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First hokage ?

Where can i find the first hokage ? pls reply


paramita911 answered:

You should have a save of previous Naruto games (Nautimate Hero 3 or Ultimate Ninja 3 perhaps) in your memory card. Characters that you have unlocked in that game will be saved from Accel 2 as a playable character in VS mode.
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RKK999 answered:

Did u mean in the wooden doll quest or what??
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demonsteve answered:

He is in the forest near konoha, fight him and you will get him as character
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riguedes answered:

You can fin wooden dool of 1st hokage in hidden leaf forest.
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Narutomasterxxx answered:

To get the first hokage go past konoha or the leaf village gate to get to the woods. Now if you look at the map you can see a yellow dot meaning theres someone you can talk to ... and that someone is the first hokage...(obviosly) ONE MORE condition is that you must have at least 54 wooden dolls unlock to find him in the woods. Hope this helped if you were looking for wooden doll 1st hokage. If u reached the sand place youve gone to far...
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mass_cheater answered:

Leaf Forest
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Apis01 answered:

The first hokage is in the hidden leaf forest.
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