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What is the best car for drag,drfit, grip, speed, and what is the best tune for one of each?

What is the best car for drag,drfit, grip, speed, and what is the best tune for one of each?


Kaiyura answered:

Grip- Porsche 911 Turbo,Ford GT,Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Drag- Dodge Charger R/T,Toyota Supra,Pagani Zonda F,Chevrolet Camaro SS

Drift- Mazda RX-7,Nissan Silvia,Porsche Cayman S,BMW M3 E92

Speed- Chevrolet Corvette Z06,Dodge Viper SRT-10,Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
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morganew answered:

I tried alot of different cars on all modes and these are my top

Grip-Mitsubishi lancer evolution

Drag- Toyota Supra and chevelle either of these 2 will toast the drag king

Drift - RX7

Speed - porshe does great fast enough to beat em with ease but not too fast that you lose control alot
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cooney101 answered:

I have two careers in need for speed pro street. The cars and upgrades i used are as follows:

Career 01

Grip/Ray Krieger/Ryo Watanabe - Porsche 911 Turbo (Engine, Forced Induction, Suspension, Tires + Brakes - Stage 3. Drivetrain + Nitrous Oxide - Stage 4). 675 BHP

Drag/Karol Monroe/Ryo Watanabe - Ford GT - (All Stats - Stage 3). 827 BHP

Drift/Aki Kimura/Ryo Watanabe - Mazda RX - 7 - (All stats - Stage 3). 562 BHP

Speed/Nate Denver/Ryo Watanabe - Nissan Skyline R34 - (Engine, Drive train, Forced Induction, Suspension + Tires - Stage 4. Brakes + Nitrous Oxide - Stage 3). 962 BHP

Career 02

Grip/Ray Krieger/Ryo Watanabe - Nissan GT - R Prototype - (Engine, Drivetrain, Forced Induction, Suspension, Tires + Brakes - Stage 2. Nitrous Oxide - Stage 1). 619 BHP

Drag/Karol Monroe/Ryo Watanabe - Dodge Viper SRT - 10 - (Engine, Drivetrain, Forced Induction, Suspension, Tires + Nitrous Oxide - Stage 4. Brakes - Stage 3). 814 BHP

Drift/Aki Kimura/Ryo Watanabe - BMW M3 E46 - (Engine, Drivetrain, Forced Induction + Nitrous Oxide - Stock. Suspension, Tires + Brakes - Stage 3). 354 BHP

Speed/Nate Denver/Ryo Watanabe - Mitsubishi Evolution X - (Engine + Drivetrain - Stage 4. Forced Induction, Suspension, Brakes, Tires, Nitrous Oxide - Stage 3). 870 BHP

Hope this helps.
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AuraBlade answered:

grip- BMW E46

drag- Dodge charger R/T

drift- Mazda Rx 7

Speed- Nissan skyline R34
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Sasukeavenger56 answered:

My cars and specs for each are:
Grip:Nissan GT-R (R-35) All stats-stage 4. 764 BHP,Nissan Skyline Gt-R(BNR34)All stats-stage 4 1073 BHP,Audi S4 all stats stage 4 756BHP(i'm not sure about that)
Drag:Ford GT500 07 All stats stage 4 768 bhp(not sure)
Speed:Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X all stats stage 4 1016 bhp
Drift:Mazda Rx-7 all stats stage 4 758 bhp(not sure)
They're all the good cars for the races type stated above.Exc:Audi S4(hard to control)
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F4st01 answered:

the cars i use for each are:


DRAG: FORD GT500 (2007)



Hope this helps you aout a bit
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TommyConlin7 answered:

Grip- Mazda RX-7 (fully stage 4)

Drag- Pontiac GTO '65 (stage 4 all)

Drift- Modern GT500 ( all stage 4)

Speed- Viper SRT-10
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Zeke360 answered:

Grip-mostly any car will do here

Drag-A high powered rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive

Drift-The GTO or RX7

Speed-the GTR

These are just recomendations not that you have to choose them.
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lostclanz_30 answered:

I've tried alot of cars in this game. Here are the four I chose:

Grip: Nissan GTR (R-35). Great Handling even at stock. The 911 Turbo and Lamborghini are a little pricy.

Drag: Ford GT500. Mine currently has 754 bhp with about three stage 4 parts. Great for Wheelie Competions.

Drift: Mazda RX-7. Period.

Speed: Nissan Skyline R-34. In the past, I've tried the Porsche 911 Turbo, Dodge Viper, Toyota Supra and BMW E46. The Turbo is just a little to fast, especially when on the course where you must face Ryo. The Viper is great in terms of speed, but lacks in handling. The Supra and E46 are fast once fine tuned, but that would cost quite a bit of money.

This is just my opinion of the best cars in the game. Hope this helps.
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lemonlad7 answered:

The way I think of it, Muscle Cars are best at drag racing. Cars with all-wheel drive are best at grip racing, Supercars will dominate speed challenges, Cars with high power, but not alot of control are good at drift. (Sorry, but using my "chart" you have to buy cars for drift, soup it up, then see the results.)
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thenerdfrom1996 answered:

I say:

Grip-Porsche 911 GT3

Drag-Toyota Supra (1,000+bhp)

Drift-BWM M3 E46 (590 bhp)

Speed-Either the Mitsubishi Evo 10 or the Nissan Skyline R34 (850 bhp average)
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MitchyG answered:

a good car will depend of the driver. buy one that fits you.
for me i have:

Grip- nissan 240sx(start car) and a porsche 911 turbo

Drag- Dodge Charger R/T - runs 6.8s

Drift- supra (one you win from race day)

Speed - nissan skyline(r34)
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gfsuperstar118 answered:

grip-porche 911 turbo
drag-ford shelby gt, never use a Lamborghini for drag
drift-dodge viper
speed-pagani zonda f
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KingSnake65 answered:

Grip-Porche 911 turbo

Drag-Toyota Supra,Nissan 240sx (shouldnt do wheelies without stage 3 suspension)If you like to use cheats and have alot of money the Lotus Elise at all stage 4.Will get a 7-8 second with nitro and will do a wheelie for the whole time.I would start at second gear while doing wheelies.


Speed-I suggest not to use low cars like lamborghinis because they catch alot of air.The cars that have hug the road would be the Ford GT and the Porche 911 Turbos.I tried the Porche and it worked pretty well,so if you try the Ford GT and it doesnt work well dont complain to me because i didnt use it for this before.
These are the cars that I use,find a car that works for you if you dont like how mine work.
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E_Quo answered:

Grip- Zonda pagani F Lv4-tuned / Porsche cayman (911 turbo not good handling)
Drag-Zonda pagani F/ Ford GT (for wheelie)
Speed-Lamborghini murcielago
Drift-drft king's car (mazda rx7)-is a perfect car! don't touch anything, is ready-to-use
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godstreet answered:

Grip Zonda Pagani F
Drag Shelby
Drift RX-7
Speed viper SRT
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GamerHabsFan9 answered:

well i had........

Grip-MURCILAGO (forgot which parts!!!!:P)700 bhp

Drag-modern gt500 all upgrade 913bhp

Drift-Nissan 350Z fully tuned 500bhp (or something like that)

Speed- Ford GT40 level 1 upgrades .......forgot how powerfull!

this was from my old file that got erased but....... hope this helps!!!!!!!
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Satria_Pandu answered:

Grip - Mitshubishi Lancer Evolution X it's max power can reach 1016 BHP. you can beat any circuit less than 60 seconds (pro drifting experience needed).

Drag - Dodge Charger '69 = it' has 976 BHP you can cross finish line within:
-1/4 mile drag = 6.50 s or less
-1/2 mile drag = 9.00 s or less
-wheelie competition = 1350 ft or more

Drift - Toyota Corrola GT-S (AE 86) = it only has 180 BHP in max tuning but it has perfect handling & control cause I got 11,575 pts in Ebisu (perfect for rookie drifter)

Speed Challange - Pagani Zonda F = it has 1157 BHP it can fly at 401 KM/H so,it highly recuired for expert experinced driver only.

I know this because I've been try all cars in this game.....and in this list are the best car that I suggested to you....
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Dreader81 answered:

Ok the best drag car is the carmo ss fully
up gaded
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Ghafiqijati answered:

Grip : evo
drag : mustang gt
drift : rx-7
speed : skyline gtr r34
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Supergamer_21 answered:

These are the ones i used:
Grip-Porsche 911 Turbo(All stage 4 parts & 717 bhp)
Drag-Chevrolet Camaro SS(All stage 4 parts & 755 bhp)
Drift-BMW M3 E46(All stage 4 parts & 748 bhp)& Toyota Corolla(All stage 4 parts & start & end boost sliders all the way to the right)
Speed-I have a few,but i recommend anything 4WD,since those types of cars usually have high stability.The only car i ever used was a Ford GT with all stage 4 parts and 921 bhp,but i'm going to use a Nissan GTR this time.
To get all stage 4 parts go to codes and enter unlockallthings.Then go back to the main menu,then go back to career.I the screen pauses briefly,it took effect.Go to the garage and sell the Viper SRT10,GTO,Cobalt SS,& 240SX for money to help buy the parts,since they are expensive,especially the engine part.Tune the start and end boost to get the amount of horsepower beside each car.(Note:all the codes that follow can only be entered once on 1 alias)If you already haven't,enter 1MA9X99,1Mi9K7E1,REGGAME,W2iOLLO1,L1iS97A1,& CASHMONEY 4 extra cash.Also to earn more cash,enter WORLDSLONGESTLASTING,ZEROZEROZERO,& MITSUBISHIGOFAR to get bonus cars,then sell them for even more cash.unlockallthings can be entered repeatedly,just let the game save,go to the main menu,then back to career,sell the cars,exit,let it save,then restart the console.You can re-enter the code,and do the same to get LOADS of cash for cars and parts.I used that to get the cars i listed above,& to help my cars have better handling,traction,control,& stability to give me an edge when racing.It'll make things quite easier,since you'll be able to custom tune your cars to beat your opponents,&(probably)have a perfect or near perfect match to your driving style.I hope this helped.Sorry if it was too long.
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turbofreaks2 answered:

Like no lie the best drag car is the new Pontiac Gto customize with all performance and tune in just right the bhp will be 1021
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hockurt answered:

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Alfi_Hilman answered:

These are the best cars for each mode(in my opinion)
Y'all don't have to do the same as i do.
I used the PS2 version

GRIP MODE:Porsche 911 Turbo
Customizations:Engine:All Engine Parts Stage 3
Visual & Body:I tried to mod this car exterior
so it can be as same as Rudy Chen.
Result:675 BHP + Overlaps Ray Krieger in the final race with him.

DRAG MODE:Dodge Charger R/T
Customizations:Engine:All Stage 3
Visual:Stratospeed Widebody with no Spoiler and
American Racing Torq Thrust ST wheels.
Also with a Camo vinyls
Results:953 BHP
1/4 Mile Drag Strip:Avg:7.00
Fastest:6.50(Chicago Airstrip)
1/2 Mile Drag Strip:Avg:10.90
Fastest:10.50(Chicago Airstrip,again)
Wheelie Competition:Avg:Around 1,200 ft
Longest:1.340 ft(Infineon)

DRIFT MODE:Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Customizations:Engine:Stage 4 Tires & Stage 3 for the rest
Visuals:Stratospeed Widebody with Spoiler(i forget
the type) and default wheels
Full of Team Vinyls and has a Two Tone
Results:751 BHP + Leave the DK in the dust
Biggest Drift Score:8.751(Mondello Park)

SPEED MODE:Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4
Customizations:Engine:Stage 4 Drivetrain,Engine and Tires
& Stage 3 for the rest
Visuals:Stratospeed Widebody with
Gentera Style 302 Spoiler and
American Racing Torq Thrust St
Results:964 BHP Top Speed 244 MPH
Totaled a lot because unexperienced driver(me)

Those are my best cars.
Remember,y'all don't have to the same as i do..
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gani_shadows answered:

my opinion : grip - Nissan GTR Proto
drag : Toyota Supra and Dodge Charger R/T
speed : Pagani Zonda
drift : Dodge Viper
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facepwn answered:

Grip: Ford GT. When it's full upgraded you can push it up to incredable 1052bhp. And it still stays on the road.
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xtreme0923 answered:

Grip: Lancer Evo IX, Skyline R34 and M3 E46

Speed: Lamborghini LP640, Lancer Evo X and Acura NSX

Drag: Dodge Charger R/T, Toyota Supra and Dodge Viper

Drift: Nissan Silva S15, Nissan 350Z and Mazda RX-7
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chris336 answered:

If your still having trouble, i have a grip skyline with a cp pistons st2 engine with a moroso st1 drivetrain and apexi st1 f.i. plus a an apex st2 susp. and st1 brembo brakes,st3 yokohama tires, st2 nos, and a formula 7 body kit and another hood and a spoiler plus a roll cage.[hp is 582bhp@8489rpm,torque 485 ft-lbs@6707 rpm,0-60=3.0,5.1 0-100,60-0=102ft, lateral grip=.91g]
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tigheballado answered:

I am a huge drag fan on this game. Fastest drag car I've found is the GTO (The new one). Stage 4 motor and suspension. Stage 3 everything else. 909hp (6.60sec 1/4 mile) (10.67sec 1/2 mile)
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horsepower12141 answered:

Best Grip Cars: Porsche 911 Turbo fully upgraded stage 4 speed, aero, handling, spoiler, etc. (for more straight grip tracks like Ginza Go, Oval Circuit).
Audi S4 and Mitsubishi Evolution IX, fully upgraded stage 4 speed, aero, handling, spoiler, etc. (for more curvy tracks).

Best Drift Cars: Mazda RX-7 how ever you want to modify it. Period.

Best Drag Cars: I'm not quite sure yet I'm still finding out. I have a FULLY upgraded Pagani Zonda F right now that all together costed like $1,500,000
dollars and it's shredding the crap out of the racers! I'm trying to find a cheaper solution though.

Best Speed Cars: Toyota Supra fully upgraded stage 4 speed, handling, aero, spoiler, etc. P.S. If you want to make your car fly 10,000,000 yards, flip and total it then get a fully upgraded Ford GT stage 4 speed, no aero, no handling, no body kit, no spoiler, no etc. REMEMBER I WARNED YOU!!!! BE CAREFUL WITH THIS CAR!!!!!
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Cicerona answered:

grip - 240sx with all stage 3 performance(stage 4 if you have), porsche 911 turbo with all stage 3 performance.
drag - old sweet charger with all stage 3 it can reach 7.00-7.50 (6.99 personal best) and 10.80-11.30 (10.79 personal best) (imagine stage 4 parts on it :D:D)
drift - well-known rx7, but silvia with all stage 3 except for engine stage 4 easily smoked drift king, avg 4-7k score
speed - well i am quite confused since i used skyline,zonda,m3 gtr and failed on some tracks, now i am going to try 911 turbo or 911 gt2, lets see what happens
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tigheballado answered:

Drag: New Pontiac GTO
916 bhp
Fastest 1/4: 6.40s
Fastest 1/2: 10:20s
(Engine-stage 4)
(Forced Induction-stage 4)
(Suspension-stage 4)
(Brakes-stage 3)
(Tired-stage 3)
(Nitrous-stage 4)
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SmoothVette answered:

For me it would be
Grip: Nissan GTR Proto
Drift: Mazda RX8
Drag: Dodge Charger or Chevy Camaro
Speed: Lamborghini Murcielago or Dodge Charger
Stage 4 everything on all but the RX8. Stage 2 everything on RX8
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