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You know how the A.I.-controlled P3 allies used Medecines and Medical Powders that didn't use up your own?

Well, considering that this time, you can set your allies on Manual, I'm wondering if that affects it at all?

If, when set to an A.I. pattern, they use recovery items, will it use up your reserves, or will it be like in Persona 3; they'll use "their own (unlimited) reserves"?

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opfer_gv answered:

Your team members does not carry items. All the items are now used from your pockets. If you set to tactic "Healing Priority", they will try to cast spells than use items. If they don't have ability to heal, all they do is just beat the enemies.
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pokemeister answered:

I don't think that A.I. allies will use items in P4. Since when set to manual they grab items out of your pocket.
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FourSwordsLink answered:

I've put them on AI sometimes, they don't use items.
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