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How to use super any of the character?

I dont know how to use the super in most of the characer here.anyone you can give would be very much appreciated.tnx


Mannike54 answered:

Super attacks in Guilty Gear are called Overdrives.
If you pause the game and open the command list, there should be some moves that are in green. These are Overdrives.
Like most 2D fighters, super attacks involve some sort of power bar, and in Guilty Gear it's called the tension bar. When the bar is half full, you can perform 1 Overdrive, and if it's completely full, you can perform 2. You'll know when you can perform an Overdrive when the Tension bar is red, and when it is full it will glow yellow.

Also like most 2D fighters, this game uses the half circle, quarter circle, dragon punch control scheme.
Here are the corrosponding buttons and button names that Guilty Gear uses *by default.
P (punch) Square Button
K (kick) X Button
S (Slash) Triangle Button
HS (Heavy Slash) O Button
D (Dust) R Button.

As for the directional pads, they corrospond to what you press on the directional pad.

So a picture of a directional pad that has an arrow going from left, curving underneath the middle and ending on right, means that you press left, down-left, down, down-right, then right.
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