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Asked: 4 years ago

How many secret character in this game?

And tell where to find them too... THX!!!

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Hope this help.

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There are ten secret characters in this game:
but u have to beat the game with all the main characters to find'em and u can only find them in the morning( except jinzo and dark magician girl:

atticus rhodes: found in the beach, at the exact time of 6:00
emperor umiuma: found in the volcano
mokuma: found in the store
inoso: found in the abandoned dormitory
sironos: found in the classroom
senzyudai yuki: found in the slifer red dormitory
senjome: found in obelisk blue dormitory
jinzo: found at the forest on 11:15
dark magician girl: just go to the other side of the river in the forest after the school festival
mimicry: after beating the game with all main characters, just go to the chancellor 's room

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