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Asked: 5 years ago

Hidden boss M*****t first or previous playthrough?

In order to fight the Hidden Boss in Heaven's Dungeon, do I need to go on the true ending path on my FIRST playthrough or on my PREVIOUS playthrough? I am on my SECOND playthrough right now, but I did not go on the true ending route on my first playthrough. Will I be able to fight the boss on my third playthrough if I get the true ending on this current second playthrough, or will I have to start a brand new save slot and start over?
Or am I wrong in thinking that you can only fight the boss on New Game+ if you receive the true ending on the first playthrough?
*I understand the other requirements to fight the boss.

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From: jh15143 5 years ago

Yes, if you get the true ending on the current playthrough you're on, you will be able to fight the hidden boss on your third playthrough.

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I take it you mean margret.....ummm....the wiki says:

"the Protagonist must first fulfill several prerequisites; All optional bosses must be defeated and the Empress Arcana Social Link Must be completed before completing Magatsu Inaba. Furthermore, in the second cycle's True Ending, the Protagonist must first visit the Velvet Room to obtain the "Orb of Sight" before speaking the Moel Gas Station Attendant. Should the Protagonist spoke to the Attendant before visiting the Velvet Room, Margaret will not challenge the Protagonist to a battle."


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