Question from wtcrp

What is the best strategy for make Zane Truesdale as partner in part2 ?

I wanna partner with zane but how?


oh_hell_naw answered:

since zane uses a cyber dragon deck I suggest having a deck that contains some cyber dragons

as well as having a few of those 3000 def trap cards since zane can take advantage of that
but as a main deck I think you should try to replicate one of Syrus deck and fix it up a bit
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guyoyo answered:

Give him eat the card sandwitch and talk to him about good things
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crazedxerio answered:

Zane was my first player i compelted the game with i didnt know his exact cards so i used cards that was in his deck didnt know how much he had tho so i had 3 Cyber Dragons cyber end Dragon cyber twin dragon that was the only cards of his i had but besides that i gave him 3 sandwiches aday talked 2 him when he always reloaced and duled him at every area he was in but to beat him u have gotta have respect if i do recall right u gotta use ur weakest monsters on his face down cards and then use ur strongest on his life points or just get a monster that can defeat his cards face up instead of using ur best monsters 2 kill it and using weak ones 2 kill them i got Zane on day 13 as my partner
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dragon_genjah answered:

At Part 1, you must get cook's sandwitch and plain sandwitch. If you give other than that sandwitch, he seem like you. After that duel with him. U must use the card that have defense higher than the attack of Cyber Twin Dragon, have Arsenal Robber in your deck, have Chorus of Sanctuary, Judgement of Anubis, many Counter Trap, 3 Yomi Ship, and System Down
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princeton673 answered:

Dragon r u stupuid he lyks 3 the golden eggh
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crazedxerio answered:

Princeton are u stupid? EVERYBODY loves the GOLDEN EGGS
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hjichigo answered:

He likes the plain sandwitches, cook sandwitches, and everyone including him likes the golden eggs plus beat him in duels. It has to be in story mode and not in free duel.
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