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Asked: 6 years ago

Why can I not save the game?

I am trying to save the game but there is no exit button or anything to save the game. we always have to start over. It see's the memory card.

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When you are playing the game go to the stone in front of your house to the left and click on it and click on save. It should save your game then!!!!

Hope this helps! :)

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The big rock in front of your house will save the game for you. But when you first begin the game you can't save it untill you do the mission your cat buddy tells you. then you get to go to the area where your house is and you can save by the rock. Hope I helped a lot!

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Usualy after u finish a task (mission)it says do u want to save

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Go to the desk in your house or the big rock with the green paw print on it in front of your house or finish a task OK.....:)

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