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Does anyone know how to get the Persona Chu Chulainn?

Does anyone know how to get the Tower Persona Chu Chuclainn? I need him to do that quest for Margaret's social link later in the game. Can anyone help?


Force0401 answered:

Cu Chulainn can be fused through several ways.
But i'd say the most obvious way would be to fuse 2 Tower arcana personas, these would have to be:

Taotie + Abaddon
Abaddon + Mara

When fusing personas of the same arcana together (normal fusion) a lower and higher persona of that arcana would have a result of the persona in the middle (Taotie (lowest tower) + Abaddon (middle-tower but higher than Cu Chulainn) = Cu Chulainn, the middle of these 2 personas, if you understand what I mean.

Abaddon is above Cu Chulainn and Mara is above Abaddon, this makes for a persona of the same arcana lower than Abaddon.

I can't remember any triangle fusions for Cu Chulainn at the moment, I will post another reply to this question if I find out more
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shadow_571 answered:

Taotie+ Abbadon.

OR Shuffle.
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