"I've Got a Sweet Tooth" performed byBZ Lewis
"I've Got a Sweet Tooth" recorded and mixed byMarc Senasac
"I've Got a Sweet Tooth" recorded and mixed byJoel Yarger
"I've Got a Sweet Tooth" written and performed byJD Mayer
"None More Black" performed byMatt Levine
"None More Black" written, recorded and mixed byJD Mayer
3D GraphicsJenn Fortin
3D GraphicsDan Green
3D GraphicsKarl Loveridge
3D GraphicsBen Ridge
3D Graphics LeadDavid Hilden
Additional DesignCorey Kruitbush
Additional DesignChad Liddell
Additional DesignKevin Pulley
Additional DesignKurt Quackenbush
Additional DesignMiles Woods
Additional DesignDonald Yatomi
ArtistSteven james
ArtistOwen Richardson
Audio Post-ProductionTristan des Pres
Audio Post-ProductionMark Reis
Cinematic ArtistSalvador Arditti
Cinematic ArtistGeorge Castro
Cinematic ArtistJuhn-Yoon Choi
Cinematic ArtistSean Galloway
Cinematic ArtistLucas Graciano
Cinematic ArtistBill Johnston
Cinematic ArtistJon Meyers
Cinematic ArtistMatt Morgan
Cinematic ArtistAlan O'Brien
Cinematic ArtistRyan Odagawa
Cinematic ArtistJosh Peay
Cinematic ArtistLong Phan
Cinematic ArtistMarcello SeDantos
Cinematic ArtistHong Suck Suh
Cinematic ArtistChristian Vagnati
Cinematic ArtistAnthony Washington
Cinematic ArtistHock Wong
Cinematic CG AssistantJanelle Pitchford
Cinematic CG SupervisorGreg Jung
Cinematic CompositorDevin Olden
Cinematic Creative LeadJeff Vargas
Cinematic EditorDon Lacy
Cinematic Lead DesignerRon Padua
Creative DirectorKellan Hatch
Dialog CoordinatorJacquie Shriver
Dialog ManagerGreg DeBeer
Director of MusicChuck Doud
Game DesignScott Campbell
Game DesignMike Snow
Lead Sound DesignerKurt Kellenberger
Lost Game Design LeadDavid Jaffe
MultimediaGary Barth
MultimediaCorrine Lucas
MultimediaSean Thomas
MusicClint Bajakian
MusicJustin Fields
MusicErnest Johnson
MusicJonathan Mayer
MusicJason Swan
MusicTammy Tsuyuki
MusicJoel Yarger
Original In-Game MusicLukas Burton
Original In-Game MusicInon Zur
ProducerDrew Bradford
Senior AssistantNonet Vargas
Senior AssistantMonique Williamson
Shaded Box TeamJason Du
Shaded Box TeamMike Frantum
Shaded Box TeamJoey Jones
Shaded Box TeamWira Winata
Shell ArtMichael Jackson
Software EngineerMike Bartholomew
Software EngineerKonrad Behrens
Software EngineerScott Edwards
Software EngineerJeff Limback
Software EngineerSteve Poulson
Software EngineerJess Walker
Sound Design ManagerPhillip Kovats
Sound Design Senior ManagerGene Semel
Sound DesignerBrad Aldredge
Sound DesignerPaul Fox
Technical DirectorRandy Zorko
VASG Production ManagerScott Peterson
VASG Senior ManagerBrian Rausch
Video Production SpecialistRyan MacPhee
Voice ActorDave Boat
Voice ActorQuinton Flynn
Voice ActorNika Futterman
Voice ActorJessica Gee
Voice ActorKim Mai Guest
Voice ActorAdam Leadbeater
Voice ActorPeter Lurie
Voice ActorScott MacDonald
Voice ActorJoel McCrary
Voice ActorTara Strong
Voice ActorFred Tatasciore
Voice ActorBrett Walter
Voice ActorDave Wittenberg


Data and credits for this game contributed by Black Rabite, Mookiethebold, odino, and oliist.

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