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Any body know what level to defeat every boss at persona 4 ???

I don't understand what level do i have to go to defeat every bosses....Ialready know that shadow yukiko is lv 15.......But i don't know the other boss....Any body help please....

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Force0401 answered:

You can sort of tell what kind of level you should be before attempting a boss.

As you progress through dungeons, the enemies get tougher (obviously) but this gives you a good idea of the difficulty. If you are finding the late-floors difficult, then you should level up more until they seem to be relatively easy.

The amount of exp you are gaining and the frequency of your level ups gives you an idea of when you are ready aswell. When your exp starts to become less and your levelling becomes slower, then thats a good indication that you are ready to fight the boss.

Hope this helps.
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falugalob answered:

Pretty much just increase the level by 10 after every rescue, for ex. yuki is 15, so kanji would be 25, next dungeon would be 35, and so on.
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