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I can only find 9/10 treasure chests in ps2 lego indiana jones the lost temple. Any clues on the harder ones to find?

I guess I have the easier treasure chests to find? But am missing one somewhere.


sonicalibur answered:

Behind a tree right at the beginning is #1.
Dig up all 3 gold statues throughout the level to get #2!
After the raft part, you'll notice a big metal gate. You need to pull a lever to open this. When you cross the river, you'll see stairs over to the left. Walk around to behind the stairs. There's #3! Now go up the stairs all the way to the left. Pull the lever and open the gate. Swim through the waterfall. In the secret room, pull the lever to the left and climb up the platforms to get #4. In the room after the first giant spiders, get to the part where you need the whip to pull a switch out of the wall. Notice the ledge to your right. Walk along the path for Artifact 5. In the room containing the Golden Idol, go all the way to the right and notice the metal blocking off another room. Destroy it with an explosive weapon. Free C-3P0 and #6 is right behind him. Reach the very end of the boulder tunnel for #7.
I forgot where #8 isSorry) but there's two artifacts right near the end of the stage. Right in front of the plane, walk to the left into the forest and run towards the screen. There's an artifact over here. All the way over on the right, there's a bonus path. You'll need a crossbow for this artifact. Run down the trail and you'll encounter a big skull thing. Shoot the eyes with the crossbow and the teeth will open. Grab that one. There you go, hope this helped!
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jackpayne1 answered:

You go to the thuggee statue. The statue will pull away those spikes. go down the ladder and continue until you get to the end look for a switch to build a bridge so a statue head can bust down the door . go in. the rest you can figure out yourself -are you feeling lucky punk? -some dude from a movie
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