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Asked: 6 years ago

Does canceling an interaction lower affection points?

Lets say I go up to a S. Link person and say hi, see that I don't have the right persona available and so choose not to hang out with them. It says "they look disappointed", does that have any game implications?

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From: SwissOnRye 6 years ago

No, this has no negative effect on your S. Link level. The only way you can seriously damage your relationship with someone is either by ignoring them for a lengthy period of time (especially girls), or making plans with someone and then later backing out of them.

Simply talking to them to initiate a conversation and then indicating that you don't wish to hang out does not affect your S. Link in any way.

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This is good to know. An incident where Chie was standing outside the Metalworks and I wanted to enter to do some much needed transactions, but accidentally talked to her instead. I cancelled to enter the building and it noted that "Chie seems sad with your choice", but when I came out she struck up the same conversation as before when prompted.

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