chargeable)
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 5 hits, 1380 dm
Back(uncharged): 5 hits, 1680 dm
Front(fully charged): 1 hits, 600 dm
Back(fully charged): 1 hit, 720 dm

Rolling Hammer
Button input: SSS^(chargeable)
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 5 hits, 1380 dm
Back(uncharged): 5 hits, 1680 dm
Front(fully charged): 1 hits, 600 dm
Back(fully charged): 1 hit, 720 dm

Heavy Finish
Button input: SSSS^(chargeable)
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 7 hit, 2060 dm      Back(uncharged): 7 hit, 2490 dm
Front(fully charged): 1 hit, 1560 dm  Back(fully charged): 1 hit, 1880 dm

Auto-Heavy Counter
Button input: During Rush press C
Result: 1 hit, 1250 dm
Signature Techniques
Dragon Smash
Button input: After Full Power Smash hit, X(Up/Down/Left/Right)+S
              2 additional attacks attacks possible in MAX Power mode
Front: 2 hits, 3240 dm                Back: 2 hits, 2800 dm
Front: 2 hits, 4500 dm                Back: 2 hits, 5410 dm
Front: 3 hits, 6070 dm                Back: 3 hits, 7300 dm

High Speed Rush Movement
Button input: During Rush, (Up/Down/Left/Right)

Counter - High Speed Rush Movement
Button input: While opponent is in High Speed Rush Movement, C

Z Counter
Button input: Immediately after Vanishing Attack, press C

Z Counter
Button input: Immediately before Rush Attack hits, press Up+S
Range: Close
Result: 1 hits, 1940 dm

Counter - Z Counter
Button input: Immediately before Z Counter hit, C
Range: Close

Super Movement
Must be in MAX POWER!
Button input: During Rush, (Up/Down/Left/Right)

Hyper Smash
Must be in MAX POWER!
Button input: (Up/Down/Left/Right)+S(chargeable)
Front: 1 hit, 2590 dm                   Back: 1 hit, 3110 dm
Combo Techniques
Rush Finish
Button input: SSSSSSS
Range: Close
Front: 9 hits, 4800 dm                  Back: 9 hits, 5790 dm
Note: I added all numbers from first three hits followed by two
seperate hits then one knockback hit then the last two hits.

Heavy Crush
Button input: After Heavy Finish hit, ^^S
Range: Close
Front:  ^ = 2 hits, 1030 dm             Back: ^ = 2 hits, 1250 dm
Front:  ^^ = 3 hits, 1470 dm            Back: ^^ = 3 hits, 1780 dm
Front:  ^^S = 4 hits, 2050 dm           Back: ^^S = 4 hits, 2480 dm
Note: Heavy Finish was done uncharged only for both positions.

Power Press
Button input: After Rolling Hammer hit, Down+^
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 6 hits, 2110 dm
Back(uncharged): 6 hits, 2370 dm
Front(fully charged): 6 hits, 2440 dm
Back(fully charged): 6 hits, 2640 dm

Auto-Smash Counter
Button input: Immediately after Auto-Counter hit, ^
Result: 2 hits, 2560 dm

Blast Combo 3
Must be in MAX POWER!
Heavy Finish
Button input: After Heavy Finish it, ^^S^
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 10 hits, 5230 dm         Back(uncharged): 10 hits, 5660 dm
Front(fully charged): 10 hits, 6320 dm     Back(fully charged):  hits, 6970 dm

Blast Combo 9
Must be in MAX POWER!
Heavy Finish
Button input: After Rolling Hammer hit, Down+^^
Range: Close
Front(uncharged): 12 hits, 5290 dm         Back(uncharged): 12 hits, 5550 dm
Front(fully charged): 12 hits, 5620 dm     Back(fully charged): 12 hits, 5820 dm
[6.] Tips & Strategies
- Hirudegarn's speed is really slow, do not use dash to pursue
your opponent instead use dragon dash.
[7.] Custom Potara Setups
You may choose your own potaras to equip, these customs are as
to how Ultimate Gohan should be equipped.

Custom 1~

1. King Kai's Training -{4}
2. Ki Power Up 2 -{2}
4. Combo Master -{1}

AI Type:(optional)

For the setup suggestions objecting Hirudegarn feel free to
e-mail me, I will include them into this FAQ, also please state
the desired name you wish to be credited for the source.
[8.] Red Potara Password
Red potaras are different from the ordinary potara, they will
grant enhanced power damage, ki speed rapidly rising, and health is
automatically regenerated which makes it really, really special, they
cannot be acquired by basic means like the items in the game used
to customize your fighters in 'Evolution Z'. Go to 'Data Center' from
the main menu then put the following code in 'Password Input Screen'.
Down below is the red potara password for Hirudegarn.

            _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
           [                             ]
           |     %@93) s0jW5 TYvM8 )m    |
           |     rwc!H MynyB gdD)6 09    |
           [_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _]

[9.] Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions for this guide, do not hesitate to ask but send it
to me by e-mail, the subject header should be 'Hirudegarn Guide' when
composing your message. If by any chance you would post your question on
Tenkaichi 3 message board concerning my FAQ, please create the topic
addressing the FAQ, I shall answer it yet I will NOT put it in here otherwise
than the questions sent to me. Thank you.

[10.] Contact Info
If you see any major errors or grammar mistakes, any questions or
information regarding this guide, please e-mail me at lugonic-d@hotmail.com.
I will try to update this guide as often as possible.

[11.] Credits/Special Thanks
This FAQ would not have been possible without help from the following:

My parents - For buying the game.
Akira Toriyama - Creating the manga and the legacy of the franchise.
GameFAQs - For hosting my FAQ, discussing various topics on the
message board, reading other great FAQs, and helping me in games.
c0rps3 - His 'Red Potara Passwords' FAQ, without him we wouldn't
know the powers of normal characters.
sz agent - The glossary in his FAQ.
Neoseeker - Hosting my FAQ on their site.
Super Cheats - Hosting my FAQ on their site.
You - Reading this FAQ.
[12.] Legal Stuff
This guide belongs to me, if you copy it, make sure you state where you
got your information from. You should not see this guide anywhere else
but GameFAQs and its affiliates unless the writer has granted the consent.

Everything related to Dragonball belongs to their respective owners.

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Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is developed by Spike and published by Atari.
This FAQ was written for GameFAQS and its affiliates only and is
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contact me and give credit to the author for any information that 
you have used and/or mentioned before distribution of this file.
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