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How do i get a free car token?

How do i get a free car token? It says that is not for sale. Is Need For Speed Prostreet for PS2.


LowriderNick answered:

Idk if this answers your ? or not but if you enter the code "unlockallthings" at the cheat menu then reload your career you will unlock all cars so you are able to buy ne car. Plus you'll add 3 cars to your collection and you can sell them to make more $$. After selling, save game and restart console and do again n again gain alot of $$. I apologize but I can't remember exactly what website I found that on. Good luck!!
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hitlyst answered:

Uhm, you win them, fairly randomly throughout the game. I've been playing for almost 4 months now (I get bored easily, but rarely play) and just now finally beat the game, but i've done my fair share of races and I've only ever received ONE token. Purely luck of the draw, if it helps, I won mine from winning the Super Promo at Autobahnring, also really helps winning 50k a pop ;]

Sorry to break the bad news to you. I pulled a dumby move with mine, I bought the damn Pagani, hated it because it was way too sick to control, so i sold it for 250k or whatever it was, jus to supe up what i had. ;]
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morganew answered:

It is luck of the draw i have won 3 of them and 2 were in the showdown autopolis and the other was when i beat Ryo
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SnuffimabobIII answered:

It's pure luck. I got mine after dominating one of the first races (I didn't dominate them when I was there the first time, so I went back after beating the drag king).

Just keep dominating every race and you'll eventually get one.
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DRIV3R24 answered:

when you choose a marker for winning or dominating a weekend, the marker will VERY rarely be one there. if you choose the right one, my advise would be to hold onto it to get the Pagani Zonda. it is the fastest and most expensive car in the game.
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Zeke360 answered:

The first time i played i got about 4 tokens before i beat the game. i got them by dominating race days but they are very rare.
My brother has already gotten 4 and he's not even at super promotion yet, so it just proves that the prize at the end of dominating or winning a race day are random.
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TheSkillz98 answered:

If you win or dominate a raceday you'll have to choose, if you're lucky you'll get one. I got it once and I Traded it for a Pagani Zonda.
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DLJ6 answered:

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Deathdaggers answered:

A free car marker (or token) is like one of the 2 repair markers, except you use it to get a free car at the car lot instead of repairing a car you already have. You can't "buy" it, but you have a chance of winning a free car marker if you win/dominate a race day, when you're choosing a "?" card. As someone already said, you usually get them randomly, and they're kind of rare, so good luck. I've only got 1 and I've played through about 50% or so.
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mitch32 answered:

u win them if u dominate a raceday. Ive gotten like 3 in a row at rouge speed portland
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seanfazenbaker answered:

Ive gotten them all i cant exactly remember were the come up.... but i do know that when i find one its after i dominated the race day
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