Question from matt_96

Asked: 5 years ago

What is the persona needed for summoning Izanagi no Okami?

Could anyone give me list of persona needed and where could i find that persona?

Accepted Answer

From: telos2010 5 years ago

There`s a lot of information at persona4.wikidot website.If you go there, at the table of contents-2nd cycle & secret bosses section.Here is the list of the 12 personas needed:
1.Izanagi 2.Sandman 3.Nata Taishi 4.Girmehkala 5.Norn 6.Okuninushi 7.Orthrus 8.Kartikeya
9.Mithra 10.Tzitimitl 11.Cu Chulainn 12.Legion
There should also be a section with more help-where to find or how to fuse each of these personas.more help there.

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