Question from stacie76

What is the best strategy for Tomb Raider Underworld?

Why is there no stratergy guide for Tomb raider Underworld? We need one!


hawksoul08 answered:

Silly answer I know, but the game is VERY new... I am sure someone will post one (or sell one for money) :D
By the way, I have a friend that does not need a strategy guide... He finishes ALL the games (so far) by himself without a guide (maybe he should make one, he he)
Of course he doesn't actually have a life other than videogames (that's why he is so perfect with these)
I am sure within some time you can finish the game without a guide (let alone you can revisit a region later, as seen by the options when you press select)... ;)
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cs2009 answered:

One of the member who answered in TR:UW board had provided following link, and I found it very useful.
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