Question from SHAWN7676

How to open door in orochimaru's hideout? (chamber of darkness)

I complete the master mode and i cant open chamber of darkness in orochimaru hideout and even i cant find anymore requests but when im go to ebizu it show me that i need to complete more like 5 or 6 requests what i will do?

SHAWN7676 provided additional details:

Guys someone know how to enter to chamber of darkness in orochimaru's hideout?? dont pay attention to the first question... someone know??

cooluni11 asked for clarification::

What mission to complete...???

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Maku_Pl answered:

You'll need to complete all mission (not main too) and than you'll get the mission from Tsunade. Master-mode with Sasuke will start now and than you beat it you will unlock that door.
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abnaesp answered:

The serch in darcnees1
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