Question from Rosiepossum

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I complete the puzzle in Indy's room?

In Barnett College, I go into Indiana's office and there are things everywhere. But all of them need access! Inside each of them is a suitcase-like thing and I don't know what characters to use!

What characters do I use to get to/open these things???

Thugee Statue-
Blue tent-
Silver Shields-
High Ledge (Above Thugee Statue)-

I'm not sure about the hieroglyphics, but I'm just going from what I can remember here.

P.S. If you wish to answer, can you please copy that list above (and add any things I may have left out), and write the characters' names next to it.

Accepted Answer

From: IvanL1997 3 years ago

Thugee Statue-some og thugee guys
Blue tent-Bazooka Trooper or Officer with bomb and then Sallah or any character with the shovel
Silver Shields-Bazooka Trooper or Bomber(Officer)
High ledge-with short round or slave child go into small door in the wall near the statue
Hieroglyphics-some character with a book

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