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 Accolades FAQ

by: black_spider17

Silent Hill: Origins (PSP)

February 24th, 2009
Version 0.95

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 Hello, my name is Tomas Martins and I'm writing my first FAQ!
 Despite the fact that both the full FAQs already have an
Accolades Section, I felt that this needed a dedicated section.
 I'm Portuguese and this will be a challenge for me, after all.
 This will be fine, don't worry! [/talking to himself] :P


  Table of Contents

1. What are the Accolades?                              [wata]
2. The Accolades                                        [accs]
  - Savior
  - Fireman
  - Explorer
  - Cartographer
  - Sprinter
  - Collector
  - Daredevil
  - Stalker
  - Brawler
  - Sharpshooter
  - Weaponsmith
  - Butcher
  - Ambassador
  - Codebreaker

3. Joint Achievements  (missing)                        [join]
4. Thanks                                               [thnk]
5. Legal Stuff                                          [legl]
6. Personal contact                                     [cont]


   1. What are the Accolades?                           [wata]

 Once you finish Silent Hill: Origins for the first time, you get
a message with your statistics along the game, such as the time
you took to finish, the number of enemies killed, etc, etc.
 In the last part of this message you saw some Accolades
achieved. If you don't know already what's this, Accolades are
special costumes that you unlock by reaching certain goals
 Some of these costumes may earn you a special weapon. We'll see
about that later.
 You can access these costumes in the menu.
 So there you have it. You already know what are the Accolades.
Let's go to the real deal!


  2. The Accolades                                      [accs]

 - Savior

How to get: Just finish the game once.

Aspect: It looks like a biker's leathers.

Game examine: "You intervened in the cult's ceremony and saved

Weapon earned: Moon Gauntlets

Notes: Aside from the Codebreaker accolade, this is the easiest
       accolade to get, beacause it doesn't require any special
       action in the game. Just finish it.

 - Fireman

How to get: Save Alessa from the burning house in under ~70-80s.

Aspect: A normal firemen's suit, with light-reflection bands in a
        fluorescent yellow.

Game examine: "You saved Alessa from the fire in record time."

Weapon earned: Fire Axe

Notes: This seems to be a very controversial accolade. There is a
time discrepancy between the people that got this accolade. Some
got it in around 80s, while some didn't get it in 71s. I can't
really comment it, beacause I didn't time myself. Just go around
the house as fast as you can, without crashing into burning
furniture and don't forget that the timer starts only when you
pick Alessa up.

 - Explorer

How to get: Walk or run at least 22.5km during the playthrough.

Aspect: An Indiana Jones/archeology teacher brown suit, with a
        hat and high socks.

Game examine: "During your time in Silent Hill you left no corner
               untouched, travelling a great distance before
               accoplishing you goal."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: If you go through most areas in the game, even if there
       are only broken doors and especially in the streets, you
       will get this for sure.
       A neat costume if you want to Travis to look more serious.

 - Cartographer

How to get: Watch the map for less than 25 times.

Aspect: A bit like the Explorer outfit, this is a suit with a
        white shirt and brown trousers and suspenders. It also
        come with a very shiny pair of shoes.

Game examine: "You know the streets of Silent Hill like the back
               of your hand and had no use for maps."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: This is probably the hardest accolade to get. You can get
       it in three ways:
       One - You played the game more than enough to memorize the
       path and now you can just finish the game without any
       Two - You have an idea of the path you need to follow but
       you need to look at the map when you pick it up to light
       your brain.
       Three - The easiest way to get this is to guide yourself
       through the maps avaliable online, even here at GameFAQs.
       There is a fourth way to help you but you need money or a
       friend willing to help you. Just show the map you need on
       a PSP and play on another PSP! Good catch, right?

 - Sprinter

How to get: Complete the game in under 2 hours.

Aspect: A jogging red suit, trainers included.

Game examine: "You reached the end in record time, traeating the
               game as a sprint, not a marathon."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: This may look harder than it is.
       I was really worried when I was trying this and I had to
       go back to go for a piece that I had forgotten to a
       puzzle in Alchemilla Hospital and Artaud Theater, but I
       was suprised when I finished the game and looked at the
       time: 1h10min. I really recommend sophialeigh's
       FAQ to try this accolade.
       In case you didn't noticed (I didn't either), this
       accolade is the only one that has a bonus. When wearing
       this you get illimited run energy. That means running
       without getting tired, for ever. SUPERVOLT alerted me to
       this, and I'm very grateful for it. Thanks!!

 - Collector

How to get: Collect more than 300 items in the game.

Aspect: A green hoodie, beige trousers and shoes and glasses (?)
        Travis in glasses looks so, weird?

Game examine: "Like a true obsessive, you collected all the items
               in the game."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: This desciption may fool some of you. You don't have to
       collect all the items, of course.
       Again, this accolade may look harder than it is. If you
       got normally through the game (not in a rush, take your
       time), you get this easily.
       And again, I recommend sophialeigh's FAQ to go for this,
       but it's not really needed.

 - Daredevil

How to get: Beat the game without saving.

Aspect: It's a bear costume. Roaaar!

Game examine: "Like the heroes of legend, you were fearless in
               the face of great danger and completed the game
               without ever saving."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: This accolade isn't that hard to get. The game itself
       isn't very long, so you can finish it in about 2-3 hours,
       if you rush. Adding to this, you can even use the PSP's
       suspend function, if you don't want to play the entire
       game in a row. Just pray for the PSP not to freeze or run
       out of battery!

 - Stalker

How to get: Use the flashlight for less than 3 hours.

Aspect: A special ops black suit with a comms helmet. Cool!

Game examine: "You preferred the comfort of the dark, turning
               your flashlight off to become one with the night."

Item earned: Night vision goggles

Notes: This accolade isn't hard at all, since it's much safer to
       go through the game with the flashlight off, at least
       during your first time, to sneak by most enemies.
       The night vision goggles aren't that useful as you might
       think, beacause the screen gets too bright.

 - Brawler

How to get: Kill more than half of the enemies with your fists.

Aspect: A Mexican wrestling suit, with a greenish blue mask,
        torso and boots, and blue pants. Vámonos!

Game examine: "Like a true survivor you fought and won, drawing
               on the destructive power of your own fists."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: If you want to do this the normal way, aim for the
       Nurses, Straight Jackets and other weak enemies.
       However, this can become a lot easier if you pound down
       your enemies with the Moon Gauntlets and then stomp on
       them to count a fist kill. (I had already thought about
       this, but DARK SOLDIER 365 mailed me with the same tip,
       so I'll credit him. Thanks!!)
       Be careful though, if you get too excited and kill the
       enemies before stomping on them.

 - Sharpshooter

How to get: Kill 75% of the enemies with a firearm.

Aspect: A green camo hunter outfit, including a vest, pants and
        a hat. Looks like some 2nd amendment fanatic.

Game examine: "You rejoiced in the power of firearms and faced
               fear with a steady aim and the sound of gunfire."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: This is very easy to get with a Tesla Rifle. This baby
       kills all enemies from a distance. Be careful though,
       this rifle isn't very effective at close range, since the
       monsters can attack you, even when you're firing.

 - Weaponsmith

How to get: Kill more than 75% of the enemies with melee weapons.

Aspect: Jeans, a jean jacket and a hair strip. Totally bad guy.

Game examine: "You preferred to dispatch your monsters up close
               and personal, and faced danger with a weapon in
               your hand."

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: The Moon Gauntlets will do the job. They are so powerful
       that they will kill a Straight-Jacket in two punches, and
       will kill the final boss in 3 or so hits.
       Note that you only need to kill 75% of all monsters that
       you kill. So if you only kill 4 enemies during the entire
       game, 3 of them must be with melee weapons. You still get

  - Butcher

How to get: Kill more than ~150 enemies.

Aspect: Some bloodied brown clothes belonging to a serial killer.

Game examine: "You brought Travis face to face with a terrible

Weapon earned: Great Cleaver

Notes: This is an easy accolade to get if you use the Tesla Rifle
       or the Moon Gauntlets. Just make sure that you kill
       everything you see, especially in the Sanitarium and in
       the streets of Silent Hill, which shouldn't be too hard at

 - Ambassador

How to get: Get the UFO ending.

Aspect: An orange jacket and grey pants. They seem to be made
        with some kind of alien fabric.

Game examine: "You uncovered the alien conspiracy behind events
               in Silent Hill."

Weapon earned: Tesla Rifle (infinite ammo)

Notes: You can get this in two occasions: Right after the burning
house, in the streets in Silent Hill, and after the Artaud
Theater, on your way to the Riverside Motel. In both chances you
can pass by the post office. Near that office is a fire ladder.
Climb the ladder and at the top there is the Room 502 key, with a
crescent moon tag. In Riverside Motel you get the chance of using
this key in a room. Consult a full FAQ for more info on how to
get to that room.

 - Codebreaker

How to get: Enter the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left,
            Right, Left, Right, X, O) at anytime, without opening
            the menu or pause menu.

Aspect: Very nerdy. A brown vest and pants, and glasses again...
        Definitely not Travis.

Game examine: "You called on the power of an ancient incantation"

Weapon earned: ---

Notes: Let's face it. This in the hardest accolade to get...


  3. Joint Achievements                                 [join]

Too come soon...


  4. Thanks                                             [thnk]

- Me, myself and I, for creating this FAQ :P
- My family, for supporting me everytime.
- Konami and Climax, for creating this great game.
- sophialeigh and Berserker, for doing amazing jobs with their
- SuperVolt, for being the first one to write me about this FAQ
  and tipping me about the bonus on the Sprinter accolade.
- dark soldier 365, for being the second one to write me about
  this FAQ and tipping me about a easier way to ger the Brawler
- Sony, for creating the best handheld ever.
- GameFAQs, for being the most cool gaming site out there.


  5. Legal Stuff

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Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
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  6. Personal contact

 If you want to contact me to put questions, suggestions,
critics, or if you notice some kind of error, is it grammatical,
factual or other kinds of error, feel free to contact me at this

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 I hope I did a good job and receive posive feedback from you, so
I can feel tempted to make other FAQs!!

Copyright 2009 Tomas Martins.