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Which item/persona/equipment...etc, etc keep after beat the game for first time?

Like the tittle says ...

Kazuya565 provided additional details:

I forgot ask , u keep the lvl of the characters or start over in lvl 1 ?

Kazuya565 provided additional details:

Ok i forgot ask again lol...u keep courage,knowledge,expression,diligence and understanding lvls or u start again in lvl 1?

Accepted Answer

jh15143 answered:

Level starts over at 1
Only personas recorded in the compendium are kept.
Only items kept are Max Social Link items.
Discounts for summoning personas from compendium, given from Margaret are kept.
Status Parameters are kept.
Money is transferred over.
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MiSTeR_BiG_09 answered:

The only items you get to keep are ones you got for maxing out S. Links and discount items Margaret gave you for summoning personas.

As for personas, you keep all of the ones in the Compendium, and you can summon them even if you're a lower level than the persona.

Your money also transfers over.
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yab answered:

You start over at level 1.
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