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How can i change my level ?

Sometimes when i win a duel i get a level change.... how s that ? and how can i increase it in a fast way ( my level is 42, i wanna make it 50 )


LonelyRonso answered:

Play a lot against nova.He only has 5 monsters but they r weak,a monster with 1600 atk can kill its strongest one.Use monster with HIGHT ATK cuz the most thing u will do is direct attacks.arknight parshat is the best bet here.nove is an obelisk blue and is mainly found before class!he will also give you 200+ DP for being an obelisk blue.(how did he there?)But i haven't checked out how many exp he gives but he is an obelisk blue,shall give a good exp.remember to place only monster cards ,mainly 4 star ones,all with 1600 or 1600+ atk.def does not matter.he's only best card is soul change(or sumthing like that).he LOVES having monster in graveyard.Damon does not gives good DP and i think bad EXP.And i don't know how much nova gives.But mispolimerization is a must when fighting jaden if you think nova gives bad exp
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BlueLucifer answered:

Duel against strong opponents like Kagemaru and Zane and you will gain more experience points level up faster.
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