Question from dvdboys

The best girlfriend?

and give your reason
i need reference

cosmon52 asked for clarification:

Dude?! Why would you ask that question? It doesn't affect the whole game relationship.

dvdboys provided additional details:

Well it does, cuz i think every girls is good, but when i cheating i feel guilty...
I'm confuse

Accepted Answer

MoczoUno answered:

Well, personally, my favorite's Rise. She seems to have a crush on the main character anyway, might as well act on it, y'know? Plus, she's famous! A famous girlfriend can't hurt. Also, I just love her voice. I could seriously listen to her talk all day, man.
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Paladinoras answered:

There is no "best" girlfriend.

It's all up to your personal preference.

I may like Rise, I don't really know who you like.

Hell, in fact, why should you even care? You can date em all...
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Force0401 answered:

Depends on your point of view of "best"

If you want "best" as in rewards then perhaps Rise because she gives you a +50% SP item for Christmas
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Silveron714 answered:

It's personal preference. Mine is Naoto since she has conflicting sides to her personality. Such as being secure as a 'male' detective but insecure as a woman with feelings. Having a persona that upgrades to being immune to dark/light attacks is nice too. As for best object on Xmas I would say Chie's. Since Yukiko is the only one who doesn't gain immunity to their weakness Chie's present would cover that for the final stage of battles.
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mattmattmattm answered:

Yeah everything is personal preference except who you see on the Xmas eve event if you do it, can make a Yoshitsune on Xmas eve with debilitate i believe but you won't get the scene. Also i'm pretty sure any gift you get form the event is for the MC only.
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YueAihara answered:

"but when i cheating i feel guilty..."

lol..You're the perfect guy for a girl ;D
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Plazyer answered:

Go for Rise,
1. She give you the best item to equip ( 50% increase of Sp AWESOME) and plus she a babe
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