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How to use awakening?

I read the faq by des and know the conditions for awakening. But once I got all the conditions right I don't know which button to press to activate the awakening. Please teach me because I really want to use the awakening ougis.


Ikasnu answered:

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RAICHET answered:

Well it depends,some character like naruto can use awakening ougi when his health is orange, and after the ougi he can transform to 4 tails,some character like gaara can use taunt(hold d-pad up) to enter a special mode(gaara can fly) and use a different ougi when not in the special mode.
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Gabi_chan83 answered:

RAICHET and Ikasnu answers are correct and I'll sum them up...

When you meet the conditions to get the awakening status (holding d-pad UP button; the character must have 15% or less of health) then you have to press TRIANGLE button and HIT your challenger (if you miss you can't perform a ougi).
Now you have to play a sort of mini-game (for example pressing a sequence of buttons) and your character will finally perform an ougi.
I hope it helps.
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random_guy257 answered:

if you are in a master battle and have met the conditions then press R3

if you are playing in free battle or when its not in 3D, it depends on the character. for some you need to taunt (hold d-pad up) and some you need to use an ougi (triangle then circle). some characters require your health to be until its orange or red to use the right awakening.
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ZhaSa4eVa answered:

character like asuma/neji can use awakening with a combo :D
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Narutomasterxxx answered:

ITS VERY VERY EASY...... First you can only do it when your health bar is YELLOW. Second YOU need AT LEAST two bars of chakra or three. Then you HIT Triangle Then circle if you hit him then type the buttons that appear then if you win you will enter awakening. THIS works for NARUTO , Kimimaro , Jirobo, Tayuya, Kidomaru, Sakon, First Hokage ,Second Hokage, Sai , and a few more im not sure of.. Hope this helps
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biyanpasau answered:

1. Master Mode, non batle: Full fill the blue bar (top left of your screen) that press R3.

2. Battle:
- Easy way --> Press 'UP' in a minutes (If you use Rock Lee, you will stand in Urarengge Mode/red aura). Than press Triangle Then Circle.
- Hard one --> When you blood pass the level one of chakra, press Triangle Then circle.
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mass_cheater answered:

If you need to taunt, press UP the time meaned on the FAQ, Triangle if it has to be done via Ultimate Jutsu/Reversal. There are others (Gaara, Sai, and others) that have items that awaken them
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