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Loyalty on Girlfriends?

What will happen if i get more than one girlfriend in Persona 4?

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MoczoUno answered:

The only way having multiple girlfriends can possibly backfire is if you go on the Sunday dates that you'll sometimes be invited on. In those cases, while on a date with one girl there's a chance you'll run into a different one and... well, they shall be pissed. So basically: don't accept invitations for the Sunday dates unless you've already maxed the social links of all the girls you plan to date. Beyond that, there are no repercussions, and getting more girlfriends actually REWARDS you by giving you more choices for who to date and get a unique accessory from on Christmas Eve.
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warhawk256 answered:

There are no gameplay ramifications, if that's what you're worried about. Go to town!

The only time the other characters even acknowledge this is if you've made both Chie and Yukiko your girlfriends and also hit MAX S.Link with both of them. The next time you go into a dungeon and neither Chie nor Yukiko are in your party, there's a chance that you'll come across them on one of the floors. Talk to either of them, and you'll get some special lines of dialogue (not voiced). But that's pretty much it.
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