Question from guyoyo


How I can use the lab cards and not to pay on it?


TimePS2 answered:

You will always have to pay...unless you have a game shark and get all the cards...
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orwasaker answered:

You can if borrow the cards,place them in your deck.go to the rented cards menu,press triangle,choose selected tap options then empty selected tap,the cards you rented are no longer rented but are still in your deck HOWEVER don,t put them in your cards collection as you are considered that you don,t have them and they will disappear after 1 or 2 minutes from your cards collection so it,s better to use this trick to put cards that you need to build a deck only,but if you want to change your deck to a deck that you don,t need these cards in it,place them in your side deck,they won,t disappear(the side deck can only put up to 30 cards only)
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