Question from BenjiJacobs

How do I get past underground part-hunt for Sir Richard?

I want to beat the underground part in hunt for Sir Richard.

Thank You.

Accepted Answer

CooperThief answered:

First, push the first one over to the far wall. Then use a women character to jump up. Once up in that area, push the box off and onto one of the spaces on the ground. You'll have to push it only a little bit at a time because the ground is slippery. Then use a character with a whip to release the second box from it's place. Now push that one into the second spot, and then stand on both of the buttons. Another box should come up from the floor, and the back wall should open up. Push the box over there and use a woman to jump up. Hope this helped! If need any other help, just ask me!
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CooperThief answered:

Is there a specific part you're stuck on?
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BenjiJacobs answered:

The part where you are pushing the rectangle boxes.


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