Question from SHAWN7676

Where's sasuke classic wooden doll? (sasuke classic)

I cant find sasuke's classic wooden doll someone know where is he??

SHAWN7676 provided additional details:

OK man but i finish the sasuke's part but i cant open the door...

SHAWN7676 provided additional details:

You mean the door with the big lock? chamber of darkness right?

cooluni11 asked for clarification:

Another one,how to unlock the chamber of darkness and find the yellow flash??

hadialmuscati asked for clarification:

Can somebody help me please to open that door in orochimaru's hideout?

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Dark_ManX answered:

first room at the right in the orochimaru's hideout, only appears after doing the sasuke part in Master Mode
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Dark_ManX answered:

yes you open the door with the locker and then you're in hallway, enter the first door at the right...sasuke should be there after doing the sasuke part in Master Mode...
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hussainthegreat answered:

The key is in the first door .When you fight with sai.
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deathlove_12089 answered:

So it means i am going to repeat it again
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deathlove_12089 answered: wath the video until you reach part 5 but after part 5 you need to make it by your own and finish all of the request that is the way to get classic sasuke before you go to the hideout you must complete some of the request and others then tsunade will let you make you investigate orochimaru's hideout but the video will guide you hope you like it
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