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What level were u when u beat the game for the first time?

I end up dying every time

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Asurai answered:

Last Boss Before Bad Ending - About Sixty-Five
Good Ending Boss - About Nintey
True Ending Boss - About Nintey-Five

However, in most people's opinion, what Persona you use will make more of a difference than leveling.

Against the last boss before the bad ending, use someone with Power Charge and Blade of Fury (I used Kin-ki).
For the Good/True ending boss, use Yoshitsune.
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Keldean answered:

For the normal ending, my party was in the 72-73 range. My party was Teddie, Yukiko, and Yosuke (in other words, super awesome healing party). My persona that I used was a Loki with Marakukaja and Tarunda... I was able to beat the final boss easily by consistently buffing my stats and decreasing his.
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YumeriaYumi answered:

I was level 83 when i beat the true final boss...for the other...i was like lvl...78. I had the trumpeter...he is great:). No weakness and immune to light and dark. If you want him you need to do a six way fusion.
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I_Hate_Fanboys9 answered:

For bad ending: 64
For normal ending: 70
For good ending: 81

For the bad ending boss I kept spamming makrakan on myself and healing well.

For normal ending boss I used Siegfried because of his good attack power and null physical. 1st fight was about me using power charge+rainy death, yukkiko spamming agidyne (she had a chakra ring though), yosuke spamming brave blade and naoto healing with items. 2nd fight I was still spamming power charge+rainy death, yosuke was still spamming brave blade, yukkiko was now spamming mediarahan and naoto was using mind charge+megidola. Remember to guard when the boss uses mind charge.

For good ending boss I used Siegfried again, now with god hand. For the 1st part it was me spamming power charge+god's hand, naoto using tempest slash and buffing items, yosuke spamming brave blade, yukkiko spamming mediarahan with an occasional agidyne. The 2nd part was the same only now Naoto was using mind charge+megidolaon/megidola. This fight is tough without a soma, because of the SP. Again, remember to guard when the boss uses mind charge.
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rtc28 answered:

I finished true ending at lv 72, my party was teddie yukiko and naoto.
my persona was atavaka, michael, loki and shiki ouji(my shiki ouji can only be damaged by zio, that's y i use it).
I use ted for healing for the first wave, i use between mediarama and mediarahan.
yukiko use agidyne, and naoto use tempest slash
My mc use rainy death or heaven's blade, and although he lost much hp ted always heal it.
I keep the strategy till izanami turned into izanami-no-ookami and ted ran out of sp.
after that i use yukiko for healing and my mc use mind charge then nifleheim, naoto use mindcharge and megidolaon until i ram out of my sp.
after i ran out i use soma and repeat it all over
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Jeric735 answered:

I got the bad ending, good ending, and true ending.

But I was playing on Beginner mode so it's different if you're on Normal or Hard.

Bad Ending: 55-60 (Surt, Thor, and Siegfried were main Personas)
Good Ending: 85-90
True Ending: 95-97: With Lv. 93 Beelzebub as main Persona
Party was:
Yosuke (Lv 80-90 with Jiraiya)
Chie (Lv 90-95 with Suzuka Gongen)
Yukiko (Lv 90-95 with Amaterasu)

Basically, Chie was the main attacker, Soji (the Main Char) was attacker / buffer, Yosuke was attacker and sometimes healer (He has a few healing moves), and Yukiko was the main healer (on turns without need for healing, she'd use buff items like Assault Signal and such)
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that_one_guy answered:

Around 72, with Hachiman being the most helpfull persona I had. Null Physical and reflect Thunder*and I think null light*? What's not to like about that? My party was Kanji, Teddie, and Yukiko, with Kanji being the only non maxed S-Link. So it basically went Kanji: Primal Fury, Teddie: Masukukaja/Bufudyne, Yukiko: Mediarahan, MC: Makarakarn/Power Charge into Primal Fury.
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RajinkenX answered:

True Ending - 96.

Trumpeter - Debilitate and Yoshitsune - Hassou Tobi/Eight Ship Hop.
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jwolf0 answered:

Normal Ending - 75
True Ending - 77 (Man, that final dungeon sucks for XP. But I was too impatient to go back and grind.)

Both times I used only Trumpeter (Debilitate and the occasional Marakukaja) and Yoshitsune (Heat Riser, didn't grind enough to get Hassou Tobi). Used Yukiko/Chie/Yosuke (all maxed S. Links) for both fights.

MC basically buffed up Chie and sometimes Yukiko with Heat Riser. Chie was my main damage dealer with Power Charge & God's Hand. Yukiko equipped with a Chakra Ring healed with Salvation and chipped in with the occasional Agidyne. Yosuke... kinda sat there and used Buffing and SP restore items and cast the occasional Masukukaja and Garudyne.
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oobga answered:

True ending on normal mode - lvl 93 with lvl 95 Helel with null physical, reflect ice inheritance skills.
You don't need near to that to beat the true boss however. I just got lvl 93 to get 100% of personas.
Had Naoto sitting back using all the party attack/defense/accuracy items I never bothered to use throughout the whole game.
Had Yukiko and Yosuke with +50% fire and wind damage accessories blasting away doing 300+ damage each per turn.
I had a dyne spell on Helel, and just used salvation whenever we were in any trouble.
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