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How do I beat the Blunder Tail Twins?

I have been trying to beat these things and they are really starting to make me mad. I can almost get one down but then they gang up on me and kill me. Any advice out there?


kirkpatrick52 answered:

If I remember right these are the two scorpions with riders. what you have to do is jump and tail whip as you pass one direction to the other. this kind of movement throws them off guard. keep doing this one ar a time until he kind of flatens out then do a horn dive on it. he's dead. then repeat this on the second one and with some patience and quickness you'll be done with these guys. Hope this helps you.
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BGLW answered:

At first when you start the battle, Use DT(Dragon Time) And double-jump to glide over them and get far away.

Run until you get one near you and the other behind it so it can't hit you.
Knock-up the nearest one while it blocks (OOOO or Hold O for Ps2) and then knock-up it again into the air. Allow it to land and then tail-smash it while it's on the ground.
DT, Run aay from the other one, and repeat the above few steps with the knock-up/tail smash/DT/etc. Hope this helps,

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sam-are-i answered:

They're a couple of large scorpions with cannons for stingers.
These two work closely together and so are harder than they would be alone,
obviously. To do some damage you need to do a melee knockup to open their
blocking claws, then you can attack them freely, if the other one didn't have a
problem with you doing that of course, so the best thing to do is knock one up
and then the other, then attacking the second. Repeat until one of them is sort
of flat on the ground, it's at this point you should perform a Tail Stike to squish
them, like the spiders. With just the one Blunder Tail left there shouldn't be too
much of a problem.
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Anti_FoRM_X answered:

When they come, press and hold O to break their defence (if they stick very close, you can break both of them) and do melee combo attack. Repeat until they down and you see the rider try to pull it up, quickly jump and tail strike to finish it off (just like spider, but if it get on it's feet and you bring it down again it will colapses). With some luck you win fast or lose fast (sorry Bad English)
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