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How to get these abilities???

I need to know the characters that can obtain these abilities: acclaim, refill, conserve and karma.PLEASE HELP ME, SO I CAN UNLOCK OROCHI X FASTER!!!!!!

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I already know how to unlock Orochi X, but i want to get these abilities to do it faster.Thanks anyway!!!!

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rizo23 answered:

To unlock orochi x you need to beat every stage on dream mode. the last or hardest stage to unlock is stage 27. you need a total of 2730 proficiency points to unlock it. I havent done it yet. so far ive gotten 20 characters to 50, 30 characters or so to go, damn, the rest of the characters i'll just get up to 5 or 6 each. most characters you can get up to 5 or 6 by learning the abilities they have.Sorry if that doesnt exactly answer your question, but that's how you unlock orochi x.
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rizo23 answered:

well, sinse there is no huge faq or ability guide/faq , my only suggestion would be to take turns using all the characters untill you've learnt all the abilties you can or want.
I obviously don't know from who you can learn each ability, but I have unlocked all the abilties, except for orochi x , so I can tell you that his abilities are acclaim, awakening and recuperate. sorry I couldnt be more helpful.
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Rydain answered:

The returning characters have the same abilities to unlock. Refer to opfer_gv's Character Skills Guide for Warriors Orochi.

For the rest, check the "Ability info for new chars" message board topic.
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palinor answered:

If you're fine with monotony, you can take them in groups of three, using free mode. Using Wei Stage 1, it has just enough of everything to get you each character's skills in a single pass, and can be done very quick.

Just make you, you always check because some characters have four abilities, and if you assume they all only have three, you will be 'done' but not realize there are more to unlock.

Only once did I encounter a problem, and that was because I was short by one officer, to get all characters their skills. Just a suggestion on a quick way to do it, I got bored and unlocked them all within a couple days, using this method.
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