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Can't Finding The Death?

I'm at the very ebd of the game i beat the game once and now im going after Izanami and i'm looking for Death in the chest is there a easy way to find him?

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PlasticStar answered:

The reaper shows up at random during the second play through of the game in normal treasure boxes.
Do not fight it unless you are at or over lv. 80! Otherwise he'll one shot you and your party.
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opfer_gv answered:

Try Magatsu Inaba/Mandara dungeon. More chance than any other dungeon.
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2orpheus2 answered:

The death only appear in 2nd playthrough and open the regular treasure chests in magatsu inaba
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BadLemon answered:

I know he can pop up any where bcuz when i was doin the second playthrough and got to Kanji's place, i found a box with death in it. it wasa regular small box. and when you go up to it it will pretty much say that there is a creepy feeling from yhe box and give many chances to say NO of opening the box.
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VAMPXDXP answered:

If you wanna find death faster, make sure you have a bunch of GOMO-ho items since it happens 50% of the time...go to the last floor of the stage where you fight'll find death in one of the chests in the stage
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xeare answered:

Things you need to do:

1. Go to the last dungeon, the part where you have to go down into the pit (it should be one spiraling room with chests in the corners and enemies on the path)

2. Fight enemies and PRAY that you get the Lovers Reversed Arcana Chance. Also, avoid any chests unless they are golden (Reaper never comes out from rare chests)

3. If you successfully got condition number 2, open all of the chests that are common, and each and every one of them will prompt you that the Reaper is hidden in the chest.

4. If you couldn't get condition 2 up and running, just open the chests anyway and hope some more that at least one of them would have Reaper in them.

Lather, rinse and repeat until you get all the rare drops. Keep in mind that only party members who are present during the battle will get their ultimate weapons. If all current party members have all their ultimate weapons already, he will either drop an ultimate armor or the ultimate accessory (very very very low chance, so low that you can almost swear it doesn't exist).

Also, be ready for a heck of a time if you aren't well prepared to take him on. Have fun with that :D
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pickmegm answered:

Okay..the reaper AKA death is only found in small ordinary chest and it will tell you by telling you "You sense a terrifying presense in the chest" do you want to open it?" that means the death is in the chest i did my math and estimated all dungeon possibility of getting Reaper Chests

Yukiko castle-3%-5%

Kanji bathhouse- 2.5%-6%

Marukyu striptease-2%-3%

Void Quest-5%-7%

Secret Lab-6%


Magatsu Mandala-15%-37%

Yomotsu bla bla bla- ??%-??%

Hope this helped
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arfi1234 answered:

I'm so lucky i get it on Kanji's dungeon
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_Kyuubi_ answered:

do you defeat the heck out of that frickin ghost ?
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