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Can Masakado get debilitate from fusion?

I want to fuse a masakado with debilitate for yoshitsune to get both arms master and debilitate. I am using this fusion: (Judgement) Trumpeter x (Sun) Jatayu x (Tower)Cu Chulain, with Trumpeter having debilitate. Is it possible to get a masakado with debilitate with this fusion?

Accepted Answer

penguin_lord97 answered: cant..there is several skill that cannot be transfered through fusion...ex:Panta rhei.nifflheim,ragnarok,thunder reign,samsara,die for me!,morning star,black viper,heat riser,DEBILITATEetc...if you want yoshitsune with debilitate.i suggest you for fusing yoshitsune when 24 dec(normal ending route)...i hope it helps
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