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Where can i find these armor???
- passing rain suicidal armor
- nubatama suit
- droplet short sleeves
- uin haori
- orchid king burial clothes

i saw it on

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Faulkon answered:

Nubatama Suit and Uin Haori are in the game, though the others elude me - those are likely untranslated names, so I don't know.

Nubatama Suits are only found in the Rare Chests in Magatsu Inaba/Mandala, and Uin Haori is unlocked by selling one Cascade String to the Daidara store. The Cascade String is a rare material found on the Rainbow Twins, a Rainy Day-only monster that appears on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Secret Lab dungeon.
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Nasada19 answered:

Those are all japanese names for the armor, so I highly doubt any of those names are even in the game. Don't see the point in getting those anyway.
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